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U.S. Military Abbreviations & Acronyms:  K

The military and government are famous for using - or overusing - abbreviations and acronyms for designating equipment, programs, and agencies. These eight pages are chock full of nearly every commonly used abbreviations and acronyms used by the U.S. military (at least up through around the year 2000).

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K: Kelvin (absolute temperature scale)

KAC: Korea Analysis Center

KADIZ: Korean Air Defense Identification Zone

KAIS: Korean Air Intelligence System

KAK: Key-Auto-Key

KAL: Key Asset List

KALCC: Korean Airlift Control Center

KAPP: Key Asset Protection Program

KAWS: Korean Analyst Workstation

KB: (1) Kilobyte; (2) Knowledgeability Brief

Kbps: Kilobits Per Second (also KPS)

KBS: Knowledge-Based System

KBYTES: Kilobytes

KCG: Korean Consultative Group

KCIA: Korean Central Intelligence Agency

KCOIC: Korean Combat/Combined Operations Intelligence Center

KCSS: Korean Combat Support System

KDC: Key Distribution Center

KDEI: Key Defense Estimates Issues

KDIA: Korean Defense Intelligence Agency

KDII: Key Defense Intelligence Issues

KE: Kinetic Energy

KEK: Key Encryption Key

KELP: Kaleidoscope Elint Processor

KEW: Kinetic Energy Weapon

KG: (1) Kilogram; (2) Key Generator

KGB: Committee for State Security (FSU)

KH: Keyhole

KHA: Killed by Hostile Action

KHz: Kilohertz

KIA: Killed in Action

KIA-BNR: Killed in Action, Body Not Recovered

KIAS: Knots Indicated Air Speed

KIES: Kodak Imagery Exploitation System

KIEWS: Kodak Imagery Edit Workstation

KILLREP: Kill Report

KILLSUM: Kill Summary

KILOD: Killed in the Line of Duty

KIP: (1) Key Intelligence Position; (2) Key Indigenous Personnel

KIPPL: Key Intelligence Program Priorities List

KISS: (1) Korean Intelligence Support System; (2) Keep It Simple, Stupid

KIWS: KISS Intelligence Workstation

KJ: (1) Kilojoules; (2) Key Judgments

KM: Kilometer

KMASE: Key Management Application Service Element

KMC: Key Management Center

KM/HR: Kilometers Per Hour

KMODC: Key Management Ordering and Distribution Center

KMID: Key Management Identification Number

KMP: Key Management Protocol

KMPDU: Key Management Protocol Data Unit

KMR: Kwajalein Missile Range

KMS: Key Management System

KMSA: Key Management System Agent

KMUA: Key Management User Agent

KN: Knot

knots: Nautical Miles per hour

KP: Key Processor

KPH: Kilometers Per Hour

KPK: Key Production Key

KRB: Kirt Roland Blattenberger

KS: South Korea (ROK)

KSA: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

KSC: Kennedy Space Center

KSOS: Kernelized Secure Operating System

KT: (1) Kiloton; (2) Knot

KTAS: Knots True Airspeed

KTO: Kuwait Theater of Operations

KTTP: Korean Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures

Ku: A Satellite Frequency Band

KUSLO: U.S. Liaison Office-Kenya

KW: Kilowatt

KWH: Kilowatt Hours

KVG: Key Variable Generator

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