Magnavox Model 789 AM / FM / Shortwave Radio

Magnavox Model 789 AM / FM / Shortwave Radio - RF CafeMagnavox Model 789 Radio User's Manual - RF CafeOne of the many benefits of marrying my sweetheart, Melanie Sue (nee) Goodwin, was the dowry that came along with her ;-)  Included amongst the cache of her childhood collectables was a nice assortment of Peanuts paraphernalia, stuffed animals, high school band equipment, storybooks, assorted furniture, and as seen here, a nice Magnavox Model 789 AM / FM / Multi-Band Shortwave radio. It is a very nice radio and will pull in stations that other radios we own can barely receive. In fact, I use it on a regular basis to listen to WJR in Detroit (150 miles across Lake Erie) and WBEN in Buffalo (81 miles as the crow flies).

Magnavox Model 789 Radio (back) - RF CafeMagnavox, which per Wikipedia is Latin for "great voice," still makes home audio equipment, but nothing much in the way of radios - mostly just Bluetooth speakers.



Posted June 23, 2017