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February 1931 QST Article

February 1931 QST

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Vacuum tubes all required some level of hand assembly by human workers, at least for positioning grids and attaching/routing the leads to external connection pins. A 1940s vintage film titled "Electrons on Parade" made by RCA shows how laborious the process was. Tubes like this Radiotron UV-861 required a human glass blower to form each one individually, as opposed to standard tube shells being machine-blown. 

RCA Victor Company Radiotron UV-861

A screen-grid 500 watt R. F. Power Amplifier

RCA Victor Company Radiotron UV-861, February 1931 QST - RF Cafe

The best operation of any power circuit is assured when it is equipped with RCA Transmitting Radiotrons. This is because:

1. They are the result of the longest experience in the commercial manufacture of power tubes.

2. They are the product of the world's largest and most famous radio engineering laboratory.

3. They are guaranteed to be free from electrical and mechanical defects.

When you use RCA Transmitting Radiotrons, therefore, you get long service and the maximum quality of performance.

Radiotron Type UV-861 (illustrated above) is particularly recommended for high frequency use as a linear (Class B) amplifier. The fourth electrode - the screen - makes neutralization unnecessary.

UV-861 Rating

Filament Volts 11       Filament Amperes 10

Amplification Factor 300

Mutual Conductance

2.25 Milliamperes/volt

Linear RF Amplifier-Class B

Normal Operating Plate Volts                       3000

Screen Voltage (Approximate)                        500

*Control Grid Bias Voltage                              - 60

Non-modulated Plate Current (DC)                 188 M. A.

Peak Power Output                                         600 Watts

Carrier output (100% modulated)                   150 Watts

*Referred to midpoint of filament

Additional technical data will be furnished upon request.

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