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Knight-Kits Ad by Allied Radio
January 1960 Radio-Electronics

January 1960 Radio-Electronics

January 1960 Radio-Electronics Cover - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Radio-Electronics, published 1930-1988. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

Most people involved in electronics who are over 40 years old are familiar with Heathkit. The company ran advertisements in many types of hobby and home improvement magazines and sold a very large line of built-it-yourself kits until the early 1990's. Heathkit was in its heyday in 1960 when they dominated advertising (8 pages) in the January 1960 issue of Radio-Electronics magazine (it would have arrived in the mail before Christmas). Lesser known was knight-kits, offered by Allied Electronics. Tandy Corporation, parent company of Radio Shack, bought Allied Electronics in 1970. Their ad spread in the same issue was half that of competitor Heathkit. I never had a knight-kit, but did have a few Heathkits.  A search on knight-kits turned up knightkit.com, which does not appear to be formally affiliated with the company. It celebrates the "knight-kit Wireless Broadcaster and Amplifier," which is not included in this ad. This nostalgickitscentral.com website has an extensive listing of knight-kits. As you might expect, there is a plethora of vintage knight-kit items available on eBay.

knight-kits Ad by Allied Radio

Knight-Kits by Allied Radio (p1) - RF CafeNewest knight-kits - a product of Allied Radio ... years-ahead for you who want to build the very best for less...

incomparable knight-kit stereo hi-fi saves you up to 50%

Deluxe 40-Watt Stereo Amplifier Kit

Y-774D | $79.50 | $5 Down

Finest hi-fi stereo amplifier you can buy in money-saving kit form. Features special full-frequency range, extra center-channel output for 3-speaker systems. Dual built-in equalized preamps accommodate every existing sound source; exceptional control versatility, including single knob channel balance and separate dual concentric tone controls for each channel. Outputs for stereo tape recording. Exclusive printed circuit switches and plug-in units for easy assembly. Custom-styled in Cordovan gray vinyl plastic bonded to steel; Desert Beige and Sand Gold extruded solid aluminum escutcheon; 4 1/8 x 15 1/2 X 11 1/4". Shpg. wt. 24 lbs.

Deluxe 40-Watt Stereo Amplifier Kit | Model V-774D. 40-Watt Stereo Amplifier Kit  | $5 Down

Knight-Kits by Allied Radio (p2) - RF CafeDeluxe Stereo FM-AM Tuner Kit

Distinguished for quality and styling. years-ahead in features. Has completely independent FM and AM sections. each with moving-bar "magic eye" tuning indicator. Only tuner kit with Dynamic Side-band Regulation (DSR) on FM for purest, distortion-free reception. Sectionalized construction permits easy addition of "built-in" multiplex. Has 2 1/2 μυ sensitivity. Double limiter-discriminator FM circuits - adjustable AFC. Separate cathode-follower outputs on FM and AM with level set controls. Precisely aligned RF and IF transformers in FM section. Printed circuit boards for fastest, easiest assembly. Styling matches the 40-watt amplifier; 4 1/8 x,15 1/2 x 12". Shpg. wt., 18 lbs.

Model V-731D | Stereo FM-AM Tuner Kit | $5 Down

there is a money-saving knight-kit for every hi-fi need

20-Watt Stereo Amplifier

Truly a super-value. Built-in equalized preamps; single-knob selector switch for control convenience; dual concentric, clutch-type level control. 17 lbs.

Y-773D | $2 Down | Only $44.50

FM-AM Hi-Fi Tuner Kit

Amazing buy. Featuring:

Tuned RF stage; high sensitivity; AFC; flywheel tuning; pre-aligned IF and RF coils; cathode follower output. Truly great value. 14 lbs.

Y-787D | $2 Down | Only $49.95

18-Watt Hi-Fi Amplifier Kit

A brilliant performer at unbelievable savings. 18 watts at only 0.5% distortion; RCA 6973 audio output tubes; 8 inputs; 7 record equalization settings. 15 lbs.

Y-7970D | $2 Down | Only $39.95

See Them All

See the impressive selection of Hi-Fi Knight-Kits (including speaker systems) in the money-saving 1960 Allied Catalog. If you haven't a copy, send for it today.

Only $5 Down (or Less) on orders up to $200; up to·24 months to pay. Fast handling - no red tape - take advantage of these easiest-pay terms ...

all-new knight-kit citizens band transceivers ... 2-way radio everyone can afford

Citizens Band Superhet Transceiver Kit

Y-712D | $79.95 | $5 Down

A high-sensitivity do-it-yourself transceiver for efficient, economical 2·way radiotelephone communication. Any citizen, 18 or older, can get a license - no exam required. For mobile or stationary use. Covers up to 20 miles, depending on antenna height and terrain. Works just like an intercom, with talk-listen operation. Receiver is sensitive superhet; tunes all channels continuously. 5-watt transmitter section. Built-in AC power supply. With transmitting crystal (available for any channel from 1 to 22 - specify preference) and doublet antenna. Extras available: Y-723, 6-12 v. DC power supply, $10.95; Y-729 vertical antenna. $6.50; Y-714 mobile mounting bracket. $5.35. Distinctive high-impact styrene case; 5 x 12 x 12". Shpg. wt .. 20 lbs. 

Model Y-712D | Superhet Transceiver Kit | $5 Down

Citizens Band Transceiver Kit

Y-713D | $39.95 | $2 Down

Low-cost super-regenerative receiver and 5·watt transmitter kit. Readily fits car. boat or desk. Simple, one-switch operation permits talk or listen. Receiver tunes all 22 channels continuously. Built-in AC power supply. With mike, transmitting crystal-specify channel (1 to 22) if you have a preference - and doublet antenna. Handsomely styled case; 6 x 10 x 8". Designed for easy assembly and dependable operation. Available extras: Y-723, 6-12 v. DC power supply, $10.95; Y-729 vertical antenna, $6.50; Y-724 mobile mounting bracket. $5.35. Shpg. wt., 10 lbs.

Model Y-713D. Transceiver Kit | $2 Down

dozens of exciting hobbyist kits available

"Span Master" 4-Band Radio Kit

Famous for world-wide short-wave and broadcast reception. True band-switching; continuous 4·band cover, age from Broadcast to 30 mc. Sensitive regenerative circuit; 4" PM speaker. With cabinet. 8 lbs.

Y-258D | $2 Down Only | $25.95

5-Transistor Portable Radio Kit

Popular, low-cost personal portable. Fun to build; superhet circuit; only 22 ounces; big 3 1/2" speaker; built-in ferrite loopstick; phone jack. (Less battery, $1.30.) 2 lbs.

Y-771D. $2 Down. Only $25.95

"Ranger" Clock-Radio Kit

Easiest superhet of all to build-plug· in modules and printed circuit board eliminate small parts assembly. Excellent AM broadcast reception. Telechron clock has "sleep" switch. With appliance outlet. 6 lbs.

Y-737D | $2 Down | Only $24.95

See Them All: Knight-Kits offer the most exciting hobbyist kits available. See the complete selection in the 1960 Allied Catalog. Write for it now - use coupon on page following.

manufactured and sold exclusively by Allied Radio

100 N. Western Ave., Chicago 80, Ill.

newest knight-kits - a Product of Allied Radio ... years ahead electronic achievements at half the factory-built cost

knight·kits break through the professional instrument price barrier

5" Lab DC Scope Kit with IVA

Y-611D | $285.00 | (less preamps)

For the first time in easy-to-build kit form - a triggered sweep DC precision quality lab scope with plug-in interchangeable vertical amplifiers (IVA). Brilliantly engineered with an impressive array of (less preamps) professional features, including: crystal-controlled timing markers; DC amplifiers in both horizontal and vertical channels; electronically regulated power supply; sweep timing adjustable to 1%; built-in voltage regulated peak-to-peak calibrator. Three interchangeable vertical preamplifiers are available: high-gain differential, $35.95; wide-band (to 10 mc), $24.95; dual-trace, $48.95. There is no other instrument like this in kit form - here is laboratory precision quality and reliability at far less than the cost of any comparable factory-built unit. Shpg. wt. 50 lbs.

Model Y-611D. Lab DC Scope Kit.

Available in March-reserve yours now | $10 Down

Lab Automatic AC VTVM Kit

Y-608D | $99.50 | $5 Down

A major achievement in instrumentation! This all-new AC VTVM features automatic range selection - by means of an electronically-actuated self-seeking mechanism which automatically selects the proper range when you touch probes to the circuit under examination. Simultaneously, a front panel light indicates the range in use. Covers 11 ranges from 3 millivolts to 300 volts full scale; frequency response to 2.5 mc. Reads as low as 100 μυ. Highly stable 3-stage amplifier has cathode follower output; ideal for use as preamp for other test equipment or for connection to scope for simultaneous wave form observation. Includes precise trigger circuits; regulated power supply; latest printed circuitry for easy assembly and quality performance. An exclusive Knight-Kit development - there is no other instrument like it on the market, in any form or at any cost. . wt. 13 1/2 lbs.

Model Y-608D. AC VTVM Kit | $5 Down

save on every instrument need with knight-kits ... best by design

Famous-Value VTVM Kit

Measures DC voltage (11 meg. input) and resistance; AC voltage, rms and peak-to-peak. 4 1/2" meter. Push-pull balanced bridge circuit. 7 lbs.

Y-125D | $2 Down | Only $25.75

Deluxe Tube Checker Kit

Checks over 700 receiving type tubes. 16 filament voltages. Tests cathode emission as well as shorts, open elements, etc. 15 lbs.

Y-143D. $2 Down. Only $32.95

5" Wide-Band Scope Kit

Top versatility. 5 mc band-width; DC coupled p-p output amplifiers; 25 mv/inch vertical amplifier sensitivity. Outstanding value. 29 lbs.

Y-144D | $5 Down | Only $65.75

See Them All

You'll find dozens of other fine quality Knight-Kit instrument values fully described in the 1960 Allied Catalog. If you haven't a copy, write for it now - use coupon on opposite page.

Free send for the value-packed 1960 Allied Catalog

years-ahead knight-kit amateur gear

T-400 Amateur 400-Watt Transmitter Kit

Y-716D | $395.00

400-Watt CW Transmitter

Truly the "dream" transmitter - has what it takes to punch out a QRM-busting SSB, AM, or CW signal. 600 watts PEP. input on SSB; 400 watts on AM and CW. Covers 80, 40, 20, 10, and 15 or 400-Watt CW 6 meter bands. Start with the basic CW kit - then add AM and SSB accessory units and other "add-ins" whenever you wish. Has heterodyne VFO to assure a signal which "stays put." Tremendous 14" dial is precision-calibrated for all bands, 80 through 6 meters. SSB features: front panel controls - VOX, anti-trip and adjustable speech compression. Smooth, chirpless screen-clamp keying, plus VFO keying for complete CW break-in. Has 7034/4X150A final - coasts along well within its CCS ratings; silicon rectifier power supply runs cool. Dozens of advanced features put this job in a class all its own. Shpg. wt. 140 lbs.

Model Y-716D. T-400 CW Transmitter Kit | $10 Down

Available in March-reserve yours now

"Add-In" Accessories: SSB Generator Kit, $69.95 • AM Modulator Kit, $24.95 • Speech Amplifier Kit, $9.95 • Monitor Scope Kit, $37.95 • 6-Meter Conversion Kit, $7.50.

R-100 Amateur Receiver Kit

Model Y-726D | $104.50 | $5 Down

Incomparable receiver kit with all the features, selectivity and sensitivity of high-priced commercial units. Tunes 540 kc to 30 mc in 4 bands; calibrated bandspread on all Ham bands; 300 cps to 4.5 kc selectivity; exclusive printed-circuit bandswitch; built-in Q-multiplier; constant-running HFO - dozens of other professional features.

Truly superior kit value. 30 lbs.

Model Y-726D. R-100 Receiver Kit | $5 Down

Y-727D. S-Meter Kit for above, only $10.75

Y-728D. 4" Matching Speaker, only 7.50  

Send for the 1960 Allied Catalog

Describes the complete Knight-Kit line in detail-the leading Buying Guide for everything in Electronics. Send for your free copy. Use coupon at right.

Allied Radio pioneers in quality electronic kit development

Our 39th Year



Posted January 20, 2023

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