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RF & Microwave Magazine Article Archive - 2004

If you are like me, you spend a lot of time reading articles from technical magazines. Sometimes I read the entire article, but usually I just scan the text for highlights and look at the schematics, block diagrams, and charts / graphs. Often, I want to go back and find an article but cannot recall where I saw it. A Google search will usually eventually reveal a hyperlink to the article, but a lot of times it takes a lot of digging. Since my key interests are not necessarily the same as RF Cafe visitors, an attempt will be made to catalog all of them. If there is a magazine not included here that you would like me to include in the list, please send me an e-mail and I will try to incorporate its articles, too.

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High Frequency Electronics


Modified Coaxial Cable Makes Components and Test Circuits
Scott Wartenberg

New LDMOS Model Delivers Powerful Transistor Library—Part 2: Library Applications
S. Wood, R. Pengelly, L. Dunleavy, W. Clausen, T. Weller and L. Emmadi

Design of Broadband Ununs With Impedance Ratios Less Than 1:4

The Basics of Specifying RF and Microwave Connectors


New LDMOS Model Delivers Powerful Transistor Library—Part 1: The CMC Model
W. Curtice, L. Dunleavy, W. Clausen, and R. Pengelly

Practical Estimation of Losses in Tee Network Antenna Tuning Units
W. Perry Wheless, Jr.

A Review of Key Equalizer Specifications and What They Mean
Richard M. Kurzrok

Basic Operation of Optical Detectors


Design of a Dual-Band Wireless LAN SiGe Bipolar Amplifier
Winfried Bakalski, Krzysztof Kitlinski, Günter Donig, Boris Kapfelsperger, Christian Kuehn, Carsten Ahrens, Wilfried Österreicher, Wolfgang Auchter, Robert Weigel,  and Arpad L. Scholtz

Signal Integrity Analysis and Simulation Tools Include IBIS Models
John Olah, Sanjeev Gupta, and Carlos Chavez-Dagostino

Fundamentals of Power Amplifier Linearization Using Digital Pre-Distortion
Mohamed K. Nezami

Balanced Circuits: A Review of Their Operation and Behavior


Load Network Design Techniques for Class E RF and Microwave Power Amplifiers
Andrei Grebennikov

Exact Time-Domain Analysis of Class E Power Amplifiers with Quarterwave Transmission Line
Amdrei Grebennikov

Load Network Design Technique for Switched-Mode Tuned Class E Power Amplifiers
Andrei Grebennikov

Monolithic GaAs Passive Lowpass 3 dB In-Phase Splitter/Combiner
Rick Campbell and Terry White

Online Resources for Understanding Noise and its Measurement
Gary Breed


The RFAL Technique for Cancellation of Distortion in Power Amplifiers
Romulo (Ray) Gutierrez

Jitter–Understanding it, Measuring it, Eliminating it; Part 3: Causes of Jitter
Johnnie Hancock

Criteria for Selecting RF Power Detectors
Pierre Genest, Hubert Grandry, Hassan Chaoui

Design Issues for Direct-Conversion Wireless Radios
Gary Breed


Jitter—Understanding it, Measuring it,Eliminating it: Part 2: Jitter Measurements
Johnnie Hancock and Steve Draving

A Review of Key Filter Specifications and What They Mean
Richard M. Kurzrok

Design Suite Provides Advanced Technology for Analog and RFIC Design
Tom Quan

Matching Networks for Power Amplifiers Operating into High VSWR Loads
Richard W. Brounley

Performing and Analyzing Pulsed Current-Voltage Measurements
Charles P. Baylis II and Lawrence P. Dunleavy


Linearizing Power Amplifiers Using Digital Predistortion, EDA Tools and Test Hardware
Kelly Mekechuk, Wan-Jong Kim, Shawn P. Stapleton and Jong Heon Kim

Mismatched Load Characterization for High-Power RF Amplifiers
Richard W. Brounley

Jitter—Understanding it, Measuring it, Eliminating it, Part 1: Jitter Fundamentals
Johnnie Hancock


Design of a Microstrip Bandpass Filter Using Advanced Numerical Methods
Michael A. Imparato, Ryan C. Groulx and Raphael Matarazzo

What is a "Personal Area Network" (PAN)?


A Balanced 24-Volt GaAs FET Amplifier for 2.11 to 2.17 GHz
Jon Shumaker

Design of a Wideband Microstrip Antenna for Mobile Handset Applications
Tayeb A. Denidi

CMOS Switches Offer High Performance in Low Power, Wideband Applications
Theresa Corrigan and Ray Goggin

A Simplified Analysis of the Broadband Transmission Line Transformer
Jerry Sevick


RF Connector Selection for Higher Frequencies
Kevin Moyher

RF and Microwave Power Amplifier and Transmitter Technologies — Part 5
Frederick H. Raab, Peter Asbeck, Steve Cripps, Peter B. Kenington, Zoya B. Popovich, Nick Pothecary, John F. Sevic and Nathan O. Sokal

An Integrated I-Q Mixer for Software-Defined Radio Applications
Rick Campbell

Improving VCO Phase Noise Performance Through Enhanced Characterization
David Vye


Microwave Journal


Remote Sensing Through Satellites
P.K. Jain

High Performance Wideband MSAG Gain Block/Driver Amplifier MMICs Using MLP Technology
Michael Ashman and Inder Bahl

Accurate Power Detection of a CDMA Multi-carrier Power Amplifier Using a Logarithmic Amplifier
Sang Hyun Park

A Wideband MMIC-based Feedback Oscillator
Tony Fattorini and David A. Richardson

High Voltage, Low Cost FETs for HPA MMIC Applications


Cross-coupling in Microwave Bandpass Filters
Alex D. Lapidus and Chris Rossiter

CAD, Test and Measurement

Theory and Practical Considerations for Measuring Phase Noise Better Than -165 dBc/Hz: Part II
Pankaj Goyal

Passive Sensors Using RF Backscatter
Somnath Mukherjee

A High Efficiency Class-F Power Amplifier Design Technique
S.F. Ooi, S. Gao, A. Sambell, D. Smith and P. Butterworth

The Versatile Butler Matrix
Bruno Pattan

Early Verification of Emerging UWB and WMAN Radio Systems
Joe Troychak

Planar EM Analysis: A New Standard for High Frequency Applications


5.7 GHz 0.25 µm CMOS RF Front-end Circuits for an IEEE 802.11a WLAN Receiver
Yung-Ming Chiu and Huey-Ru Chuang

Theory and Practical Considerations for Measuring Phase Noise Better Than -165 dBc/Hz: Part I
Pankaj Goyal

Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Resonant Microwave Reflection Amplifiers
A.P. Venguer, J.L. Medina, R.A. Chávez, A. Velázquez and A. Zamudio

Nonlinearity Test for a Fully Integrated Direct-conversion Receiver
Pengfei Zhang

Design of a Predistortion HPA Using a Frequency Up-conversion Mixing Operation
Yong-Chae Jeong, Young Kim, and Chul D. Kim

High Voltage HBTs for 3G W-CDMA Base Station Power Amplifiers


Microwaves in Europe: Current Trends and Future Prospects
Richard Mumford

Potential Applications of PBG Engineered Structures in Microwave Engineering: Part II
Nemai Chandra Karmakar, Mohammad Nurunnabi Mollah

Automating and Optimizing High Performance LTCC Design
Aki Nakatani and Lawrence Williams

The Analysis and Design of a User Equipment Grade, All Digital Gain Control, Direct Conversion Radio Receiver
Tanbir Haque, Leonid Kazakevich and Alpaslan Demir

The Design of a Dual Polarized Vivaldi Array
Adrian Sutinjo and Edwin Tung

Volterra Series Analysis of a Laser Diode Predistorter for Mobile Communication Systems
R.A. Abd-Alhameed, P.S. Excell and J.G. Gardiner

Design and Simulation of a PLL for Use in a W-CDMA RF Module
Wei Jiang and Xiaowei

LUX Research Releases the Nanotech Report 2004 Key Findings


Military Microwaves

Averaging Correlation for Fast GPS Satellite Signal Acquisition in Multipath Rayleigh Fading Channels
D. Djebouri, A. Djebbari and M. Djebbouri

Communications Satellite Antennas with On-orbit Pattern Flexibility
Wyman L. Williams and James M. Howell

Making of a Robust Indoor Microwave Wireless Link: A Novel Scheme of Polarization-sense Diversity
P.S. Neelakanta, W. Preedalumpabut and S. Morgera

An Algorithm that Accelerates Harmonic Balance Analysis of RFICs

Military Microwave Supplement: Zero dBContournementBugUN153; Coaxial Cable Assemblies for High Performance Aircraft

Military Microwave Supplement: SMR-4820 Compact Microwave Search Receiver

Military Microwave Supplement: Military Markets - Thoughts and Projections
Harlan Howe, Jr., Richard Mumford and Michael Puttré

Military Microwave Supplement: Joint EW Reprogramming Maintains a Combat Edge
Colonel John S. Clark, Jr. and Chris Gilbert

Military Microwave Supplement: France’s Unique Horizon
Michael Puttré


Potential Applications of PBG Engineered Structures in Microwave Engineering: Part I
Nemai Chandra Karmakar and Mohammad Nurunnabi Mollah

Automated Pattern Measurement for Circularly-polarized Antennas Using the Phase-amplitude Method
Christopher T. Rodenbeck, Kai Chang and John Aubin

Design of a 3.5 W S-band Power Amplifier Based on Small-signal S-parameter Analysis
Y.W. Yeap, L.H. Chua and S.H. Tan

A Novel Power Combining Network for Doherty Amplifiers
Hyeong Tae Jeong, Chul Dong Kim and Ik Soo Chang

A New Low Loss, Laser Ablatable Substrate for Microwave Circuitry


Enterprise EDA Software Connects the Microwave Design Flow

A Review of Radiation Effects on Human Operators of Hand-held Radios
Minh-Chau Huynh and Warren Stutzman

Characteristics of a Wide-band, High Gain, Eight-element Slot Antenna for PCS, IMT-2000 and WLL-band
Yong-Woong Jang

A Low Cost RF Transceiver for 2.4 GHz DSSS Short-range Communication Systems
Jianyi Zhou, Jianing Zhao, Wei Hong and Xiaowei Zhu

An E-/D-mode pHEMT Process for High Performance Switch and Amplifier Components Utilizing Multi-level High Density Interconnects
Walter A. Wohlmuth, Wayne Struble and Domingo Farías

A Thorough RF and Microwave Circuit Design Method to Streamline the RFIC Development Process
Josh Moore


Comparison of Coaxial Dipole Antennas for Applications in the Near-field and Far-field Regions
Brian Drozd and William T. Joines

S-band High Power Solid-state Amplifier Design and Development
Yorgos Stratakos and Panayotis Betzios

High Efficiency Power Amplifier Driving Methods and Circuits: Part II
Francisco Javier Ortega-González

Thin Film Barium Strontium Titanate (BST) for a New Class of Tunable RF Components
Bud Noren

Predicting the EVM Performance of WLAN Power Amplifiers with OFDM Signals
Patrick Naraine

Design of a Novel Balun for a Star Configuration Double-balanced Mixer at S-band
Sun-Sook Kim, Jong-Hwan Lee and Kyung-Whan Yeom

Leading-edge SAW Filters for Short Range Devices
Exa¨el Alexander


A Compact RFID Reader Platform for UHF and Microwave Applications

High Efficiency Power Amplifier Driving Methods and Circuits: Part I
Francisco Javier Ortega-González

Simulation and Measurement of a C-band Low Noise Dielectric Resonator Oscillator
R.A. Abd-Alhameed, M. Zewani, P.S. Excell, J.G. Gardiner and N.J. McEwan

Amplifier Design Using a Quarter-Wave High Impedance Bias Line with a Defected Ground Structure (DGS)
Yong-Chae Jeong, Chonbuk, Si-Gyun Jeong, Jong-Sik Lim, and Chul-Dong Kim

High Efficiency, High Power WCDMA LDMOS Transistors for Base Stations
P.C.A. Hammes, H.F.F. Jos, F. van Rijs, S.J.C.H. Theeuwen and K. Vennema

A New Large-signal Model for a Pulse-doped GaAs MESFET
Sophia Hsu and Yusuke Tajima

A Temperature-compensated Closed Loop Overdrive Level Controller for Microwave Solid-state Power Amplifiers
S.C. Bera and R.V. Singh


Frequency Extension Source Modules to Extend Signal Generator Capability from 50 to 325 GHz

Trigger-Capture-Analyze: Three Steps Toward Understanding Today's Complex RF Signals
Marcus da Silva

Noise Can Be Good, Too
Jiri Polivka

Automation and Real-time Verification of Passive Component S-parameter Measurements Using Loss Factor Calculations
J. Capwell, T. Weller, D. Markell and L. Dunleavy

New Behavioral Models Facilitate Fast and Accurate Simulation of Sigma-delta Fractional-N Synthesizers Using Ansoft Designer™
Wael A. Al-Qaq, JianHua Gu, William J. Martin and Jeffrey L. Cutcher

Pitfalls to Avoid When Using Load-pull Contours for PA Design
C. Tsironis and N. Misljenovic

Increasing RF Device Test Throughput with Better Instrument Coordination
Mary Anne Tupta

Cables & Connectors Supplement: 2004 Connector, Cable and Cable Assembly Survey
Harlan Howe, Jr.


Low Profile, High Performance Surface Mount Couplers

The Effects of IP2 Impairment on an 802.11a OFDM Direct Conversion Radio System
Kerry Z. Cai and Pengfei Zhang

Design and Fabrication Procedure for High Q RF MEMS Resonators
Wan-Thai Hsu, W. Scott Best, Héctor J. De Los Santos

A Fully-integrated 2.4/5.7 GHz Concurrent Dual-band 0.18 µm CMOS LNA for an 802.11 WLAN Direct Conversion Receiver
Qiu-Huan Huang, Dar-Ron Huang and Huey-Ru Chuang

Small-sized Quasi-elliptic Function Microstrip Low Pass Filter Based on Defected Ground Structures and Open Stubs
Young Bin Cho, Kye Suk Jun, Ihn S. Kim and Byung Soo Kim

A 5 GHz 0.18 µm CMOS Mixer for 802.11a WLAN Receiver Applications
Yuan-Kai Chu and Huey-Ru Chuang

Printed Circuit Realization of a Capacitive-loaded Interdigital Bandpass Filter
R. Kumar, N. Gupta and K.P.M. Bhat

Design of a 5.7 GHz 0.18 µm CMOS Current-reused LNA for an 802.11a WLAN Receiver
Liang-Hui Li and Huey-Ru Chuang

Using Noise for RF Receiver Built-in Test Applications
Patrick Robbins


From Design to Reality

Recent Trends in Oscillator Design
Randy Rhea and Bill Clausen

A K- and Ka-band Vehicular Phased-array Antenna
Zoran Golubicic, Sasa Dragas and Zoran Cvetkovic

Design of a 900/1800 MHz Dual-band LTCC Chip Antenna for Mobile Communications Applications
Chi-Chang Lin, Yu-Jui Chang and Huey-Ru Chuang

Got You Covered
Michal Fiszer and Jerzy Gruszczynski

Microwaves & RF


Vector Analyzers Ease Test Process To 8 GHz
Richard Pieciak

Regenerate Coherent Carriers From PSK Signals
P.K. Jain, S. Pal, and V.M. Pandharipande

Approach Yields Low-Noise Amplifiers
Joseph F. White


Polar Modulator Saves Power In EDGE Sets
Brent Wilkins and Frank Della Corte

Devices Advance At 2004 IEDM
Jack Browne

Designing A Low-Noise VCO
Andreas Laute, Jeff Peter, Peter Teichmann

Applying The Operating Gain Design Approach
Joseph F. White


EDA Software’s Ease Of Use Belies Power
Kirt Kisling

Size Up Acceleration Sensitivity On XOs
Steven J. Fry

Method Simultaneously Matches Inputs and Outputs
Joseph F. White

HBT Devices Deliver Gain/Linearity To 2.4 GHz
Peter Sahjani


Modulators Direct Linear Gain And Phase
Jack Browne

Modulation Choices For Telemetry Transmitters
Dr. Tufik Buzid

Approach Increases Amplifier Gain
Joseph F. White

Examine The Effects Of Random Noise On Jitter
Ken Yang and Steve Lee

High-Speed Logamps Precisely Detect Power
Eamon Nash


Liquid-Crystalline Polymers Bond Multilayer Circuits
Jack Browne

Optically Sculpt UWB WaveformsBahram Jalali, Jason Chou and Yan Han

Ensure Stability In Amplifier Designs
Joseph F. White


Software Speeds Complex IC DesignDeepak Ramaswamy, Mark Reichelt, Mary Tolikas and Z.Y. Daniel Wu

ESD-Hardened Device Fuels UHF AmplifiersJakob Huber and Gerard Wevers

Applying S-Parameters To Amplifier Design
Joseph F. White

Tracking Generators Enhance Spectrum Analysis
Dan Doberstein


Low-Noise VCOs Conquer Wide Bands
Ulrich L. Rohde, K. Juergen Schoepf and Ajay Kumar Poddar

Antenna Snares GPS/WLAN Signals
Dr. Jamal S. Izadian

Refined I/Q Imbalance Measurements
Gabor Zoka

Design Considerations For Microwave RF Repeaters
Edward R. Johnson


Smart Signal Analyzer Decodes 100 Hz To 8 GHz
Jack Browne

Characterizing Reed Relays Past 7 GHz
John Beigel

Consider Antenna Options For Minimal Interference
Dr. Daniel Wojtkowiak

Estimate Multiple Carrier Interference
Howard Hausman

Designing An SiGe GPS Radio
Paul Paddan and Marino Phocas


Integrated DDS Chip Takes Steps To 2.7 GHz
Jon Baird and Ted Harris

Understanding Terrestrial Multipath Fading Phenomena
Bruno Pattan

Design Finite Impulse Response Digital Filters
Ricardo A. Losada


Module Merges 11.5-Gb/s NRZ/RZ Converter, Driver
Paolo Tabacco

Steering Through RKE Requirements
Tarlton Fleming and Alec Makdessian

Design Finite Impulse Response Digital Filters
Ricardo A. Losada

RCS Measurements Detect Power Lines
Dr. A. Kumar

Build An E-pHEMT Low-Noise Amplifier
Ian Piper


Agile ADCs Enable Digital Cellular Receivers
Dan Terlep

Assessing Multicarrier Direct-Conversion Transmitters
Eamon Nash

Design Finite Impulse Response Digital Filters
Ricardo A. Losada

Quad Demodulators Arm Direct-Conversion Receivers
Min Zou, Vladimir Dvorkin, and James Wong

Plastic Packages Take On High-Power Devices
David Boulin and Hugo Safar

Darlington Gain Blocks Hurdle Reliability Problems
Dr. Dean Barker


Load-Pull Tuners Are Frequency Selective
Cristos Tsironis and Roman Meierer

Check Nonlinear Distortion With A Vector Signal Analyzer
Hagen Eckert

Design Finite Impulse Response Digital Filters
Ricardo A. Losada

Evaluate The Performance Of Amplifying Predistorters
Somnath Mukherjee and Ralph Inducta


RF Design


Power Supply and Ground Design for WiFi Transceiver
Roger Bremer, Tracey Chavers and Zhongmin Yu

Comparing Windows for Multitone Suppression
Raghavendra G. Kulkarni

Direct-sequence UWB Signal Generation and Measurement
Peter Cain


Bluetooth and WiFi Integration: Solving Co-Existence Challenges
Jeffrey Wojtiuk

Using Advanced Signal Analysis to Identify Sources of WLAN Transmitter Degradations
Christian Olgaard

Quantifying System Performance of GSM/GPRS PAs With Differing Levels of Integration
Mendy Ouzillou

Using Field-Programmable Analog to Build Adaptable RFID
Tegid Roberts


Effective Cascaded Intermodulation Analysis
Rulon VanDyke

A Miniature Reader/Active Tag Streamlines Supply Chain Management
Fred Mohamadi

Understanding the Sampling Process
R. N. Mutagi

DSP Brings Base Station SDR Reality
Andy McCann and Brad Brannon


Active Mixer Differential to Single-Ended IF Matching
By Tom Schiltz

Ultra-Wideband as a Short-Range, Ultra-High-Speed Wireless Communications Technology
Ibrahim Haroun, T. Kenny and R. Hafez

Specifying a Quartz Crystal for a VCXO
Ramon M. Cerda

Accelerating the Design and Verification Process
By Greg Jue


Using Picocells to Build High-Throughput 802.11 Networks
Gregory Davi

Fast Rayleigh Fading Simulation With an IIR Filter and Polyphase Interpolation
Christos Komninakis and Joel F. Kirshman

Facing the Challenges in Building a Next-Generation Transmission Network
Alain Hourtane

RF Front-End Considerations for SDR Ultra-Wideband Communications Systems
Stéphane Paquelet, Christophe Moy and Louis-Marie Aubert


Steering Safer Wheels for America's Motorists
Tejas Desai, Ken Chance and Takashi (Ted) Ozawa

The Importance of Fast, Economical Testing for RFIC PAs, Mobile Phones
Robert Green and Jerry Janesch

IEEE 802.11 Spectral Measurements Using Vector Signal Analyzers
Jerry Archambault and Shravan Surineni

Extending Benefits of 3-D Integration to Next-Generation Wireless Devices
Bob Markunas


Dampening Cavity Resonance Using Absorber Material
Paul Dixon

FPGA-Based Applications for Software Radio
Angsuman Rudra

Fast Multitone Analysis of RF Transceivers
George Estep, Pete Johnson & Vladimir Veremey

New Broadband EMC Double-Ridge Guide Horn Antenna
Vicente Rodriguez


Broadband Monolithic S-Band Class-E Power Amplifier Design
Reza Tayrani

Effective IM2 Estimation for Two-Tone and WCDMA Modulated Blockers in Zero-IF
Walid Y. Ali-Ahmad

Broadband Channel Simulator for Robust Satellite Link Designs
Jack Anderson

Simulation and Realization of Baseband Pulse Shaping Filter for BPSK Modulator
D. Venkata Ramana, Surendra Pal and A. P. Shiva Prasad


Broadband low-noise amplifier using GaAs FET
Ashok Nawarange

Locator Beacon Design for Victims in Distress
Fred Mohamadi

Getting Closer to a Top-Down Methodology For RF SoC Design
Jean Oudinot

Little Known Characteristics of Phase Noise
Paul Smith

Field Trials of an All-Software GSM Base Station
Jeffrey Steinheider


Synthetic Instrumentation: An Emerging Technology (Part I)
Mike Granieri

Integration-by-Parts: An Approach to the RFIC Market
Dan Nobbe

Silicon Integration With Millimeter Wave Phased Array Antenna
Fred Mohamadi

How to Debug a PLL Frequency Synthesizer
Bob Kelly


Temperature Compensation Enhances Piezoelectric Substrate's Performance
Robert Markunas

Understanding the Discrete Fourier Transform
R. N. Mutagi

Combline Filter Design Simplified
Anurag Bhargava

CDMA2000 RF System Design Software and Spreadsheets
Anitha Swaminathan