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Recent Developments in Electronics
January 1960 Electronics World

January 1960 Electronics World

January 1960 Electronics World Cover - RF Cafe Table of Contents 

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Electronics World, published May 1959 - December 1971. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

This "Recent Developments in Electronics" from a 1960 issue of Electronics World had a lot of antenna news that included a retarded surface wave antenna with high gain and low silhouette for use in airborne early warning radar as well as ground based and shipboard radar, a pair of 60-foot tropospheric scatter antennas that are specially mounted at opposite ends of a 180-mile long section of the Gulf of Mexico, and a 104-foot-long rotating 50-ton radar antenna used for the SAGE early warning system. Also reported was Westinghouse Electric's airborne Stratovision for broadcasting educational television programming to rural areas out of reach of existing towers. Stratovision had been around for more than a decade given that an article entitled "Is Stratovision the Answer?" had been published in a 1950 Radio & Television News magazine, describing the modified B-29 Superfortress airframe.

See "Is Stratovision the Answer?," January 1950 Radio & Television News; "Stratovision Goes Educational," January 1960 Electronics World; "Stratovision," October 1945 Radio-Craft, and even a Carl & Jerry adventure entitled "Pi in the Sky and Big Twist," February 1964 Popular Electronics. Also see the article titled "MPATI - Its Problems & Solutions," in the May 1963 issue of Radio & Television News magazine.

Recent Developments in Electronics

Aluminum Music Sphere

Aluminum Music Sphere  - RF CafeFrom the world of tomorrow comes this "Forecast Music Sphere," created by Lester Beall for the Aluminum Company of America. The novel enclosure houses a stereo music system with extending satellite speakers which telescope into the aluminum body shell. The front hemisphere is opened to reveal turntable and amplifier controls. The prototype design represents a design concept. It is not on the market, and there are no immediate plans to place it in production.

Stratovision Goes Educational

Stratovision Goes Educational  - RF CafePictured is the experimental Westinghouse Stratovision station which first demonstrated the feasibility of airborne telecasting - a technique that will be utilized by the Midwest Council on Airborne Television Instruction to make available instructional television programs over a six-state area. Programs will be transmitted from ground-based facilities at Purdue University in Lafayette, Ind. to the circling four-engine aircraft some distance away. Re-telecast will take place from the plane to schools and colleges which choose to participate in the project. Estimated coverage will be a circle 300-400 miles in diameter, reaching from Milwaukee and Detroit to Cincinnati and Louisville.

Retarded Surface Wave Antenna

Retarded Surface Wave Antenna - RF CafeA retarded surface wave antenna with high gain and low silhouette has been developed by Chance Vought Electronics Division for use in airborne early warning radar as well as ground based and shipboard radar. Initial tests showed such good performance characteristics that the company devoted additional efforts to perfecting the design. Most airborne radar antennas are so large in diameter and thickness that they present aerodynamic and weight problems for the aircraft designer. A 33-foot retarded surface wave antenna would be only 1 1/2 feet in thickness and weigh 2400 pounds, compared to 8 feet and 5030 pounds for a parabola-type antenna. At the same time the new antenna would equal or exceed a conventional antenna in electrical performance. The design is adaptable to various sizes and configurations.

Twin Tropo Scatter Antennas

Twin Tropo Scatter Antennas  - RF CafeA pair of 60-foot tropospheric scatter antennas, specially mounted at opposite ends of a 180-mile long section of the Gulf of Mexico, form a vital link in a new communications network built for the U. S. Air Force's Eglin Gulf Test Range. Built at a cost of $6-million, the entire 565-mile long network is being used for high-speed transmission of timing, telemetering, radar data, and voice signal information along the missile range. The antennas were built by Blaw-Knox Co. and erected by Philco Corp.

Boxcar-Shaped Radar Antenna

Boxcar-Shaped Radar Antenna  - RF CafeA rotating 50-ton radar antenna, 104 feet long, will warn against enemy air attack when it joins the nation's SAGE defense network in the near future. Developed for the Air Force by Raytheon Co. under a $20-million engineering program, the super sentry will detect invaders hundreds of miles away to give early warning.

A Ticker-Tape TV

Ticker-Tape TV - RF CafeAt the modern new offices of Goodbody & Co., New York City, a network of strategically located closed-circuit TV receivers flashes pictures of stock ticker tapes to customers, partners, and employees in all executive and sales areas. The TV equipment, designed by General Precision Laboratory Inc., enables the firm to provide faster and more efficient service for clients.

Automatic Testing of TV Picture Tubes

Automatic Testing of TV Picture Tubes - RF CafeLatest innovation in the manufacture of black-and-white television picture tubes is a new automatic testing machine which has been installed at the RCA Electron Tube Division's plant in Marion, Ind. This precision instrument performs 26 different tests on the tubes at a rate of 600 per hour.



Posted May 21, 2019

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