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U.S. Military Abbreviations & Acronyms:  Y

The military and government are famous for using - or overusing - abbreviations and acronyms for designating equipment, programs, and agencies. These eight pages are chock full of nearly every commonly used abbreviations and acronyms used by the U.S. military (at least up through around the year 2000).

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Yttrium Aluminum Garnet

YAGE: Experimental Service Craft

YAM: Missile Support Craft

YAMM: Missile Support Barge

YC: Open Barge

YCF: Car Barge

YCK: Lighter Open Cargo

YCV: Lighter Aircraft Transport

YD: Floating Crane

YDG: Deperming/Degaussing Barge

YDT: Diving Tender

YE: Ammunition Lighter

YEN: Ammunition Barge

YF: Covered Lighter

YFB: Ferry

YFDB: Large Floating Drydock

YFDL: Small Floating Drydock

YFDM: Medium Floating Drydock

YFL: Launch

YFN: Covered Barge

YFNB: Large Covered Barge

YFND: Drydock Companion Barge

YFP: Floating Power Barge

YFR: Refrigerated Lighter

YFRN: Refrigerated Barge

YFU: Harbor Utility Transport

YG: Garbage Lighter

YGN: Garbage Barge

YGS: Survey Craft

YGT: Target Service Craft

YGTN: Target Barge

YH: Ambulance Craft

YM: Dredge

YMN: Non-Self-Propelled Dredge

YNC: Net Cargo Craft

YNG: Gate Craft

YO: Fuel Lighter

YON: Fuel Barge

YOS: Oil Storage Barge

YOSR: Nuclear Waste Disposal Barge

YOSS: Submersible Oil Storage Barge

YPD: Floating Pile Driver

YPL: Barracks Barge

YPT: Torpedo Retriever

YR: Floating Workshop Barge

yr: Year

YRC: Cable Tender

YRD: Auxiliary Repair Dock

YRG: Tank Cleaning Craft

YRRN: Radiological Repair Barge

YRS: Salvage Craft

YSR: Sludge Removal Craft

YSS: Service Submersible

YTB: Large Harbor Tug

YTL: Small Harbor Tug

YTM: Medium Harbor Tug

YTR: Fireboat

YTS: Sail Training Craft

YVS: Seaplane Service Craft

YW: Water Lighter

YWN: Water Barge

YXR: Hulk or Relic

YXT: Training Craft

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