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U.S. Military Abbreviations & Acronyms:  U

The military and government are famous for using - or overusing - abbreviations and acronyms for designating equipment, programs, and agencies. These eight pages are chock full of nearly every commonly used abbreviations and acronyms used by the U.S. military (at least up through around the year 2000).

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U: Unclassified

U-2: (1) Designator for a Military Reconnaissance Aircraft; (2) AF Reconnaissance Aircraft

UA: User Agent

UAAF: Unified Action Armed Forces

UAE:United Arab Emirates

UAM: Underwater-to-Air-Missile

UAMP: USIS Architecture Migration Plan

UARR: Universal Aerial Refueling Receptical

UATP: UNIX Advanced Tracking Prototype

UAV: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

UAV-CR: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Close Range

UAV-E: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Endurance

UAV-H: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-HUNTER

UAVJPO: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Joint Program Office

UAV-M: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Maneuver

UAV-SR: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Short Range

UBA: Underwater Breathing Apparatus

UBR: Unassigned Bit Rate

UC: Under Construction

UCAB: USIS Customer Advisory Board

UCC: ULTRA-Compact Camera

UCG: Universal Communications Gateway

UCIB: USAFE Command Intelligence Brief

UCIRF: USAREUR Combat Intelligence Readiness Facility

UCMJ: Uniform Code of Military Justice

UCP: Unified Command Plan


UDEAC: Economic and Customs Union of Central Africa

UDF: United Democratic Front

UDIR: USAREUR Daily Intelligence Report

UDT: Underwater Demolition Team

UE: Unit Equipment

UEAC: Union of Central African States

UEC: USAREUR Exploitation Center

UFO: (1) Unidentified Flying Object; (2) UHF Follow-On Satellites

UFR: Unfunded Requirements

UGM: Underwater Guided Missile

UGS: Unattended Ground Sensors

UHF: Ultra High Frequency

UI: (1) Unidentified; (2) Unit of Issue

UIC: (1) USAREUR Interrogation Center; (2) Unit Identification Code

UIES: USAREUR Imagery Exploitation System

UIR: User Interface Requirements

UIRK: Unique Interswitch Rekeying Key

UIS: User Interface System

UJTL: Universal Joint Task List

UK: United Kingdom

UKADGE: United Kingdom Air Defense Ground Environment

UKAGE: United Kingdom Air Defense Ground Environment

UKAIR: United Kingdom Air Forces

UKLF: United Kingdom Land Forces

Ukn: Unknown

ULAN: Unit Local Area Network

ULANA: Universal Location Area Network Architecture

ULCC: Ultra Large Crude Carrier

ULCS: Unit-Level Circuit Switch

ULF: Ultra Low Frequency

ULO: USAREUR Liaison Office

ULV: Unmanned Launch Vehicle

UMD: Unit Manning Document

UMF: Unconventional Military Forces (NATO)

UMIES: USAREUR Modernized Imagery Exploitation System

UMO: Unconventional Military Operations

UMOP: Unintentional Modulation on Pulse

UN: United Nations

UNAAF: Unified Action Armed Forces

UNAATF: United Nations Anti-American Task Force

UNAMIR: United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda

UNAVEM: United Nations Angola Verification Mission

UNC: United Nations Command

UNCIVPOL: United Nations Civilian Police

UNCLAS: Unclassified

UNDERSEC: Under Secretary

UNDHA: United Nations Department of Humanitarian Affairs

UN-DMT: United Nations Disaster Management Team

UNDOF: United Nations Disengagement Observer Force

UNDP: United Nations Development Program

UNEF: United Nations Emergency Forces

UNESCO: United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization

UNFICYP: United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus

UNGA: United Nations General Assembly

UNHCR: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

UNHQ: United Nations Headquarters

UNICEF: United Nations Childrens’ Fund

UNIFIL: United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon

UNIKOM: United Nations Iraq-Kuwait Observer Mission

UNITA: National Union for the Total Independence of Angola

UNITAF: Unified Task Force

UNITAS: United International Antisubmarine Warfare Exercise (Joint U.S.-Latin American Naval Exercise)

UNITREP: Unit Report

UNITSITREP: Unit Situation Report

UNIX: Orginally UNICS, for Uniplex Information and Computing System

UNMIH: United Nations Mission in Haiti

UNMO: United Nations Military Observers

UNMOGIP: United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan

UNOMIG: United Nations Mission in Georgia

UNOMIL: United Nations Observer Mission in Liberia

UNOMUR: United Nations Mission for Uganda-Rwanda

UNOSOM: United Nations Operations in Somalia

UNMSC: United Nations Military Staff Committee

UNODIR: Unless Otherwise Directed

UNPROFOR: United Nations Protection Force

UNPP: UN Peace Plan

UNSAT: Unsatisfactory

UNSC: United Nations Security Council

UNTSO: United Nations Truce Supervision Organization

UNTSU: United Nations Terrorist Support Unit

UQL: Universal Query Language

UNREF: United Nations Refugee Fund

UNRWA: United Nations Relief & Works Agency

UO: Using Organization

UPI: United Press International

UPP: User Partnership Program

UPS: (1) Uninterruptible Power Supply; (2) Universal Polar Stereographic

U2R: Reconnaissance Aircraft (U.S. Air Force)

URBBO: Urban Area Boundary File

URBPOP: Urban Population File

URD: User Requirements Document

URG: Underway Replenishment Group

URS: User Readout Simulator

US: United States

U&S: Unified and Specified (Archaic, now Unified) Commands

US: MLO U.S. Military Liaison Office

US/AIA: USEUCOM/ACE Interface Architecture

USA: (1) U.S. Army; (2) United States of America

USAABMDA: United States Army Advanced Ballistic Missile Defense Agency

USAADASCH: U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery School

USACAPOC: U.S. Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command

USACC: U.S. Army Communications Command

USACE: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

USACID: U.S. Army Criminal Investigative Division Command

USACSLA: United States Army Communications Security Logistics Agency

USACOM: U.S. Atlantic Command

USAEIS: United States Army Electronic Intelligence & Security

USAF: United States Air Force

USAFE: U.S. Air Forces, Europe

USAFE/CC: Commander, U.S. Air Forces Europe

USAFINTEL: United States Air Force Intelligence

USAFISA: U.S. Army Force Integration Support Agency

USAFJ: U.S. Air Forces, Japan

USAFK: U.S. Air Forces, Korea

USAFLANT: U.S. Air Force, Atlantic

USAFR: U.S. Air Force Reserve

USAFRED: U.S. Air Force Readiness Command

USAFSO :U.S. Air Force Southern Command

USAFSOC: U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command

USAFSOS: U.S. Air Force Special Operations School

USAFSS: United States Air Force Security Service

USAFTAC: (1) U.S. Air Force Technical Applications Center;

                (2) U.S. Air Force Tactical Air Command

USAFWTC: U.S. Air Force Weapons and Tactics Center

USAIA: U.S. Army Intelligence Agency

USAICE: U.S. Army Intelligence Center, Europe

USAIC: U.S. Army Intelligence Center

USAICS: U.S. Army Intelligence Center and School

USAID: U.S. Agency for International Development

USAIIA: United States Army Imagery Interpretation Agency

USAINSCOM: U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command

USAISC: U.S. Army Information Systems Command

USAISD: U.S. Intelligence School, Fort Devens

USAITAC: U.S. Army Intelligence Threat Analysis Center

USAITFG: United States Army Intelligence Threats & Forecasts Group

USAJFKWCS: U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School

USAKA: U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll

USAOG: U.S. Army Operational Group

USAR: U.S. Army Reserve

USARAK: U.S. Army Alaska

USARC: U.S. Army Reserve Command

USARCENT: U.S. Army Forces, Central Command

USARCO: U.S. Army Commercial Communications Office

USAREUR: U.S. Army, Europe

USARJ: U.S. Army, Japan

USARLANT: U.S. Army, Atlantic

USARPAC: U.S. Army, Pacific

USARSO: (1) U.S. Army, South; (2) U.S. Army Forces, South

USARSOC: U.S. Army Reserve, Special Operations Command

USARSPACE: U.S. Army Space Command

USARSPACECOM: U.S. Army Space Command

USASAALA: US Army Security Assistance Agency Latin America

USASACDA: United States Army Security Agency Combat Development Activity

USASACDSA: United States Army Security Agency Command Data Systems Activity

USASAE: United States Army Security Agency, Europe

USASAPAC: United States Army Security Agency, Pacific

USASASA: United States Army Security Agency Systems Activity

USASASSA: United States Army Security Agency Signal Security Activity

USASATCOMA: United States Army Satellite Communications Agency

USASATEC: United States Army Security Agency Test & Evaluation Center

USASEXC: United States Army Services Exploitation Center

USASFC :U.S. Army Special Forces Command

USASOA: U.S. Army School of the Americas

USASOC: U.S. Army, Special Operations Command

USASOF: U.S. Army, Special Operations Forces

USASOSC: U.S. Army Special Operations Support Command

USASSDC: U.S. Army Space and Strategic Defense Command

USASSG: U.S. Army Special Security Group

USATAC: U.S. Army Terrain Analysis Center

USATACOM: U.S. Army Tank Command

USATC: United States Air Target Chart

USATEC: U.S. Army Topographic Engineering Center

USATSC: U.S. Army Training Support Center

USB: Upper Sideband

USC: (1) Under Secretaries Committee; (2) United States Code

USCENTAF: U.S. Air Forces Central Command

USCENTCOM: U.S. Central Command

USCG: U.S. Coast Guard

USCG: INT U.S. Coast Guard Intelligence

USCGNET: U.S. Communications Grid Network

USCINCACOM: Commander in Chief, U.S. Atlantic Command

USCINCARRED: Commander in Chief, United States Army Forces, Readiness Command

USCINCCENT: Commander in Chief, U.S. Central Command

USCINCEUR: Commander in Chief, U.S. European Command

USCINCFOR: United States Commander in Chief, US Forces Command

USCINCLANT: Commander in Chief, U.S. Atlantic Command

USCINCMEAFSA: United States Commander in Chief Middle East, Southern Asia, &

                          Africa South of the Sahara

USCINCPAC: Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Command

USCINCPACFLT: Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet

USCINCRED: United States Commander in Chief, US Readiness Command

USCINCSO: Commander in Chief, U.S. Southern Command

USCINCSOC: Commander in Chief, U.S. Special Operations Command

USCINCSOINT: Commander in Chief, U.S. Special Operations Intelligence

USCINCSPACE: Commander in Chief, U.S. Space Command

USCINSTRAT: Commander in Chief, Strategic Command

USCINCTRANS: Commander in Chief, U.S. Transportation Command

USCMA: United States Court of Military Appeals

USCOB: United States Command Berlin

USCOMEASTLANT: U.S. Commander, Eastern Atlantic

USCS: (1) U.S. Customs Service; (2) Unified Soils Classification System; (3) U.S. Cryptologic System

USD: Under Secretary of Defense

USD(A&T): Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition & Technology)

USD(P): Under Secretary of Defense for Policy

USDA: U.S. Department of Agriculture

USDAO: U.S. Defense Attache Office

USDE: Undesired Signal Data Emanations

USDR: United States Defense Representative


USEMB: United States Embassy

USEUCOM: U.S. European Command

USFJ: U.S. Forces, Japan

USFK: U.S. Forces, Korea

USFORAZ: U.S. Forces, Azores

USFORCARIB: U.S. Forces, Caribbean

USFORDOMREP: U.S. Forces, Dominican Republic

USFORSCOM: U.S. Forces Command

USFORSOM: U.S. Forces, Somalia

USG: United States Government

USGS: U.S. Geological Survey

USI: U.S. Intelligence

USIA: U.S. Information Agency

USIS: (1) U.S. Information Service (USIA abroad); (2) U.S. Imagery System

USIC: U.S. Intelligence Community

USILO: U.S. Imagery Liaison Officer

USIS: (1) U.S. Information Service; (2) U.S. Imagery System

USJTF: United States Joint Task Force

USLANTCOM: U.S. Atlantic Command

USLO: United States Liaison Officer

USM: Underwater-to-Surface Missile

USMAAG: U.S. Military Assistance Advisory Group

USMARCENT: U.S. Marine Forces Central Command

USMARDEZLANT: U.S. Maritime Defense Zone, Atlantic

USMARFORK: U.S. Marine Forces, Korea

USMARFORLANT: U.S. Marine Forces, Atlantic

USMC: United States Marine Corps

USMILGP: U.S. Military Group

USMLM: U.S. Military Liaison Mission

USMOG-W: U.S. Military Observer Group-Washington

USMS: U.S. Marshal Service

USMTF: (1) U.S. Message Text Formats; (2) U.S. Message Text Formatter

USMTM: U.S. Military Training Mission

USN: U.S. Navy

USNA: United States Naval Academy

USNAVAK: U.S. Navy Alaska

USNAVCENT: U.S. Naval Forces, Central Command

USNAVEUR: U.S. Naval Forces, Europe

USNAVFORJAPAN: U.S. Naval Forces, Japan (also USNAVFORJ)

USNAVFORKOREA: U.S. Naval Forces, Korea (also USNAVFORK)

USNAVSO: U.S. Naval Forces, Southern Command

USNI: U.S. Naval Institute

USNR: U.S. Naval Reserve

USNS: U.S. Naval Ship

USO: (1) United Service Organization; (2) Unit Security Officer

USODC: U.S. Office of Defense Cooperation

USOMC: U.S. Office of Military Cooperation

USOUTHAF: United States Southern Command Air Forces

USOS: USAF Special Operations School

USP&FO: U.S. Property and Fiscal Officer

USPACOM: U.S. Pacific Command

USPS: U.S. Postal Service

USR: Unit Status Report

USREDCOM:U.S. Readiness Command

USREPMILCOMUN: United States Representative, UN Military Staff Committee

USRNMC: United States Representative To NATO Military Committee

USS: (1) User Support System; (2) U.S. Ship

USSID: U.S. Signals Intelligence Directive

USSIS: U.S. Signals Intelligence System

USSOCOM: U.S. Special Operations Command

USSOCPAC: U.S. Special Operations Command Pacific

USSOUTHAF: U.S. Southern Command Air Forces

USSOUTHCOM: U.S. Southern Command

USSPACECOM: U.S. Space Command

USSR: (1) Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (now FSU);

           (2) Union of Soviet Sovereign Republics

USSS: (1) U.S. SIGINT System; (2) U.S. Secret Service

USSTRATCOM: U.S. Strategic Command

USTRANSCOM: U.S. Transportation Command

USTS: UHF Satellite Terminal System

USW: Undersea Warfare

USYG:Under-Secretary General

UT: Users Terminal

UTAIN: USAFE Tactical Air Intelligence Network

UTAIS: USAFE Tactical Air Intelligence System

UTC: (1) Unit Type Code; (2) Universal Coordinated Time

UTCB: USCENTCOM Transportable Communications Backbone

UTH: USAREUR Transportable Host

UTIC: USAREUR Tactical Intelligence Center

UTM: Universal Transverse Mercator (Grid)

UTTAS: Utility Tactical Transport Aircraft System

UV: Ultra Violet

UW: (1) Unconventional Warfare; (2) Underwater

UWB: Ultra Wide Band

UWOA: Unconventional Warfare Operational Area

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