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October 1944 Radio News

October 1944 Radio News
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Special Insert: Radio-Electronic Engineering Department

Bliley Electric Company is one of the relatively few companies that advertised regularly in electronics magazines during the World War II era that is still in business today - at least under the same name (Bliley Technologies now, but still the same base name). While the company is no longer located in the Union Station Building as indicated by the 1944 Radio News magazine appearance, it does still live in Erie, Pennsylvania, only a few miles from where Melanie and I live just west of the Erie International Airport. They still make crystals today. Here is a 2018 article about Bliley's operations from the Erie Times News newspaper.

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Bliley Crystals, October 1944 Radio News - RF CafeA New Twist to Crystal Cleaning

This is an actual photograph of the centrifugal air drier, or "spinner," used in Bliley production to facilitate clean handling of crystals during finishing and testing operations. Quartz blanks are dried in 5 seconds in this device which is powered with an air motor and spins at 15,000 r.p.m.

Little things like lint or microscopic amounts of foreign material can have a serious effect on crystal performance. The "spinner" eliminates the hazards encountered when crystals are dried with towels and makes certain that the finished product has the long range reliability required and expected in Bliley crystals.

This technique is only one small example of the methods and tests devised by Bliley Engineers over a long period of years. Our experience in every phase ,of quartz piezoelectric application is your assurance of dependable and accurate crystals that meet the test of time.

Bliley Electric Company    Erie, PA



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