Crosley Radio Ad
July 1932 Radio-Craft

July 1932 Radio-Craft

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I am still looking in old electronics magazines for an ad featuring my 1941 Crosley model 03CB console radio, but thus far with no luck. What makes the model special is that it was probably one of the last new radios sold prior to the shift of material usage to military equipment in World War II. In fact, not long ago I found this brief news piece in a 1942 edition of Radio-Craft: "Crosley Scraps 1943 Line for Military Radios" reporting on how Crosley was converting its production line to support military needs.

Crosley Radio Advertisement

Crosley Radio Advertisment, July 1932 Radio-Craft - RF CafeTwo combined Short Wave and Standard Broadcast Superheterodyne Radio Receivers

The Crosley Discoverer

With this marvelous new Crosley radio receiver you can know the thrill of listening direct to foreign stations, air pilots receiving instructions, police calls and many other interesting and unusual things that travel the short wave bands. Every channel from 14 to 550 meters is covered. Of course ordinary broadcasts can also be heard. It is housed in an extraordinarily beautiful cabinet and sells at a sensationally low price.

$77.50 Complete with 7 Tubes

The Crosley Adventurer

The 12 tubes of this Crosley superheterodyne short-wave and standard broadcast receiver make it, we believe, the most sensitive. best performing and most complete set ever offered at any price for home reception. The wave length change, as in The Discoverer, is effected by means of a panel switch - no coils to change. The cabinet is a marvel of furniture design. The price is amazingly low.

$119.50 Complete with 12 Tubes

Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico and west, prices slightly higher.

The Crosley Radio Corporation

Home of "the Nation's Station" - WLW

Powel Crosley, Jr., President                   Cincinnati

You're There With a Crosley

Crosley Radio



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