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RF & Microwave Magazine Article Archive - 2001

If you are like me, you spend a lot of time reading articles from technical magazines. Sometimes I read the entire article, but usually I just scan the text for highlights and look at the schematics, block diagrams, and charts / graphs. Often, I want to go back and find an article but cannot recall where I saw it. A Google search will usually eventually reveal a hyperlink to the article, but a lot of times it takes a lot of digging. Since my key interests are not necessarily the same as RF Cafe visitors, an attempt will be made to catalog all of them. If there is a magazine not included here that you would like me to include in the list, please send me an e-mail and I will try to incorporate its articles, too.

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Microwave Journal


Optimum Design for Linearity and Efficiency of a Microwave Doherty Amplifier Using a New Load Matching Technique
Youngoo Yang, Jaehyok Yi, Young Yun Woo and Bumman Kim

A High Efficiency, Low Cost Silicon Bipolar GSM Dual-band PA Module
T. Johansson, P. Lundin, J. Engvall, D. Uggla and U. Hagström

Thermal Analysis and Considerations for Gallium Nitride Microwave Power Amplifier Packaging
Bruce A. Kopp, Amy J. Billups and Mark H. Luesse

A Broadband, Four-bit, Ka-band MMIC Phase Shifter
John E. Penn


Dual Mode Broadband Hybrids: Theory and Experiment
Alex D. Lapidus

Implementation of a Neural Network HEMT Model into ADS
Willie L. Thompson II, Eric V. Miller and Carl White

A Broadband Planar Isolator Using Coupled Microstrip Lines on a Magnetized Gyrotropic Substrate
Y.C. Moon, J.R. Lee, S.W. Yun and I.S. Chang

Aluminum Nitride vs. Beryllium Oxide for High Power Resistor Products
Michael Kettner, Patrick Biebersmith, Nelson Roldan and Balram K. Sharma

Planar EM Simulation of Multi-chip Modules and BGA Packages
Jim DeLap

An Embedded MOS Model 9 for CMOS RF Circuit Design
Christian Rye Iversen

Rigorous Analytical Expressions for Electromagnetic Parameters of Transmission Lines: Coupled Sliced Coaxial Cable
N. Benahmed and M. Feham

Circuit Designers: An Endangered Species?
Ernest Rejman

Coping with Hidden Spurious Harmonic Modes in the Design of Low Pass Corrugated Waveguide Filters
Ke-Li Wu and Gordon McDonald

Application and Operation of a Double OCXO
Timo Reinhardt


Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex Overview
Ali Zamanian

Design of a Low Phase Noise Ku-band Oscillator Using a SiGe HBT
Myrianne Regis, Hugues Lafontaine, Steve Kovacic, Gilles Cibiel, Olivier Llopis

Lossy Linearizers for Reduction of Nonlinear Distortion
Somnath Mukherjee, Mridul K. Pal, Ralph Inducta

Design of a Novel Vector Modulator
Yong-Chae Jeong

An Automatic Macro Program for Radio Frequency MOSFET Characteristics Analysis
C.Y. Su, S.J. Chang, L.P. Chen, Y.P. Ho, G.W. Huang, D.C. Lin, B.M. Tseng, H.Y. Lee, J.F. Kuan, Y.M. Deng, K.A. Wen, C.Y. Chang

Fractional-N Synthesizers
David Owen

Regrowth of Data Spectral Sidelobes from AM/PM Effects and Hard Limiting
Frank Amoroso

Linearity Requirements for MMICs for 16 Through 128 QAM ETSI Compliant Radios
Jim Harvey


Advanced RF Technologies for the Wireless Market
Yvan Droinet

Spectrum Monitored Adaptive Feedforward Linearization
Jun Won Huh, Ik Soo Chang, Chul D. Kim

A Monopole with a Twist
Thomas J. Warnagiris

Design Methodology for High Efficiency Active Radiator
V. Gonzalez, J.M. Rodriguez, J.E. Gonzalez, C. Rueda, C. Martin Pascual

Test Enables High Volume Manufacturing
Ernest Rejman

Design and Prototyping of a Transimpedance Front-end Amplifier for Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing Circuits
J. Wareberg, D. Kennedy, S. Schmidt

Fast Design of Cross-coupled Filter Substructures
Dieter Pelz

A Simple VVA RFIC Design with a Focus on Repeatability and Stability
Yair Shemesh

The Influence of LO Harmonics on Receiver Performance in the Modulation Schemes Used For Wireless Communications
Boris Aleiner, Oleksandr Zakhalyavko

PLL Synthesizers: A Switching Speed Tutorial
Bar-Giora Goldberg


A New Spread-spectrum Measurement Method for Satellite Transponder In-orbit Testing
Thomas Kleine-Ostmann, Buy Harles

A High Efficiency Bow-tie Antenna for Impulse Propagation
Roger Clarke

Design of a Planar Microstrip Balun at S-band
Jwo-Shiun Sun, Tsung-Lin Lee

A Method of Measuring Large-signal S-parameters of High Power Transistors
Seok Kyun Park, Ik Soo Chang, Yun Seo Choi, Jun Won Huh, Young Kim

Improved Gain for a Dynamic Envelope Tracking Amplifier in Cellular Radio Handsets
In-ho Kang, Joo-yeon Kim

Finite Element Determination of the Intrinsic Small-signal Equivalent Circuit of MESFETs
M. Kameche, M. Feham


Complex Coaxial-waveguide Transitions at Millimeter-waves
Oleksandr Gorbachov, Leonid Kasatkin

Frequency Control in a Low Voltage, Wide Tuning VCO Design at 2.4 GHz
Yao-Huang Kao, Chun-Chieh Chien

Two Novel Radar Vehicle Detectors for the Replacement of a Conventional Loop Detector
Ihn S. Kim, Key Jeong, Jae Kwon Jeong

A Ka-band Planar Printed Antipodal Linearly-tapered Slot Antenna
Meng-Chung Tsai, Huey-Ru Chuang

A Novel Method to Mitigate Microwave Oven Dictated EMI on Bluetooth Communications
P.S. Neeklankanta, Jesada Sivaraks

Adaptive Feedforward Amplifier Linearizer Using Analog Circuitry
Alfonso J. Zozaya, Eduard Bertran, Alberti and Jordi Berenguer-Sau

MEMS for RF/Microwave Wireless Applications: The Next Wave ­ Part II
Hector J. De Los Santos, Randy J. Richards


A Long Range View of Short Range Wireless Systems
Richard Mumford

On the Direct Conversion Receiver -- A Tutorial
Ashkan Mashhour, William Domino, Norman Beamish

High Speed Analysis and Optimization of Waveguide Bandpass Filter Structures Using Simple Neural Architectures
A Mediavilla, A. Tazon, J.A. Pereda, M. Lazaro, C. Pantaleon, I. Santamaria

Power Efficient MMIC Frequency Triplers
John E. Penn

SiGe Power Amplifier ICs with SWR Protection for Handset Applications
Joe Pusl, Srikanth Sridharan, Philip Antognetti, David Helms, Anurag Nigam, James Griffiths, Kenneth Louie, Mark Doherty


The Use of Uniplanar Technology to Reduce Microwave Circuit Size
Khelifa Hettak and Malcolm G. Stubbs

New Dielectric Bead for Millimeter-wave Coaxial Components
Rudy Fuks

A Combination Monopole/Quadrifilar Helix Antenna for S-band Terrestrial/Satellite Applications
Charles D. McCarrick

Interconnects for a Multi-layer Three-dimensional Silicon Architecture
Katherine J. Herrick, Linda P.B. Katehi, Robert T. Kihm


Design of Coplanar Power Amplifiers for Millimeter-wave System Applications Including Thermal Aspects
A. Bessemoulin, W. Marsetz, Y. Baeyens, R. Osorio, H. Massler, A. Hulsmann and M. Schlechtweg

Enhancement/Depletion Mode InGaP/AlGaAs PHEMT for High Efficiency Power Amplifiers
Y. Tkachenko, Y. Zhao, C. Wei and D. Bartle

A Fully Integrated Dual-frequency Push-push VCO for 5.2 and 5.8 GHz Wireless Applications
Y. Sun, Utrecht T. Tieman, H. Pflung and W. Velthuis

Metamorphic Transistor Technology for RF Applications
C.S. Whelan, P.F. Marsh, W.E. Hoke, S.M. Lardizabal, R. Leoni III, K.C. Hwang and T.E. Kazior

A 3 V Small Chip Size GSM HBT Power MMIC with 56 Percent PAE
J.E. Mueller, U. Gerlach, G.L. Madonna, M. Pfost, R. Schultheis and P. Zwicknagl

A Low Cost, Cavity Stabilized 5.8 GHz Oscillator Realized in LTCC
Steve Maas, J. Delacueva, J. Li and S. White

Spectrum Modeling of an RF Power Amplifier for TDMA Signals
Chunming Liu, Heng Xioa, Fu Li, Qiang Wu


Exploiting Filter Symmetry
Randall W. Rhea

CAD of a Compact Monopulse Comparator Network Using Planar Magic Tee Junctions for Airborne Slotted Array Antennas
Dr. Anil Kumar Singh and Dr. S. Christopher

Nyquist Quadrature Frequency Shift Keying for Spectral Efficiency
Frank Amoroso

A Band For All Reasons
Michael Puttre

University Engineers Team With Wireless Industry For Mutual Benefits
Phil Leslie

MEMS for RF/Microwave Wireless Applications: The Next Wave
Randy J. Richards and Hector J. De Santos

Thermal Modeling of Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors with Pulsed I-V Measurements
Hyun-Min Park, Kye-Ik Jeon, Songheol Hong

A Low Cost Planar Filter for 60 GHz Applications
Yoshihisa Amano, Atsushi Yamada, Eiji Suematsu, Hiroya Sato

A Four-port Microwave Measurement System to Speed On-wafer Calibration and Test
David K. Walker, Dylan F. Williams, Allen Padilla, Uwe Arz, Hartmut Grabinski


History of Ultra Wideband Communications and Radar: Part II, UWB Radars and Sensors
Terence W. Barrett

Gallium Nitride-based Microwave and RF Control Devices
Robert H. Caverly, Nikolai V. Drozdovski and Michael J. Quinn

0.24-µm CMOS Technology and BSIM RF Modeling for Bluetooth Power Applications
E. Chen, D. Heo, J. Laskar, D. Bien

Carrier-to-Interference Ratio Prediction of Nonlinear RF Devices
Hyunchul Ku, Wangmyong Woo, J. Stevenson Kenney

Multi-layer Thin-film MCM-D for the Integration of High Performance Wireless Front-end Systems
Geert Carchon, B. Nauwelaers, K.U. Leuven, P. Pieters, K. Vaesen, W. DeRaedt, E. Beyne

Impact of Front-end Non-idealities on Bit Error Rate Performance of WLAN-OFDM Transceivers
B. Come, R. Ness, S. Donnay, L. Van der Perre, W. Eberle, P. Wambacq, M. Engels, I. Bolsens

The Development of DBS Imaging Based on Airborne Pulse Doppler Radar in China
Hongbo Sun, Guosui Liu, Hong Gu, Weimin Su

A Practical Guide to the Designof Microstrip Antenna Arrays
Roger Hill


Code Domain Analysis on W-CDMA User Equipment Transmitters
Marta Iglesias-Xamani

Code Domain Analysis on W-CDMA User Equipment Transmitters
K.V. Puglia

Bluetooth-enabled Microwave Ovens for EMI Compatibility
P.S. Neelakanta, Jesada Sivaraks, Charoonkierti Thammakoranonta

Asymmetric Coplanar Strip Analysis Including Conductor Backing
Franco Di Paolo

History of Ultra Wideband Communications and Radar: Part I, UWB Communications
Terence W. Barrett

2.4 GHz LNA/PA/Circularly Polarized Active Microstrip Antennas
S.Y. Lin, H.R. Chuang and T.S. Horng

RF Design


Putting the Squeeze on Memory
Cliff Zitlaw

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Coexistence Schemes Strive to Avoid Chaos
Oren Eliezer and Matthew Shoemake

Bluetooth and Power Consumption: Issues and Answers
Joel Linsky

Magnetic Induction: A Low-Power Wireless Alternative
Chris Bunszel

Designing a High-Speed Modem for Microwave, Satellite Communications
A. Guidi, P. McIllree and John Stannard

Understanding Digital Signal Processing's Frequency Domain
Richard Lyons

Maximizing Performance in Wideband RFICs
Terry Wilson


Securing Wireless Communications
Paul Lesso

Concepts and Implementation of a GSM PA/Front-End Module
Atanas Pentchev, Paul Swinkels and Guido Paola

Crest Factor Analysis for Complex Signal Processing
Brad Andersen

Integration Design the Heat is on for Systems on a Chip
Johannes Steensma


Integrating Bluetooth in the GSM Cell Phone Infrastructure
Steve Brown, Mark Lane, Dino Fernandez

Gallium Nitride Electronic Devices for High-Power Wireless Applications
Ric Borges

Data Recording for Real-Time Signal Analysis
John DeMott

Matched Filtering and Timing Recovery in Digital Receivers
Louis Litwin


SCM Analog Modulation for 2first Century Digital Content
Eli Pasternak

Broadband Tuners for Modern Systems
John Norsworthy

Using Polyphase Filters as Image Attenuators
Tom Hornak

Two-Tone IMD Measurement Techniques
Keith Barkley


An 802.11 DSSS System Simulation
Stephen H. Kratzet

Accelerating Baseband Hardware Design for 3G Terminals
Lieven Philips

Error Control Coding in Digital Communications Systems
Louis Litwin

Designing an RF Modular Variable-Gain Amplifier
Louis Fan Fei and Ming-Ju Ho


The Dawning of The Age of Convergence
Ernest Worthman

Noise and ACPR Correlation in CDMA Power Amplifiers
Oleksandr Gorbachov, Yu Cheng and Jason S. W. Chen

Designing the Cellular Network Infrastructure
John Arpee

Structured Estimating A New Approach to a Critical Project Parameter
Gary Constantine and William J. Vitaliano


Bringing wireless to the battlefield
Joseph Fjelstad and John Murray

Interfacing E and E2 PROM memory with digital signal processors
Iantha Scheiwe and Felicia Benavidez

A unique, low-voltage, source-coupled J-FET VCO
Bettina Koster, Peter Waldow and Ingo Wolff

Smart Antennas for Multiple Sectorization in CDMA Cell Sites
Ji-Hae Yea


Managing the Wireless Internet
Geoff Hendrey

Mounting High-Power Flanged RF Devices to Multi-Layer PCBs
Kedaar Kale and Adam Loveridge

The world of test and measurement
Ken Pine


Transceiver Architectures for Wireless ICs
Jesal L. Mehta

Failure Analysis Techniques for Semiconductors and Other Devices
V. Lakshminarayanan

Simulation and Design of RF Filters
M. I. Dieste