July 1969 Electronics World
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July 1969 Electronics World

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Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Electronics World, published May 1959 - December 1971. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

July 1969

Vol. 82, No. 1


Whap - You're X-Rayed 7
Your Friendly, Fading Technician 18
Communications Satellites - Success in Space, by Francis A. Gicca 23
Atomic Radiation: Measuring Techniques, by Joseph H. Wujek, Jr. 28
A Survey of Silicon Junction Diodes, by A. H. Seidman 35
Variable-Capacitance Diodes, by Irwin Carroll 38
Light-Emitting Diodes, by R. S. Myers and J. O'Brien 41
Light-Sensitive Photodiodes 45
Hot Carrier Diodes, by Stephen F. Adam 46
Microwave Power Diodes, by Walter K. Niblack and Clifford A. Lev 49
Tunnel Diodes 53

Mac's Service Shop: Safety in Medical Electronics, by John Frye

Electronics-Themed Comics 59, 67


July 1969 Electronics World Table of Contents - RF Cafe



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