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RF & Microwave Magazine Article Archive - 2005

If you are like me, you spend a lot of time reading articles from technical magazines. Sometimes I read the entire article, but usually I just scan the text for highlights and look at the schematics, block diagrams, and charts / graphs. Often, I want to go back and find an article but cannot recall where I saw it. A Google search will usually eventually reveal a hyperlink to the article, but a lot of times it takes a lot of digging. Since my key interests are not necessarily the same as RF Cafe visitors, an attempt will be made to catalog all of them. If there is a magazine not included here that you would like me to include in the list, please send me an e-mail and I will try to incorporate its articles, too.

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High Frequency Electronics


FCC and ETSI Requirements for Short-Range UHF ASK-Modulated Transmitters
Larry Burgess

Transmission Line Transformers: Theory, Design and Applications—Part 1
Chris Trask

Thermal Design for Conduction Cooled Loads
Shirley Hazelett

EDA Tutorial: Guidelines for Successful Simulation Setup
Wilfredo Rivas-Torres


A 2.5 GHz WMAN Radio Demonstration Circuit
J.S. Lee, R. Remba, and M.J. Bailey

GPS LNA Design Made Easy with Enhancement Mode pHEMT MMICs
Eric Chan

Accurate Models Simplify Reference Designs for RFIC Amplifiers
John Capwell, Bill Clausen, Tom Weller and Larry Dunleavy

Analyzing Signals with the Eye Diagram
Gary Breed


A Comparison of Resistive Terminators for High Speed Digital Data Transmission
Jerry Seams

Conditions for Remote Detonation of Explosive Initiators Using RF Energy
W.D. Rawle

Using a Signal Analyzer and MATLAB to Measure ACPR Versus Power
Justin Magers

Basic Information on Using RFIC Foundries
Gary Breed


Conditioning and Correction of Arbitrary Waveforms—Part 2: Other Impairments
Mike Griffin and John Hansen

High Capacity Optical Networks using OCDMA and OTDM Techniques
Daniel Lopes, Humberto Abdalla, Jr., and Antonion J.M. Soares

Reference Clock Generation in Sampled Data Systems
Paul Nunn

Tutorial: Wireless USB Uses Ultra Wideband (UWB) for High Data Rate
Gary Breed


Conditioning and Correction of Arbitrary Waveforms—Part 1: Distortion
Mike Griffin and John Hansen

An Update on Features and Performance in Today's Spectrum Analyzers
Gary Breed

A Radio-Oriented Introduction to RFID—Protocols, Tags and Applications
Daniel M. Dobkin and Titus Wandinger

3G Wireless Rolls Out Slowly: 4G Waits in the Wings


Controversy Subsides Over Health Effects of RF/Microwaves
Gary Breed

Electromagnetic Radiation and Human Health: A Review of Sources and Effects
Ali Zamanian and Cy Hardiman

Noise Reduction in Transistor Oscillators: Part 3—Noise Shifting Techniques
Andrei Grebennikov

Digital Modulation: OFDM Solves Mobility and High Rate Problems
Gary Breed

Some Recent Trends in RFIC/MMIC Technology


Noise Reduction in Transistor Oscillators:
Part 2—Low Frequency Loading and Filtering

Andrei Grebennikov

Combination Closed Loop and VCC Power Control for a GSM/GPRS PA
Paul McCambridge and Brian Whitaker

A Radio-Oriented Introduction to Radio Frequency Identification
Daniel Dobkin and Titus Wandinger


Noise Reduction in Transistor Oscillators: Part 1—Resonant Circuits
Andrei Grebennikov

Specifying General Purpose Amplifiers in High Frequency Applications
Gene Heimbecher and Scott Craft

New Connector Field Installations Improve System Reliability
Kevin Moyher

Key Relationships Between Time and Frequency Domains
Gary Breed


Spectrum Analyzer Noise De-Embedding
Sam Belkin

RTDX-Base Simulation Tools Support Development of Software-Defined Radio
Robert Davenport

Connector Selection: Looking Upstream from the OEM Equipment
Dale Reed


Matching RFIC Transmitters to Small Loop Antennas
Larry Burgess

Evaluating WLAN Design Tradeoffs Using Circuit and System Simulation
Dr. Jaakko Juntunen

IMD Characteristics and Performance Issues in Wide Bandwidth Systems
Gary Breed


Broadband SiGe Microwave Control Circuits
Reza Tayrani

A Guide to Microwave Diode Package Styles and Their Performance
Kenneth Philpot

Electromagnetic Stop-Band Network Improves Class F Amplifier Performance
Anna Rudiakova and Vladimir Krizhanovski

Using Advanced EDA Models for Simulation of Circuits and Systems
Gary Breed


A Solution for the Design, Simulation and Validation of Board-to-Board Interconnects
McMorrow, Bell and Ferry

Magnetic Materials for Broadband Transmission Line Transformers
Jerry Sevick

A Summary of FCC Rules for Ultra Wideband Communications
Gary Breed


Microwave Journal


Transistor LC Oscillators for Wireless Applications: Theory and Design Aspects, Part III
Andrei Grebennikov

The Influence of the Package Environment on the Functioning and Reliability of Capacitive RF-MEMS Switches
Ingrid De Wolf, Piotr Czarnecki, Anne Jourdain, Robert Modlinski, Harrie A.C. Tilmans, Robert Puers, Joost T.M. van Beek, and W. Merlijn van Spengen

RF Linear Power Amplifier Gain Stabilization Over Ambient Temperature
Oleksandr Gorbachov


CPW Transmission Insertion Loss on Si and SOI Substrates
Fei Zhang, Lina Shi and Chengfang Li

A UWB Filter Using a Dual-mode Ring Resonator with Spurious Passband Suppression
Cheng-Ying Hsu, Chu-Yu Chen and Chuang Hao Huang

A New Class of Asymmetrical Directional Couplers for Power/Antenna Control Applications
Andrzej Sawicki

Experimental Investigation of a Power Divider Based on Microstrip and Metamaterials with L-C Lumped-elements
Dongke Zhang and Fuqiang Liu, Yewen Zhang, Li He, Hongqiang Li and Hong Chen

Making Thermal Resistance Measurements without Test Diodes or Thermal Stages
J.P. Bridge

Sampling IF Filters and the Return of the Superheterodyne Receiver
Seste Dell'Aera and Tom Riley

Transistor LC Oscillators for Wireless Applications: Theory and Design Aspects, Part II
Andrei Grebennikov

Measuring VSWR and Gain in Wireless Systems
Eamon Nash

UHF RFID Industry Growth Powered by RF Technology
Tom Cameron

Passive Components: A Brief History
Harlan Howe, Jr.


The Medium-gain Antenna of the MESSENGER Spacecraft
Perry M. Malouf, Ph.D. and Robert E. Wallis

A Compact LTCC Bandpass Filter Using Resonators Loaded with Spiral-shaped Open-circuited Stubs
Kyu-Ho Park, Hee-Seok Song and Young-Shin Lee, Yong-Chae Jeong

An Improved Microwave Weed Killer
Matjaz Vidmar

Export Compliance: Understanding ITAR and EAR
Shawn Cheadle

Next-generation Radios: New Paths for Communications
B. Buchin and R. Leschhorn

Transistor LC Oscillators for Wireless Applications: Theory and Design Aspects, Part I
Andrei Grebennikov


Estimation of the Optimal Location of Metallic Objects Inside a Mobile Phone
Jesper Thaysen and Kaj B. Jakobsen

A Doherty Amplifier with a Bias Adaptation Technique Based on SDR Transmitter Architecture
Hyeong Tae Jeong, Tae Ho Kim and Ik Soo Chang, and Chul Dong Kim

Transceiver Design for IEEE 802.15.4 and Zigbee-compliant Systems
Khanh Tuan Le

Ultra Wideband Signal Generation
Y.W. Yeap

Industry Study on Issues of MEMS Reliability and Accelerated Lifetime Testing
Clifford Fung

Microwaves in Europe: Technologies, Trends and Prospects
Richard Mumford


A Brief Tutorial on Antenna Measurements
John F. Aubin

Military Microwaves: Military Microwaves 2005 - Current Viewpoints on Technologies for Deployable Forces
Harlan Howe, Jr., Richard Mumford, and Michael Puttré

Military Microwaves: Secure Personal Communications on the Battlefield
Adam Baddeley

Electroformed Front-end at 100 GHz for Radio-astronomical Applications
R. Banham, G. Valsecchi, L. Lucci, G. Pelosi,S. Selleri, V. Natale, R. Nesti, and G. Tofani

Millimeter-wave Satellite Remote Sensing
Tom Newman


A Size Reduction Technique for Mobile Phone PIFA Antennas Using Lumped Inductors
Jesper Thaysen and Kaj B. Jakobsen

A Broadband Design for a Printed Isosceles Triangular Slot Antenna for Wireless Communications
Wen-Shan Chen and Fu-Mao Hsieh

Latest Advances in VNA Accuracy Enhancements
Dave Blackham and Ken Wong

A Monopole with a Twist Revisited
T. Warnagiris

Multi-gigabit Connectivity at 70, 80 and 90 GHz
Jonathan Wells

Multiradio Yields Challenges for Mobile Phones
Petteri Alinikula


A Balanced Ka-band Vector Modulator MMIC
John E. Penn

A Miniaturization Method of Parallel Coupled-line Filters Using Lumped Capacitors and Grounding
Seong-Sik Myoung and Jong-Gwan Yook

EM Modeling and Circuit Simulation Lead to a Solution to Amplifier Oscillations
Xiaoming Chen

Semiconductor Trends in Wireless Handsets
Peter Bacon, Chandra Mohan, David Fryklund and Peter Zampardi


A Novel Frequency Doubler Using a Feedforward Structure and DGS Microstrip for Fundamental and High Order Components Suppression
Yong-Chae Jeong, Do-Kyeong Hwang and Jong-Sik Lim

WiMAX - A Standard Air Interface for Broadband Wireless Access
llen Henley

Design of a Feedback Predistortion Linear Power Amplifier
Lin Qiang, Zhang Zu Ying and Guo Wei

Techniques for the Integration of High-Q Millimeter-wave Filters in Multi-function MMIC Modules
Matthew Morgan and Sander Weinreb

An Archery-target Antenna
Matjaz Vidmar

A Quasi-balanced Frequency Doubler Using Alternate Power Dividing and Combining Techniques
Younkyu Chung, Dal Ahn and Tatsuo Itoh

GaAs-, InP- and GaN HEMT-based Microwave Control Devices: What is Best and Why
M. Kameche, and N.V. Drozdovski

Characteristic Analysis of a Low Profile Post-type Monopole Antenna with Dual Plate
Hyun-Chul Go and Yong-Woong Jang

Design Curves for Estimating the Resonant Frequency and Q-factor for Rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antennas
A. Petosa and A. Ittipiboon


Amplifier and Transistor Gains Revisited
George D. Vendelin, José Carlos Pedro and Pedro Miguel Cabral

A 2 to 20 GHz High Power Amplifier Using Spatial Power Combining Techniques
Pengcheng Jia

Design of Linear S-band Power Amplifiers with High Power-added Efficiency
Y.W. Yeap, E.C. Teh and T.W. Chua

A Four-channel Full-duplex T/R Module for Multi-Frequency Phased Array Applications
Chunlei Wang, Christopher T. Rodenbeck and Kai Chang, Matthew R. Coutant

A Unified Theory for Nonlinear Distortion Characteristics in Different Amplifier Technologies
Pedro Miguel Cabral, José Carlos Pedro and Nuno Borges Carvalho

RF Power 2005
Steve C. Cripps


A CAD Algorithm for RF/Microwave Interconnect Modeling
Ahmet Sertbas

A CAD-oriented Approach to Design of Load Impedance and Input Matching in Active Transmitting Antennas
R.A. Abd-Alhameed, D. Zhou, N.J. McEwan, P.S. Excell and A. Ghorbani

De-embedding Using a Vector Network Analyzer Including Calibration and Measurement Techniques
Steve Reyes

The Importance of Sweep Rate in DC IV Measurements
Charles Baylis, Lawrence Dunleavy and William Clausen

Transient Simulations at RF Frequencies
Scott Wedge, Evgeny Wasserman and David Neilson

2005 Connector, Cable and Cable Assembly Survey
Harlan Howe, Jr.

Planar Electromagnetic Software
James C. Rautio


A Study of Transition Effects in Supercomponents
Ronen Holtzman

An Analog Predistortion Linearizer Design
Young Kim, Ik-Soo Chang, and Yong-Chae Jeong

Design and Implementation of a Novel Frequency Modulation Circuit Using a Phase-locked Loop Synthesizer
Seong-Sik Yang, Jong-Hwan Lee and Kyung-Whan Yeom

A Temperature Dependent PIN Diode Model for Simple Temperature Invariant Attenuator Circuits
S.C. Bera, R.V. Singh and V.K. Garg

The Effect of High Stability Reference Oscillators on System Phase Noise
Howard Hausman

2.4 GHz, 0.25 mm CMOS Transmitter and Receiver RFICs for Wireless Communications
Cheng-Chi Yen and Huey-Ru Chuang

Detecting Fast RF Bursts Using Log Amps
Yuping Toh

The RF Semiconductor Evolution: From Single Components to System Solutions
Jerry D. Neal


Note From The Publisher: A New Year, a New Look, the Same Mission
Carl Sheffres

EuMW 2004 - History in the Making
Richard Mumford

Lightweight, Low Cost Printed Antenna Arrays
Bharadvaj Podduturi and David M. Pozar

A Design Procedure for a Circular Polarized, Nearly Square Patch Antenna
S.K. Lee, A. Sambell, E. Korolkiewicz, S.F. Loh, S.F. Ooi and Y. Qin

Effects of the Radiated Power in a Linear Inverse Scattering Algorithm for GPR Prospecting: Numerical Results
Raffaele Persico and Francesco Soldovieri

Introduction to Miniature Antenna and Diversity Combining Techniques
Bar-Giora Goldberg

A Compact Thin-film WLAN Antenna Switching Module
Richard Chen, Neal Mellen, Makoto Shibata and Masahiro Miyazaki

Radar Today
David K. Barton


Test & Measurement World


Process Control Keeps Faults in Check
Pamela Lipson

Ensuring Power Supply Accuracy
Martin Rowe

Scan Test Drives Yield
Mark Chadwick

Learn to Apply LXI Instrumentation
Rick Nelson

Car Remotes vs. TV Towers


Protecting the Tester
Christopher E. Strangio

VoIP Complicates Test
Richard A. Quinnell

Beyond At-Speed
Martin Amodeo

IEEE Sets in Motion Dual ATML Test Standards
Greg Reed

Free Program Helps you Design Filters
James Squire

Create Your Own Data Plots
Martin Rowe


Chamber Verifies Quiet Designs
Martin Rowe

Overcoming Noise in Data-acquisition Systems
Rick Nelson

IEEE 1149 Expands Differentially
Brian Stearns

X-ray Systems Sharpen Images
Jon Titus

Testing Direct Part Marks
Rick Nelson

Double-barreled WiFi Test
Richard A Quinnell

Microwaves & RF


NPR Specification Aids Wireless System Analysis
Walt Kester, Rob Reeder

Resistive Loading Enhances LNA Stability
John E. Post

Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers Show Complex Waveforms
Rick King


Cluster Computers Speed EM Simulation
Yun Chase, Brian Rautio

Gauging Limitations On DFD Performance
William Sullivan

White Paper: "Disruptive" Ceramic Technology Stabilizes Spectrum Management (Part 2)
Michael P. Busse


Overlay Inductor Aids Power Amplifier Match
Haitao Li, Tarun Juneja

Characterize Balanced Devices With A VNA
Francis Rodes, Elaine Garnier, Olivier Chevalerias, Philippe Lourenco De Oliveira

Design And Verify A 50-W Power Amp
Wilfredo Rivas-Torres

White Paper: "Disruptive" Ceramic Technology Enables Spectrum Management (Part 1)
Michael P. Busse


Synchronized Synthesizers Aid Multichannel Systems
David Brandon and John Kornblum

Tracking Transmitter Compliance Testing
Greg Le Cheminant

Building Wireless Sensor Networks
Ibrahim Haroun, Ioannis Lambadaris, and Roshdy Hafez

Method Measures Device Power And Gain
Frédéric Fernez


Synthetic Instruments Tackle Military Testing
John Stratton

Biconical Antenna Scans 4.8 To 5.8 GHz
William Meitzler, William Turney, and Laddie T. Malek.

Gauge Wideband LO Noise In Passive Tx/Rx Mixers
Kathir Krishnamurthi and Stephen P. Jurgiel


DDS IC Initiates Synchronized Signals
Jon Baird and Roger Huntley

Measuring The Costs Of Broadband Services
Jack Browne

Capacitive Loading Shrinks Mobile PIFAs
Jesper Thaysen and Kaj B. Jakobsen

Microstrip Antennas Guide Satellite Data Transmissions
Dr. A. Kumar

Cables Connect Test Gear To 18 GHz
Jack Browne


Software Shaves Spurs in Frequency Planning
Rulon VanDyke

Design Improves 4.3-GHz Radio Altimeter Accuracy
Matjaz Vidmar

Reducing ADC Quantization Noise
Richard Lyons and Randy Yates

Slot Boosts Bandwidth of WLAN Patch Antenna
Louis Fan Fei

Efficiently Design And Model MMICs With Passive Elements
Keefe Bohannan


Improvements Propel Peak Power Meter
Jack Browne

Make Ultrawideband OFDM Transmitter Measurements
Peter Cain

Analyze Circulator Design Equations
Zelman Harbater

MESFET Process Yields MMIC Ka-Band PAs
Inder Bahl


RF Modulator Enables Multicarrier Transmitters
Ron Gatzke

Equalize Gain In Millimeter-Wave Amplifiers
J.P. Pascual, et al.

Method Validates SAR Measurement Systems
Dr. Stuart J. Porter, et al.

Design An E-pHEMT 4.9-to-6.0-GHz LNA
Ian Piper, et al.

Model Optical Transmitters With A Circuit Simulator
Teemu Akajoki, et al.


Broadband Amps Boost Linear Power To 26.5 GHz
Jack Browne

Tackling SE Testing On Microwave Cables
Rudy Fuks

Method Validates SAR Measurement Systems
Dr. Stuart J. Porter, et al.

Analyzing 4:1 TLTs For Optical Receivers
Mouqun Dong, et al.


Three-Probe Tuner Tackles Multiple Tasks
Cristos Tsironis

Surveying Synthetic Instruments For Defense
John Stratton

Cascading Amp Stages For Higher Gain
Joseph F. White

Checker Reads Cellular Radiation
Dr. A. Kumar


Laser-Based System Speeds PCB Prototypes
Stephan Schmidt

Compare Analyzers And Meters For Power Tests
Yunli He, et al.

Achieving High Gain Over Broad Bandwidths
Joseph F. White


Microwave Product Digest


Clock Extraction Circuits for High-Speed Data Transmitter Analysis
Greg LeCheminant


Measuring the RF Power in CDMA2000 and W-CDMA High Power Amplifiers (HPAs)
Larry Hawkins

Integration Yields Compact Broadband Phase Comparator and Discriminator
Marianne Wescott

Making the Call on 3G: Finding the Right Switch Solution for Complex High-Frequency Bands
Rodd Novak


Unique Software Tool Automates the Design of Low Noise Amplifiers
Dale Henkes


A Resonant Approach to Interfacing Amplifiers to Switched-Capacitor ADCs
Eric Newman and Rob Reeder

X-Band MMIC Products for Radar Systems
Jack Redus

Wireless LAN Power Amplifier Linearity & IEEE802.11a/b/g Spectral Mask Vs FCC Requirements
Ahmad H. Abdelmajid

UltraCMOS Leads Toward Ultra-Integration
Rodd Novak and Dylan Kelly


New Technology for Automatic Spiral Inductor Model Generation Speeds and Enhances Circuit Design for Ultra-Wideband Applications
Mounir Adada

RCS Measurements in a Compact Range
Jeff Fordham and Marion Baggett


Comparing OEM and Third-Party Providers for Test Equipment Calibration
Bob Jones


Reliable Glass Capacitor Chosen by NASA for More Than 50 Years
Ron Demcko

Integration of Cellular Handset RF Front-End Modules
Wang-Chang Albert Gu & Brian Balut


A GPS LNA Suitable For Full-duplex Cellular Handsets
Ian Piper

ADL5330: ABroadband RF VGAwith 60-dB Linear-in-dB Gain-Control Range
Carlos Calvo

Comtech EF Data Introduces the High Performance Multi-Channel CDM-Qx Satellite Modem
Larry Weightman

Tube Amplifiers Just Won’t Die
Frank P. Morgan

New 1.8 Volt Hi-Rel Oscillators for Mission Critical Systems
Dan Nehring


Special Considerations for Coverage Analysis with GPS Positioning
James A. Bush

Understanding TCXOs
Ramon M. Cerda

Flexible High-Sensitivity GPS Receiver with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
Erik Bello


New Programmables Take Bugs Outta Jitter, Delay Outta Delivery, and Send Heebie-Jeebies Back to Big Easy
Michael Adams

UltraBridge™– The Alternative to Thin Film Air Bridges
Michael Casper and Bob St. Pierre


CMOS RFIC Switches: Simple and Inexpensive, the Latest 2.5GHz Versions Pose a Legitimate Challenge to GaAs Switches
Joe Grimm

Freescale Breaks the 100W Barrier with Cost-Effective RF Plastic Packaging Technology
Eric Toulouse

Large Signal Polar Modulation Reduces Heat Dissipation and Increases Battery Life in EDGE Handsets
Brent Wilkins and Frank Della Corte

Direct Quadrature Modulators for W-CDMA Infrastructure Applications
Clark Ragan and Jake Easter

Improving Handset Design Through Integration at the Die, Package and System Level
Mohy Abdelgany


Custom Programmable Delay Provides Versatile Control
Victor Chinn

Active Antenna Systems Integrate Multiple Functions
Arsen Melconian, Greg Lackmeyer

Using Thin Film High-Density Interconnect (HDI) Technology to Improve Design Performance and Efficiency
William Cuviello and Derek Coulton


RF Design


Military Communications and DF Raptor
Alan Jacobsen

Point-of-Load Power Solutions for Low-Voltage Military Applications
Steve Butler

Understanding Mode S Technology
Wes Stamper


The Challenges of Testing MIMO
Fan Liang

Phase-Noise Profiles Aid System Testing
Ken Yang

All Terminators Are Not Created Equal
Jerry Seams

Changes in Base Station Backhaul Drive New Sync Solutions
Barry Dropping


Silicon TV tuners Poised to Replace Cans
Alvin Wong and Jordan Du Val

DualPath Architecture Blends Optical Wireless and RF Into High Bandwidth, High Availability Outdoor Point-to-Point Solutions
Randel Maestre

Improving Amplifier's Efficiency Using a Linearizer in Conjunction with Adaptive Bias Modulation
Tim Fergus

Integrating Microcontroller and RF Functions On-Chip for Wireless Out-of-Box Experience
Deepak Sharma and Ryan Woodings

Multi-GHz CMOS Technology Delivers New Level of RF Integration
Fleming Lam, Mark Burgener and Ron Reedy

Use FPGA Resources to Boost Radar System Performance
Rodger H. Hosking

A Novel Approach to Obsolescence Management
John O'Boyle

A General Measurement Technique for Determining RF Immunity
Arpit Mehta


Software-Defined Radio: Integration for Innovation
Darren McCarthy

Goodbye ESN, Hello MEID: MEID as a Solution to ESN Exhaustion
Mike Keeley

RF MEMS in Mobile Phones
Refugio Jones and Mark Chapman

AC Parameters as They Affect LDO Performance in RF Devices
John McGinty


Fractal Geometry Streamlines Antenna Design
Ashok Bindra

Is UWB Moving Toward Standardization?
Ashok Bindra

Security Considerations for WiMAX-based Converged Network
Ramana Mylavarapu

Passives for RF Design
Chris Reynolds

Digital Step Attenuators Offer Precision and Linearity
Radha Krishna Setty

Low-Power Receiver Architecture for Interference-Robust UWB Radio
Domine M.W. Leenaerts and Jozef R.M. Bergervoet


Implementing ZigBee Wireless Mesh Networking
Tim Cutler

Bringing Long-Range UHF RFID Tags Into Mainstream Supply Chain Applications
Rob Glidden and John Schroeter

Delivering Low-Power, Real-Time Digital Broadcast TV Signals to Mobile Handsets
Mike Womac

Direct-Conversion Bluetooth Receivers
Mark Lane


Comparing active Gilbert Mixers Integrated in Standard SiGe Process (Part II)
N. Rodríguez, E. Hernández, G. Bistué, I. Gutiérrez, J. Presa and R. Berengue

Internal Zero and Calibration for RF Power Sensors
Alan B. Anderson

Novel High-Frequency Crystal Oscillator Cuts Jitter and Noise
Dan Nehring

Downconversion Mixer for VLIF Receivers Taps BiFET Technology
Wei Jin, Yongsheng Xu and Zongsheng Lai


Advances in Handset Antenna Design
Simon Kingsley

The Need for Advanced Silicon Modeling in RF Nanometer Designs
Karen Chow

Clever Software Strategies for Solving High-Level System Solutions
Rodger H. Hosking

Design Considerations for an Ultra-Compact GSM Radio Solution
Mike Durrant and Andreas Nitschke

Measuring Single-Tone Desensitization for CDMA Receivers
Jinku Kim and Dave Devries


New Technology Facilitates True Software-Defined Radio
Ronald M. Hickling

Tightening the Screws in RF Power Measurement
Carlos Calvo and Anthony Mazzei

DVB-H Architecture for Mobile Communications Systems
Stuart Pekowsky and Khaled Maalej

Designing Wireless Interfaces for Patient Monitoring Equipment
Noel Baisa


Frequency Divider Design Strategies
Louis Fan Fei

Using Behavioral Models to Drive RF Design and Verify System Performance
Colin Warwick and Mike Mulligan

Direct Digitization Using Superconducting Data Converters
Jack Rosa

Why Tiny Sensors With Single-Chip Wireless Platforms are Flourishing
Bar-Giora Goldberg


Analyzing Sigma-Delta ADCs in Deep-Submicron CMOS Technologies
Yann Le Guillou

Direct Modulation Radio Hardware Architectures for 3G Communications Systems
Patrick Naraine

CDMA2000 Design and Performance Requirements
Bill Schofield and Brad Brannon

Wafer-Scale Integration Brings Low Cost and a Small Footprint to Active Antenna Arrays
Fred Mohamadi


Exploring Advances in Microwave and Millimeter Wave Devices
Ashok Bindra and Keith Vick

Mathematical Basics of Bandlimited Sampling and Aliasing
Vladimir Vitchev

SDR Platform Enables Reconfigurable Direction Finding System
Jyothsna Rajan

Comparing Active Gilbert Mixers Integrated in Standard SiGe Process (Part I)
N. Rodríguez, E. Hernández, G. Bistué, I. Gutiérrez, J. Presa and R. Berengue

Detecting Interfering Signals and Mitigating Them
Steve Thomas