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RF Cafe PodcastsAt the prompting of others, I decided to give podcasting a try. Having been advised that I have a face for radio and a voice for print, there was some hesitation on my part. However, there have been many fine articles published in vintage electronics magazine that people might be willing to listen to when there is no opportunity or desire to read them. Regular features such as "Carl & Jerry," "Mac's Radio Service Shop," editorials by the great Hugo Gernsback, and other types that do not contain images which need to be referred to in order to get the gist of the content, are prime targets for podcast listening. If the podcasts prove to be popular enough, I will expand to a paid subscription. Hopefully, my reading-aloud skills will improve over time. Thanks for listening.


Print: Mac's Service Shop: Soldering

October 1956 Radio & TV News

Print: Mac's Service Shop: Sound Conversion

April 1957 Radio & TV News

Print: Mac's Service Shop: Servicing "Too-New" Sets

April 1957 Radio & TV News

Print: Mac's Radio Service Shop: Barney Plays "20 Questions"

November 1948 Radio & Television News

Print: Editorial: Radio Gadgets

October 1947 Radio-Craft

Print: Carl & Jerry: Trapped in a Chimney

January 1956 Popular Electronics

Print: Editorial: Money in Radio Gadgets

February 1933 Radio-Craft

Print: Carl & Jerry: Two Detectors

February 1955 Popular Electronics

Print: The New Radio Receivers

September 1945 Radio-Craft

Print: Mac's Radio Service Shop: Not Always Right

March 1956 Radio & Television News

Print: Unionized Service Shops

October 1956 Radio & Television News

Print: Mac's Radio Service Shop: Television DX

September 1951 Radio & Television News

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