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Sangamo Electric Company Advertisement
October 1929 QST Article

October 1929 QST

October 1929 QST Cover - RF CafeTable of Contents

These articles are scanned and OCRed from old editions of the ARRL's QST magazine. Here is a list of the QST articles I have already posted. All copyrights are hereby acknowledged.

October 29, 1929, aka 'Black Tuesday,' is a date that will live in infamy. It was the beginning of the U.S. stock market crash that resulted in The Great Depression. Since magazines, particularly in the pre-digital era, went to press a month or two prior to hitting the postal system and store racks, almost nobody had any idea that by the time this issue of QST was being read, investors would be hurling themselves out of high rise building windows and off tall bridges. As the country was coming to grips with what would ultimately be a nearly two decade long financial struggle, nonessential creature comforts like concert quality recorded and broadcast music equipment like that facilitated by Sangamo Electric Company's fine condensers (capacitors) were taking a back seat to worrying about keeping a job and buying food for your family. Sangamo Electric, born in 1899 as an offshoot of the Illinois Watch Company, was a major player in radio communications during World War II. Their advertisements were on the pages of all the major electronics magazines during the era.

Sangamo Electric Company Advertisement

Byrd Expedition

Transmitters and Receivers employ Sangamo Condensers

Away down among the ice barriers of the Antarctic ... only the dependable operation of shortwave transmitters and receivers keeps the Byrd Expedition in touch with the civilized world. Only the snappy kick of short wave equipment affords a plane in trouble the protection of the mother ship.

Sangamo Electric Company Advertisement, October 1929 QST - RF Cafe

Not unusual then, the choice of Sangamo 5000-volt Fixed Condensers for the radio equipment. Tested at 5000 volts d.c. and 3500 a.c. and built to the world radio-known Sangamo standard, amateurs, commercial men and manufacturers have come to rely on Sangamo High Voltage Condensers.

Accurately rated, more than adequately tested and enclosed in an impervious Bakelite molding - these condensers offer the maximum protection in high voltage, high frequency circuits.

Sangamo Electric Co.

Springfield, Illinois, U. S. A.

Manufacturers of Precision Electrical Apparatus for 30 Years

Curve of Sangamo Type "A" Transformer. Note the uniformity of amplification at all audible frequencies.

Type A straight audio amplification ... list price, $10.00

Type B Push-pull Input Transformer for all tubes ... list price, $12.00

Type C-171 Push-pull Output, for 171 or 250 type power tubes with cone speaker ... $12.00

Type D-210, same as C except for 210 and 112 power tubes, $12.00

Type H-171, Push-pull Output for 171 or 250 power tubes for Dynamic Speaker ... list price, $12.00

Type G-210, same as type H except for 210 and 112 tubes ... $12.00

Type F Plate Impedance for use as a choke to prevent oscillation and for impedance coupled amplifiers ... list price, $5.00


According to musical standards

It may be true that the search for straight line audio-amplification is an out-of-proportion effort to accomplish a small objective. It may be true that few average listeners can really tell the difference between just "good" transformers and the best transformers!

But we do know, however, that the true beauty of music arises in seemingly small perfections - many of them known by name to only the trained musician. And we know that the average ear also responds, perhaps unconsciously, and derives greater pleasure from music "as it should be."

Therefore, in designing and building Sangamo "A" Transformers even the smallest improvement was important. No possible betterment was disregarded. Cost was disregarded, for this transformer is built for the man who wants the best and knows that it costs more. The core metal alone costs as much .as the total manufacturing cost of many transformers, but it permits a dense, compact field without saturation and is worth the money because it increases amplification in the lower registers.

So Sangamo has built this master transformer to musical standards for those who demand the best. For the set builder to add to his pride of craftsmanship and achievement, for the manufacturer who wants a "tone" advantage against competition.

The coupon below is for your convenience in securing complete data.

Pin this to your letterhead and mail

Sangamo Electric Co., Springfield, Ill., U. S. A.

Dept. 9421.

Sangamo Electric Co. of Canada, Ltd., 183 George St., Toronto.

_ {For manufacturers} I am interested in engineering data regarding your transformers and condensers, also the phonograph amplifier hook-up.

_ {For dealers} Please send data on Sangamo Condensers.

_ {For set builders} Please send booklet describing your apparatus and latest audio hook-ups. I enclose 10c to cover cost of mailing.



Posted June 8, 2016