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December 1947 Radio-Craft

December 1947 Radio-Craft

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Here is a perfect example of setting up a "straw man" in order to knock it down. Per Merriam Webster, a 'straw man' is, "A weak or imaginary argument or opponent that is set up to be easily defeated." The advertising team didn't even do a very good job of it since nowhere in the copy is there a reference to why the Indian Rope Trick in particular is alluded to regarding Mallory capacitors. It mentions a 'trick,' but that's all. Ah, I just figured it out - they hanged themselves professionally with the rope!

BTW, type "FP" supposedly stands for "Formed Plate," a special method Mallory used to increase the surface area of metal layers to get higher capacitance densities.

Mallory Capacitors Ad

 - RF CafeWhat's the Indian Rope Trick Got to Do with

Mallory Capacitors?

Mallory originated and produced the first type "FP" capacitor. These have been famous for performance for so long - have been so consistently preferred for original equipment - it follows they naturally become first choice of radio servicemen. You might imagine there was some special magic in their making.

The popularity of FPs, however, has never depended on tricks of engineering or manufacture. Yesterday, as today, it has been a matter of quality. Careful control of materials ... painstaking manufacturing methods that keep impurities down to a fraction of a part per million ... rigid standards of testing and inspection ... explain why Mallory FPs are preferred.

They are the reasons why Mallory FP capacitors last ... why millions are in use all over the world ... why they can be counted upon for service beyond the normal. They are your assurance that when you install a Mallory FP, the customer can depend on a job well done.

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