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February 1931 QST

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Klondike Gold Rush (wikipedia) - RF CafeThe Klondike / Yukon Gold Rush is generally credited with opening up the Alaskan territory to exploration and habitation. Gold was first reported in August of 1896, just three decades prior to this advertisement by the De Forest Radio Company extolling its domination of the region with radio communications stations. Company founder Lee De Forest was very successful in exploiting the virtues of his famous Audion amplifier tube. A back-handed swipe is taken at Government installations that used "whatever tubes the Government has."

De Forest Radio Company Advertisement

Stations and Ships in Alaska Using Northern Electric Equipment

De Forest in Alaska

De Forest Radio Company Ad, February 1931 QST - RF Cafe

In the frozen North where the Aurora Borealis dances over the horizon, the safety, the comfort, and even the lives of men in far-flung stations and ships depend on reliable radio communication. The Northern Electric Company, which has equipped the Alaskan stations shown on the above map, has this to say of De Forest:

"Referring to the stations shown on the map on the inside cover of the catalog, approximately twenty-four of these stations were using De Forest transmitting tubes last season, and this year we are changing over all stations to use De Forest transmitting audions with the following exceptions: Nome, Dillingham, Anchorage and Ketchikan. These stations are Government stations and naturally use whatever tubes the Government may have.

"We are looking forward to a successful season and are very pleased to say that the service from your transmitting audions as well as the service rendered by the factory itself has been very excellent. We anticipate a much greater volume of business for the coming year than we have enjoyed in any of the previous years, and we assure you that De Forest audions will be standard equipment on any apparatus we manufacture. "

After All, There's Nothing Like 25 Years' Experience

Write for catalog on De Forest transmitting tubes for every conceivable purpose. Also do not hesitate to place special transmitting and receiving problems before our Engineering Department.

De Forest Radio Company

Passaic, New Jersey

Export Department:

304 E. 45th Street,

New York City, N. Y., U. S. A.



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