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Electrical Units

This list presents most of the units that you will encounter in electrical engineering applications and literature.

If you know of others that should be added, please send me an e-mail.

Visit NIST for all constants, units, and uncertainties. This is their Extensive Listing of constants.

Here is a list of electrical constants.

Name (Symbol)Base UnitUnit Symbol
Angular Frequencyradians/secondω
Admittance (Y)siemensS
Capacitance (C)faradF
Capacitive Reactance (XC)ohmΩ
Center Frequency (Fc)hertzHz
Conductance (G) [Mho symbol - RF Cafe]siemen [mho]S (Mho symbol - RF Cafe) [1/Ω]
Conductivity (σ)siemens/meterS/m
Current (I)ampereA
Dipole Momentcoulomb·meterp
Electric ChargecoulombQ
Electric FluxcoulombΨ
Electric Flux Densitycoulomb/meter2D
Electric Susceptibility 1χe
Energy (E)jouleJ
Impedance (Z)ohmΩ
Inductance (L)henryH
Inductive Reactance (XL)ohmΩ
Linear Current Densityamperes/meter2A
Magnetic FieldteslaT
Magnetic FluxweberΦ
Magnetic Flux LinkageweberΛ
Magnetic Flux DensityteslaB
Magnetic Susceptibility 1χμ
Magnetic Vector Potentialweber/meterA
Magnetomotive ForceweberWb
Mutual InductancehenryLi,j    Mi,j
Phase AngleradianΦ
Phase Coefficientradianβ
Potential (V)voltV
Power (P)wattW
Reluctance (R)1/henrys1/H
Resistance (R)ohmΩ
Resistivity (ρ)ohm·meterΩ*m
Resonant Frequency (Fr)hertzHz
Surface Density of Chargecoulombs/meter2σ
Susceptance (B)siemenS
Volume Density of Chargecoulombs/meter3ρ
Volume Resistivityohms/meter3ρ
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