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FCC Part 15 Radio Frequency Devices
Section 15.240

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the authority in the United States of America that creates and enforces the use of airwaves throughout the entire radio frequency spectrum. This group of documents contains the entirety of the FCC Part 15 regulations that concern unlicensed radio frequency devices. As with all government documents, this material is in the public domain and may be freely copied so long as the content is not changed. This copy is provided as a convenience for RF Cafe visitors. 

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[Code of Federal Regulations]
[Title 47, Volume 1]
[Revised as of October 1, 2008]
From the U.S. Government Printing Office via GPO Access
[CITE: 47CFR15.240]
[Page 815-816]
                       TITLE 47--TELECOMMUNICATION
                     Subpart C_Intentional Radiators
Sec. 15.240  Operation in the band 433.5-434.5 MHz.
    (a) Operation under the provisions of this section is restricted to 
devices that use radio frequency energy to identify the contents of 
commercial shipping containers. Operations must be limited to commercial 
and industrial areas such as ports, rail terminals and warehouses. Two-
way operation is permitted to interrogate and to load data into devices. 
Devices operated pursuant to the provisions of this section shall not be 
used for voice communications.
    (b) The field strength of any emissions radiated within the 
specified frequency band shall not exceed 11,000 microvolts per meter 
measured at a distance of 3 meters. The emission limit in this paragraph 
is based on measurement instrumentation employing an average detector. 
The peak level of any emissions within the specified frequency band 
shall not exceed 55,000 microvolts per meter measured at a distance of 3 
meters. Additionally, devices authorized under these provisions shall be 
provided with a means for automatically limiting operation so that the 
duration of each transmission shall not be greater than 60 seconds and 
be only permitted to reinitiate an interrogation in the case of a 
transmission error. Absent such a transmission error, the silent period 
between transmissions shall not be less than 10 seconds.
    (c) The field strength of emissions radiated on any frequency 
outside of the specified band shall not exceed the general radiated 
emission limits in Sec. 15.209.
    (d) In the case of radio frequency powered tags designed to operate 
with a device authorized under this section, the tag may be approved 
with the device or be considered as a separate device subject to its own 
authorization. Powered tags approved with a device under a single 
application shall be labeled with the same identification number as the 
    (e) To prevent interference to Federal Government radar systems, 
operation under the provisions of this section is not permitted within 
40 kilometers of the following locations:
          DoD Radar Site                Latitude           Longitude
Beale Air Force Base.............  39[deg]08[min]10[  121[deg]21[min]04[
                                    sec] N             sec] W
Cape Cod Air Force Station.......  41[deg]45[min]07[  070[deg]32[min]17[
                                    sec] N             sec] W
Clear Air Force Station..........  64[deg]55[min]16[  143[deg]05[min]02[
                                    sec] N             sec] W
Cavalier Air Force Station.......  48[deg]43[min]12[  097[deg]54[min]00[
                                    sec] N             sec] W
Eglin Air Force Base.............  30[deg]43[min]12[  086[deg]12[min]36[
                                    sec] N             sec] W
    (f) As a condition of the grant, the grantee of an equipment 
[[Page 816]]
for a device operating under the provisions of this section shall 
provide information to the user concerning compliance with the 
operational restrictions in paragraphs (a) and (e) of this section. As a 
further condition, the grantee shall provide information on the 
locations where the devices are installed to the FCC Office of 
Engineering and Technology, which shall provide this information to the 
Federal Government through the National Telecommunications and 
Information Administration. The user of the device shall be responsible 
for submitting updated information in the event the operating location 
or other information changes after the initial registration. The grantee 
shall notify the user of this requirement. The information provided by 
the grantee or user to the Commission shall include the name, address, 
telephone number and e-mail address of the user, the address and 
geographic coordinates of the operating location, and the FCC 
identification number of the device. The material shall be submitted to 
the following address:
    Experimental Licensing Branch, OET, Federal Communications 
Commission, 445 12th Street, SW., Washington, DC 20554, ATTN: RFID 
[69 FR 29464, May 24, 2004]

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