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RF & Microwave Magazine Article Archive - 2003

If you are like me, you spend a lot of time reading articles from technical magazines. Sometimes I read the entire article, but usually I just scan the text for highlights and look at the schematics, block diagrams, and charts / graphs. Often, I want to go back and find an article but cannot recall where I saw it. A Google search will usually eventually reveal a hyperlink to the article, but a lot of times it takes a lot of digging. Since my key interests are not necessarily the same as RF Cafe visitors, an attempt will be made to catalog all of them. If there is a magazine not included here that you would like me to include in the list, please send me an e-mail and I will try to incorporate its articles, too.

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High Frequency Electronics


RF and Microwave Power Amplifier and Transmitter Technologies — Part 4
Frederick H. Raab, Peter Asbeck, Steve Cripps, Peter B. Kenington, Zoya B. Popovich, Nick Pothecary, John F. Sevic and Nathan O. Sokal

Finding the Lumped Element Varactor Diode Model
George H. Stauffer

Ordinary Vector Network Analyzers Get Differential Port Measurement Capability
Dale D. Henkes

A Review of Key Oscillator Specifications and What They Mean
Gary Breed


RF and Microwave Power Amplifier and Transmitter Technologies — Part 3
Frederick H. Raab, Peter Asbeck, Steve Cripps, Peter B. Kenington, Zoya B. Popovich, Nick Pothecary, John F. Sevic and Nathan O. Sokal

Signal Propagation in the 900 MHz to 5 GHz Wireless Bands
Gary Breed


RF and Microwave Power Amplifier and Transmitter Technologies — Part 2
Frederick H. Raab, Peter Asbeck, Steve Cripps, Peter B. Kenington, Zoya B. Popovich, Nick Pothecary, John F. Sevic and Nathan O. Sokal

Integration of Silicon with Passive Devices Yields Advantages in Wireless Design
Robert J. Zavrel Jr., Sotiris Bantas and Ron Wood

Cost Effective Methods for Characterizing Laser Transfer Curves
Ferenc Barany and Mark J. Murphy


RF and Microwave Power Amplifier and Transmitter Technologies — Part 1
Frederick H. Raab, Peter Asbeck, Steve Cripps, Peter B. Kenington, Zoya B. Popovic, Nick Pothecary, John F. Sevic and Nathan O. Sokal

Broadband VHF/UHF Amplifier Design Using Coaxial Transformers
C. G. Gentzler and S.K. Leong

Simple Lab-Built Test Accessories for RF, IF, Baseband and Audio
Richard Kurzrok

Intermodulation Distortion Performance and Measurement Issues
Gary Breed


Digital Signal Integrity, Circuit Board Design and the Interconnect Interface
Dale Reed

Handset-PA Duplexer Interaction When the Isolator is Eliminated
Raymond W. Waugh

Techniques for Pulsed S-Parameter Measurements
David Vondran

Transistor Biasing Issues for Linear Amplification of Complex Signals
Gary Breed


The Correlation of Data Throughput with Link Loss for Commercial WLAN Devices
Dan Dobkin

System-in-Package for WLAN/PAN Aids Coexistence with Digital Cellular
Michael Gaynor and Douglas Mathews

Echo Distortion in Bandpass Filters
Richard Kurzrok

Bit Error Rate: Fundamental Concepts and Measurement Issue
Gary Breed


Microwave Journal


The Grid Amplifier: Enabling High Power Millimeter-wave Systems
James J. Rosenberg, Michael P. DeLisio, Blythe C. Deckman, Chun-Tung Cheung, David B. Rutledge and Robert A. York

An Actively-controlled Microwave Reflecting Surface with Binary-pattern Modulation
P.S. Neelakanta, A.K. Stampalia and D. De Groff

Flash in the Plan: Directed-Energy Weapons Remain More Experimental Than Available
Ted McKenna

A Brief Exposure to Ultra-wideband Signaling
Bruno Pattan

Cavity Techniques for Substrate Properties at Microwave/Millimeter-wave Bands
Nickander J. Damaskos and Benuel J. Kelsall

A Nonlinear Circuit Simulation Model for GaAs and InP Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors


An Equivalent Circuit and Modeling Method for Defected Ground Structure and Its Application to the Design of Microwave Circuits
Jun-Seok Park

Dependency of IV Characteristics of a MESFET Device on Frequency and Electric Field
J. Rodriguez-Tellez, N.T. Ali, K.A. Mezher, T. Fernandez, A. Mediavilla, A. Tazon and G. Rafael

Design and Evaluation of a High Selectivity Combline Bandpass Filter
Raj Kumar, N. Gupta, K.P.M. Bhat, R. Sreehari Rao

A Diode Linearizer for Microwave Power Amplifiers
S.C. Bera, P.S. Bharadwaj, R.V. Singh and V.K. Garg

A Deterministic Method for Optimizing VSWR
Tim L. Hillstrom

Ferrite Circulator Switches and Their Applications
Rodger Billings and Tony Edridge

CAD, Test and Measurement Supplement: Recent Advances in EDA Software Solutions for Improved RFIC Design Flows
Ted Miracco

CAD, Test and Measurement Supplement: A Nonlinear Model Compiler for RF/Microwave Engineers

CAD, Test and Measurement Supplement: A Two-path Vector Signal Generator

CAD, Test and Measurement Supplement: AWGN Generators with Precise Control of Resolution and Noise Density

CAD, Test and Measurement Supplement: 100 W Hot Switching Programmable Attenuators


Adding a Low Data Rate Radio ASSP to an ISM Application
Carl Falcon

Cross-modulation in a CDMA Mobile Phone Receiver
Yang Zhang

The Concept of Predistortion
Boris Aleiner


Microwave in Europe: Trends Shaping the Future
Richard Mumford

A Universal Oscillator Analysis Technique that Accurately Estimates Frequency and Output Power
Gerhard A. Hofbauer

A Low Power Consumption Architecture for Mobile Phones Above 1800 MHz
E. Géron and J. Lewiner

Generating a Plane Wave in the Near Field with a Planar Array Antenna
Randy Haupt

Application of GTEM Cells to Wireless Communication Transceiver Designs
Ping Hui

A Fully Integrated CMOS VCO for DCS-1800 Direct Conversion Receivers
E. Hernández, R. Berenguer, J. Aguilera, J. Ibarguren and I. Gutierrez

Quarter-wavelength N-way Power Dividers/Combiners: Historical Aspects and New Modifications
Leo G. Maloratsky and Simon Y. London


Wide Tuning Range RF-MEMS Varactors Fabricated Using the PolyMUMPs Foundry
T.K. Tsang, M.N. El-Gamal, W.S. Best, H.J. De Los Santos

Numerical FDTD Modeling of Silicon Integrated Spiral Inductors
F. Alimenti, G. Stopponi, V. Palazzari, P. Placidi, L. Roselli, A. Scorzoni and P. Ciampolini


A Novel Class of High Selectivity Filters and Duplexers in Microstrip Technology
Giuseppe Macchiarella and Alberto Bovatti

A Novel Simulation Tool for PN Junction Varactors Based on Finite Difference Approximations
N. Sainz, I. Gutierrez, A. Muñoz, J. de Nó, E. Hernández and A. Garciá-Alonso

A Reduced-size Power Divider Using the Coupled Line Equivalent to a Lumped Inductor
In-Ho Kang and Jin-San Park


RF Test Fixture Basics
Scott Wartenberg

Design of a MESFET Frequency Multiplier - Theory and Simulation
Anurag Bhargava

Multicriteria VCO Design
Yuriy Kitaev and Aleksey Shulga

Design of a TRM Calibration Kit for the ZMA Coaxial Interface Using Ansoft HFSS
Clara E. Centeno-Calero

Defense Priority Ratings: Know the Rules
Shawn Cheadle


An Aircraft Single-antenna FM Radio Altimeter
Leo G. Maloratsky

Mixer Spur Analysis with Concurrently Swept LO, RF and IF: Tools and Techniques
Daniel Gandhi and Christopher Lyons

Using Guided Wavelength as a Basis for the Design of Dielectric Rod Antennas
Carl L. Everett

Fast and Accurate High Power Device Characterization with a Microstrip SOL Method
Pierre Bertram

A GSM Standard Band Selective Repeater
Tsang-Yen Hsieh and Nai-Chueh Wang

High Speed Digital Packaging
Alan Lindner

Design and Operation of Automatic Gain Control Loops for Receivers in Modern Communications Systems
Dana Whitlow


An Adaptive Feedforward Amplifier for WCDMA Base Stations Using Imperfect Signal Cancellation
Young Yun Woo, Youngoo Yang, Jaehyok Yi, Joongjin Nam, Jeonghyeon Cha and Bumman Kim

A Novel Adaptive Feedforward Amplifier Using an Analog Controller
Yong-Chae Jeong, Young-Jean Song, In-Ju Oh and Chul-Dong Kim

A Voltage-controlled PIN Diode Attenuator Using an Accurate PIN Diode Model
Byung-Jun Jang, In-Bok Yom and Moon-Que Lee

Specification and Measurement of Local Oscillator Noise in Integrated Circuit Base Station Mixers
Kathiravan Krishnamurthi and Stephen P. Jurgiel

Design of a Predistorter Controlling Individual Orders of Intermodulation Using a New Harmonic Generator
Sang Won Kim, Han Yu Cho, Young Kim, Ik Soo Chang and Won Woo Lee


RF Coplanar Probe Basics
Scott Wartenberg

Pulsed I-V for Nonlinear Modeling
L. Dunleavy, W. Clausen and T. Weller

Gold Stud Bumps in Flip-chip Applications
Jerry Jordan

The Importance of Phase Accuracy in Differential VNA Measurements
David Vondran

Developing Sophisticated Models for Capacitors, Inductors and Other Passive Components
Gregory L. Amorese


Hybrid Synthesizer Tutorial
David Crook

A Method to Predict the Level of Intermodulation Products in Broadband Power Amplifiers
J.L. Smith

A Low Noise Wideband Microwave Oscillator Using a Tunable Microstrip Combline Filter
Gerhard A. Hofbauer

Effects of Grounding and Bias Circuit on the Performance of High Frequency Linear Amplifiers
Y.Y. Wei, P. Gale and E. Korolkiewicz

Overcoming Hard Limiter Suppression
Frank Amoroso

Memory Effect Reduction for LDMOS Bias Circuits
Antoine Rabany


Trends in Antennas for Wireless Communications
C.B. Dietrich, Jr., R.M. Barts, W.L. Stutzman, W.A. Davis

Development of an Advanced Airborne Precipitation Radar
G.A. Sadowy, A.C. Berkun, W. Chun, E. Im, S.L. Durden

An RF Module Design for a Multi-mode Handset
Jianing Zhao, Xiaowei Zhu, Jianyi Zhou, Jin Liu

A Low Cost Pencil-beam Microstrip Antenna at 76.5 GHz
Victor Volkov, Michael Parnes, Victor Korolkov

A 2.4 GHz CMOS Power Amplifier with 20 dBm Output Power for Bluetooth and WLAN Applications
Cheng-Chi Yen, Huey-Ru Chuang

A Wideband and High Gain Microstrip Four-slot Antenna Array
Yong-Woong Jang, Ho-Sub Shin

Interactive Interdigital Filter Design Using MMICAD Software
Philip F. Dindo

Microwaves & RF


SiGe Fires Single-Chip Fractional-N Synthesizer
Jack Browne

Understanding Ultra Narrowband Modulation
Harold R. Walker

Design Inset-Fed Microstrip Patch Antennas
M. Ramesh , et al.


RF Design Environment Closes Verification Gap
Jack Sifri, Mounir Adada, Kal Kalbasi

Simple PBG Structures Serve Microwave Designs
Wo-Shiun Sun, Guan-Yu Chen

Linearizing MPMs For Communications
Allen Katz, Robert Gray

Make Accurate Pulsed S-Parameter Measurements
Loren Betts


SiGe Direct Modulators Ease Upconverter Design
Mark T. Fallica

Smart Synthesizers Simplify RF Integration
David Lyle

Active Mixers Deliver High IP3
Bill Beckwith, Tom Schiltz


Ceramic Resonator Oscillators Challenge SAW Performance
Ulrich L. Rohde

Evaluating RF Relays For Military Systems
Robert W. Dobson

Gaining LDMOS Device Linearity And Stability
Jed Rice

Reviewing SDARS Antenna Requirements
Stanislav Licul, Argy Petros, Imtiaz (Imi) Zafar

Assemble A Tunable L-Band Preselector
Leo G. Maloratsky

Enhance The Design Of LTCC RF Modules
Dr. Lawrence Williams, Sean Kim


MEMS Sources Offer Alternative To Quartz
Jack Browne

Configure An Optimal RF/Microwave Switch System
Jerry A. Janesch

Mounting Technique Aids MMIC Performance
Larry Silverman

Simulation Approach Aids RF Design Debugginga
Rulon VanDyke


Instrument Checks GPS Noise Immunity
Bent Hessen-Schmidt

Linear Power Control Of GSM Amplifier Power
Philip Sher

Convert Distributed MICs To MMICs
John E. Penn

Test Spectrum Analyzer ACP Dynamic Range
John Barfuss


Designing Antennas For UWB Systems
Joseph A. N. Noronha, Timothy Bielawa, Christopher R. Anderson, Dennis G. Sweeney, Stanislav Licul and William A. Davis

Tracking WCDMA Transmitter Theory
Paul Kimuli

Optimize Benefits Of Subharmonic Mixers
Tony Donisi


Flexible Chip Set Arms 802.11a/b/g WLANs
Jim Bohac

Making Accurate Burst Measurements
David Vondran

Improve PCB Shielding For Portable Devices
Thomas Clupper

Filtering Interference From Cellular Receivers
Brian L. Wixon

Analyze Coax Cable Digital Pulse Distortion
Bruce Bullard, Farzad Kialashaki


On-Wafer Probes Test Silicon ICs To 100 GHz
Jack Browne

Meld Load-Pull Tests With EDA Tools
Richard L. Carlson

Reducing ESR Measurement Errors
Gregory L. Amorese


Handheld Analyzers Check Naval Systems
Yuenie Law

Comparing High-Frequency Control Devices
Mohamed Kameche, Mohammed Bekhti

Wireless Approach Monitors Tire Pressure
Martin Motz

Sampling IF filters Fortify Bluetooth Designs
Tom Riley, Seste Dell'Aera


Chip Set Adds Embedded GPS
Olivier Bernard, Arthur Woo, Paul McBurney

Electromagnetic Analysis Speeds RFID Design
James B. Rautio

Software Shaves Time Off Filter Synthesis
Frank Sulak

Model MMIC Nichrome Resistors
Renu Sharma, Ashok Kumar, U. C. Ray

LO Buffers/Splitters Ease LO Drive Designs
John Lachapelle, Jim Ahne

Generate Wide-Dynamic Range WCDMA/3GPP Signals
Dr. Markus Banerjee, Dr. Rene Desquiotz


Coaxial Tuners Control Impedances To 65 GHz
Jack Browne

Performing Bluetooth RF Radio Testing
Peter Cain

Check Bluetooth Baseband Signals With A Scope
Tom Cargill, Mike Hertz

Achieving Antenna Isolation Within Wireless Systems
Dr. Gregory Poilasne, Dr. Sebastian Rowson, Dr. Laurent Desclos

Oscillators: A New Look At An Old Model
Stan Alechno

Design A High-Precision Antenna For GPS
Luigi Boccia, Giandomenica Amendola, Giuseppe Di Massa


RF Design


A Monolithic X-band Class-E Power Amplifier for Space Based Radar Systems
Reza Tayrani

Software Defined Radios Present Complex Design Challenges
Robert Clarke and Kevin Kreitzer

UWB Technology for Location-Aware Networking
Vincent Coli

Experimental Results for PCM/FM, SOQPSK, and Multi-H CPM with CMA Equalization
Mark Geoghegan

A Low-Cost, Two-Stage, Low Noise Amplifier for 5 GHz to 6 GHz Applications Using the Silicon-Germanium BFP640 Transistor
Gerard Wevers

Minimum-length cascades of short transmission lines
Douglas Miron


Temperature Stable PIN Diode VCA and High Range VCA
Moti Kabelly

Infrared Communications Using the IrDA Standard
Markus Schutti

Adaptive Transmit Diversity in Handsets for Performance Enhancement of CDMA Networks
Mark Kahn and Jan Klein

DC to 100 GHz High-Speed Digital and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits
Loi Nguyen

Why all the buzz about SOI?
Don Corson and Pierre Delatte

Affordable phase shifters for electronically scanned phased array antennas
Tom Watson


Highly Spectrum-Efficient Modulation Techniques and Other Technology Advances Take Hold in Aerospace Electronics
Ed Troy

Multitone IMD Offers Clearer Picture of MCPA Performance
Marta Iglesias

Bluetooth Shifts up a Gear: Intelligent Tools Solve In-Vehicle RF Range and Interference Issues
Ken Noblitt

An Integrated Downconverter Circuit in 0.8 m SiGe Technology for DCS-1800 Applications
E. Hernández, R. Berenguer, J. Meléndez, N. Rodríguez, and J. Aguilera

Low Power Design Techniques for High-Speed Programmable Embedded Infosec Systems
Todd Moore and Rick Schmalbach

WCDMA Versus GSM: Handset Performance Testing
Rob VanBrunt


Microwave Chirp Radar Design: Combining Virtual and Physical Hardware Performance Analysis
David Leiss

High-Temperature Superconductor Filter Technology Breaks New Ground
Randy Simon

Why Oscillators are the Best Frequency Sources for Wireless Designs
Roger Burns


Geometric Programming-Based Design
Scott Guyton

Multichannel, Multiband VHF Software Radio Based Receiver Eliminates RF Down Conversion
Angsuman Rudra

Managing Noise and Spurious Within Complex Microwave Assemblies
William Graves Jr.

Analysis and Implementation of Carrier Recovery Process in a Multimission Remote Sensing Satellite Ground Station
P. K. Jain, Surendra Pal and V. M. Pandharipande


The 4G soldier new developments in military mobile communications
Dr. Larry Williams and Allen Kupetz

Ultrawideband: New promises, new problems
William Stumpf

Designing Signals for Arbitrary Waveform Generators
Andy Street

Introduction to GSM and GSM mobile RF transceiver derivation
Paul Kimuli

Reflections on Transistor Stability
Stan Alechno

Correlating High-Speed ADC Performance to Multicarrier 3G Requirements
Brad Brannon

RF Module Design: Requirements and Issues
William Dunham, Rich Kirkham, Doug Stolarz and Juergen Hartung


Multi-Channel SDR Architectures for C4ISR Applications
Reese S. Bovard and Adam C. Bush

Does Next-Gen Phone's Success Hang on the Cool Factor?
Ernest Worthman

MMDS, Wireless Broadband Access and the Last Mile
Mike Rude

A Low Noise, Multiple Output PLL Synthesizer for Radar Applications
Manish Vaish

Techniques for Determining Small Antenna Gain
Riad Ghabra and Argy Petros

An Innovative Shortwave Coupler Design
Michael P. Gaynor


WLANs Meet Fiber Optics Evaluating 802.11a WLANs Over Fiber Optic Links
Ibrahim Haroun and François Gouin

Low-cost UMTS Tower Top Power Amplifier
Yorgos Mitropoulos, Yorgos Stratakos and Ilias Tsopelas

High Data Rate, Point-to-point Digital Microwave Systems Primer
John Stannard

Using Single-ended S-matrices to Characterize Differential Components in Mobile Radio Design
SangJin Lee


Integrating IP Into Wireless Systems
Stephen Pritchard

A Low-noise, High-performance Zero IF Quadrature Detector/Preamplifier
Dan Tayloe

Software Defined Radio Comes of Age
Jeffrey Steinheider

Bandpass Filter Design Using Multilayer Dielectrics
Xiaowei Zhu, Yong Zou, Wei Jiang and Ling Tian

Real-time Quality Analysis of Digital Remote Sensing Satellite Signals
P. K. Jain, Surendra Pal and V. M. Pandharipande


Total Recall and You Thought It was Only a Movie
Ernest Worthman

LNA Matching Techniques for Optimizing Noise Figures
Alphonse Harter

Fundamentals of Digital Quadrature Modulation
Ken Gentile

Securing Unlicensed WLAN Data Communications
Bob Cromwell

Detector Selection for Spectrum Analyzer Measurements
Joe Gorin


Microwave PA Thermal Design for SATCOM Systems
Stephen D. Turner and Ahmed M. Zaghlol

An Optimal Mixer Matching Design Technique Under Large Signal Pumping
J. P. Pascual, M. L. de la Fuente, M. Rodríguez-Gironés, E. Artal and H. L. Hartnagel

Relating Cascaded Noise Figures to Real-world Performance
Rulon VanDyke

WLAN RFICs Test Challenges
Warren Strand