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AN (Army / Navy) Equipment Indicators

These AN (Army/Navy) equipment indicators are built of the "AN" prefix, a slash, and then the three-letter descriptors.

Example: AN/MPN-14: Ground, mobile, radar, navigational aid (the kind I worked on in the U.S. Air Force).

     AN = Army/Navy
       M = Ground Mobile
       P = Radar
       N = Navigational Aid
    -14 = Number in the series
Refer to AN Component Designators for replacements to the AN indicator.

1st Letter
Designated Installation Classes
2nd Letter
Type Of Equipment
3rd Letter
A - Airborne (installed and operated in aircraft) A - Invisible light, heat radiation A - Auxiliary assemblies (not complete operating sets used with, or part of, two or more sets or sets series
B - Underwater mobile, submarine B - Pigeon. New use is COMSEC B - Bombing
C - Air transportable (inactivated, do not use). New designation for cryptographic C - Carrier C - Communications (receiving and transmitting
D - Pilotless Carrier D - Radiac D - Direction finder, reconnaissance, and/or surveillance
  E - Nupac. New use is Laser E - Ejection and/or release
F - Fixed F - Photographic. New use is fiber optics  
G - Ground, general ground use (include two or more ground-type installations) G - Telegraph or teletype G - Fire-control or searchlight directing
    H - Recording and/or reproducing (graphic meteorological and sound
  I - Interphone and public address  
  J - Electromechanical or inertial wire covered  
K - Amphibious K - Telemetering K - Computing
  L - Countermeasures L - Searchlight control (Inactivated, use G)
M - Ground, mobile (installed as operating unit in a vehicle which has no function other than transporting the equipment) M - Meteorological M - Maintenance and test assemblies (including tools)
  N - Sound in air N - Navigational aids (including altimeters, beacons, compasses, rapcons, depth sounding, approach and landing
P - Pack or portable (animal or man) P - Radar P - Reproducing (inactivated, do not use)
  Q - Sonar and underwater sound Q - Special, or combination of purposes
  R - Radio R - Receiving, passive detecting
S - Water surface craft S - Special types, magnetic, etc., or combinations of types S - Detecting and/or range and bearing, search
T - Ground, transportable T - Telephone wire T - Transmitting
U - General utility (includes two or more general installation classes, airborne, shipboard, and ground)    
V - Ground, vehicular (installed in vehicle designed for functions other than carrying electronic equipment, etc., such as tanks) V - Visual and visible light  
W - Water surface and underwater W - Armament (peculiar to armament, not otherwise covered) W - Automatic flight or remote control
  X - Facsimile or television X - Identification and recognition
  Y - Data processing Y - Surveillance
Z - Piloted/pilotless aircraft (drone) Z= Communications Z - Secure

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