Cincinnati Electric Products Company Ad
January 1945 Radio News

January 1945 Radio News
January 1945 Radio News Cover - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

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I'm guessing once word got out about the Fusite advertisement in the 1945 edition of Radio News, there was a sudden surge of interest in buying electronics magazines by young boys. Even by today's rather loose decency standards this mermaid depiction would undoubtedly cause an outcry. Imagine my shock in turning to page 90 and seeing this illustration! Why, I had to stare at it for many minutes to believe what was before my tender eyes ;-)  Of course since RF Cafe is a family friendly website I did the responsible thing and blurred the offending anatomical portion of Cincinnati Electric Products Company's aquatic vamp. I checked the "Letters from Our Readers" column for the succeeding few months and did not see any complaints printed. Neither did I see that ad appear again.

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Cincinnati Electric Products Company Ad

Cincinnati Electric Products Company Ad, January 1945 Radio News - RF CafeNo Damp Amps

Fusite Terminal panel used as cover for container. A single sealing operation.

Hole punched and adapter socket formed to receive Fusite terminal panel.

Warning: ... the illustration to the left is not drawn from real life. But getting down to the real facts of life, Fusite multi-terminal panels make your fondest dreams come true regarding hermetic sealing. Fusites can and do stand production handling. They pass the tough thermal shock test of dry ice to boiling water. They are made of cold-rolled steel, tin plated. But this is only part of the story. The glass insulation is joined by interfusion with metal. And it works! Fusite is the only (so for as we know) multi-terminal panel interfused within a reinforced metal shape, all in one piece. One and only one sealing operation is required to hermetically seal electronic component parts - such as transformers, relays, coils and the like. Write on your business letterhead for samples and descriptive literature (we may have it ready). And don't send us an order now ... but please remember to do so when Uncle Sam says, "Okay, boys, you can produce for others." We want your business, but we no-can-do, now! We'll need it then. So let's be friends now and customer-friends then. Thanks for readin' and writin' and rememberin'.


I'm just and amp,

a circuit scamp,

and dampness sets me reeling;

So keep me dry,

intensely spry,

with Fusite Atmo-Sealing.


Glass to Metal


No Damp Amps

Cincinnati Electric Products Company

Carthage a Hannaford, Norwood, Cincinnati 12, Ohio

Copyright CEPC 1944



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