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Heathkit Satellite Earth Station
Christmas 1982 Catalog

Heathkit 1982 Christmas Catalog Cover - RF Cafe Heathkit 1982 Christmas Catalog Cover

Heathkit 1982 Christmas Catalog Table of Contents - RF Cafe

Heathkit 1982 Christmas Catalog Table of Contents 

Page 8: SS-9000 Deluxe Synthesized HF Transceiver

Page 32: Electronics Training Courses - DC, AC, Semiconductors

Page 51: Test Equipment - VOM's

Page 66: Heath/Zenith Z-100 Series Computer

Page 93: System 3, 19" Color Television Kit

Page 95: Satellite Earth Station

Remember the era when those big parabolic satellite television antennas (TVRO - television receive-only) began appearing on lawns all over the place? Some people painted them with camouflage to help disappear them from view, while others painted them to match the themes of their houses. Some got really obnoxious and painted targets or, even worse, big ugly eyeballs on the antennas. Most systems at the time operated on C-band, which explains, along with lower sensitivity receivers, the large size. The earliest antennas and receivers which came to market in the late 1970s coincident with the first TV broadcast satellites cost more than $10,000. By 1982 when this Heathkit Christmas catalog was printed, prices were down to just a few thousand dollars. Nowadays, a much smaller antenna operating at Ku-band is provided at no cost when you sign up for a year of satellite TV service. 

Heathkit Satellite Earth Station Christmas 1982 Catalog - RF CafeHeathkit Satellite Earth Station

Reach for the stars - at big savings - with the Heathkit Satellite Earth Station

The complete Heathkit SRS-S100 Earth Station comes with our trademark of quality and reliability. Comparable in quality to professionally-installed earth station systems costing up to $15,000, the SRS-S100 Earth Station System costs less than a third of that much

Here's what sets our earth station apart from the rest:

• Put a wide variety of TV entertainment at your fingertips! Many channels - most free of cuts, censorship and interruptions - are available on geosynchronous satellites. This includes movies, sports, news, specials, nightclub acts, concerts, plays and more!

• A specially-prepared Site Survey Kit helps you determine the correct location tor a satellite antenna; easy-to-follow assembly manuals and technical assistance make our earth station easy to install

• Integrated Low-Noise Amplifier/Down-Converter, Three-Meter Satellite Antenna and receiver electronics are made by Scientific-Atlanta, one of the foremost manufacturers of satellite communications equipment

• Satellite Receiver features drift-free reception, special Zenith Space Command Remote Control (a satellite TV first) and built-in LNA/Down-Converter security circuit (alarm not included)

Based on a design used by commercial systems: The SRS-8100 Earth Station gives you uncommon performance and convenience in its price range. You get:

The SRA-S100-1 Three-Meter Satellite Antenna. by Scientific-Atlanta: Made by one of the most experienced names in satellite communications, this precision-contoured dish antenna provides the gain needed for a sharp, clear picture. This heavy-duty, adjustable-mount antenna will give long, reliable performance. A rotatable feed assembly automatically rotates to the proper polarization for each channel - receive up to 24 channels from one satellite, with one feed.

The SRA-S100-6 Earth Foundation Kit: This enables you to anchor the 3-meter antenna in the ground, firmly enough to withstand 100 mph winds.

The SRA-S100-2 Integrated Low-Noise Amplifier (LNA/Down-Converter) by Scientific-Atlanta: This device amplifies satellite signals and minimizes noise for a strong, clear picture. The signal is converted from 4 GHz down to the 500 MHz band - so it can be delivered to the satellite receiver via standard, inexpensive coaxial cable.

The Heathkit SRA-S100-3 Satellite Receiver Kit: This attractively-styled device has 24-channel electronic tuning for drift-free reception, a built-in memory, the ability to turn itself on for viewing or recording at times you select, and a built-in security circuit which allows connection of an alarm (not included) to alert you to any attempt to remove the LNA/Down-Converter.

The Site Survey Kit will help you determine if your site is acceptable for installation of a Heathkit Earth Station. Or if you would like a brochure with more information, call 800-253-0570 TOLL-FREE -- or write to Heath Company.

Alaska, Hawaii and Michigan Residents: Call 616-982-3411

Save on these complete Heathkit Earth Station Systems:

SAVE $3495! SR5-S100, 120° Earth Station for most U.S. areas (has SRA-8100-2 120 LNA/Down-Converter), 866 lbs., Mtr. Frt. Was $6995.00, NOW 3500.00

SAVE $4145! SRS-S200, 90° Earth Station for fringe reception areas (has SRA-8100-4 LNA/Down-Converter), 866 lbs., Mtr. Frt. Was $7995.00, NOW ONLY 3850.00

SAVE $695! SRA-8100-5, Extender Panels for improved reception in fringe areas, 188 lbs., Mtr. Frt. Was $795.00, NOW ONLY 100.00

The first step: the SRA-8100-10 Site Survey Kit

Helps determine whether an earth station can be installed at your site: Has computerized look angle printout for your address, compass, inclinometer and a manual explaining satellite TV and how to order our Earth Station. Available at Heathkit Electronic Centers; deduct cost of kit when you purchase a Heathkit Earth Station. Be sure to bring the address, city, state and Zip Code of your site when you come in.

KitSRA-8100-10. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs 14.95

* Federal Communications Commission equipment authorization relating to the sale of the Heathkit Earth Station requires the following disclosure: "Use of this device may violate Section 605 of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, through the unauthorized interception and divulgence of radio communications; or, the use of radio communications for one's own benefit when there is no entitlement to its receipt." Viewing of some satellite TV channels may require the customer to obtain permission from, or make payments to the programming company. Some programmers may not grant permission. Some local, slate and foreign laws may now or in the future, limit the use of this device. The customer is responsible for compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.



Posted December 15, 2020

Exodus Advanced Communications Best in Class RF Amplifier SSPAs
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Exodus Advanced Communications Best in Class RF Amplifier SSPAs

Innovative Power Products Passive RF Products - RF Cafe