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August 1947 QST Article

August 1947 QST

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Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from ARRL's QST, published December 1915 - present. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

Radio Shack, like so many of America's original great companies, was born and lived long and prospered during its glory days, then eventually waned into insignificance and obsolescence within the last decade or so. It is not always simply an unwillingness to adapt to new technologies and methods that dooms them. The forces behind those life cycles are often beyond their control because start-ups vying for market share do not carry the burden of and have to deal with established investments in people, facilities, and infrastructure. This advertisement from a 1942 issue of QST magazine was from the original Radio Shack in Boston, Massachusetts. The company was bought by Tandy Corporation in the 1960s, then sold to hedge fund operator General Wireless in the mid 2000s. Radio Shack filed for bankruptcy last year and the few remaining outlets are now run by Sprint.

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* The one and only original Radio Shack is located in Boston and has no branches or affiliates elsewhere.

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Posted March 4, 2016