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Waveguide Design Resources


A waveguide is a structure which guides waves, such as electromagnetic waves or sound waves. There are different types of waveguide for each type of wave.

Waveguides can be constructed to carry waves over a wide portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, but are especially useful in the microwave and optical frequency ranges. Depending on the frequency, they can be constructed from either conductive or dielectric materials. Waveguides are used for transferring both power and communication signals. - Wikipedia







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802.11b WLAN Waveguide Antennas
By Trevor Marshall.

Acoustic Emission Waveguide Design
nvo.com/aecpipes/nss-folder/literature/AEC Waveguide Document ver 1.0.pdf
From Acoustic Emission Consulting, Inc.

A Monolithic PDMS Waveguide System Fabricated Using Soft-Lithography Techniques
mems.utah.edu/Papers/JLT David PDMS Waveguides.pdf
Abstract by David A. Chang-Yen, Richard K. Eich, and Bruce K. Gale.

An Adaptive Synthesis Tool for Rib Waveguide Design
From the Journal of Lightwave Technology.

APSS Apollo Application Note on Array Waveguide Grating (AWG)
Application note from Apollo Inc.

APSS Application Note on Design of Ridge Waveguides
Application note from Apollo Electronics.

A Slotted Waveguide Applicator Design for Heating Fluids
The paper describes an applicator designed for the microwave heating of aqueous emulsions.

Coax-to-Waveguide Adapters Meet Needs of Communications Equipment
By Richard M. Kurzrok, PE.

Computer Aided Design of Ka-Band Waveguide Power Combining Architectures for Interplanetary Spacecraft
From NASA, Glenn Research Center.

Design of Dual-Band Waveguide Transformers
Abstract by Uwe Rosenberg, Jens Bornemann and Smain Amari.

Design Waveguide Filters and Multiplexers by Fullwave Equivalent Circuit Approach
This article addresses the basic method of fullwave equivalent circuit, and presents fullwave equivalent circuit model according to element structures of waveguide filter and multiplexer.

High-Power Intrastep Quantum Well Electroabsorption Modulator Using Single-Sided Large Optical Cavity Waveguide
Abstract by Paul K. Yu.

How To Build A Tin Can Waveguide WiFi Antenna for 802.11(b or g) Wireless Networks or other 2.4GHz Applications
By Gregory Rehm.

Injector and Waveguide Design Parameters for a High Energy Electron-Positron Linear Accelerator
By J. Haimson. 

Vector TelecomVector Telecom
Melbourne, Australia
VECTOR TELECOM has fully instrumented microwave, millimeterwave, & antenna laboratories and production facilities. Our professional engineers have backgrounds from telecommunications, electronics, space and aviation industries. Frequencies up to 112 GHz, at globally competitive prices. Custom designs available. TQM / ISO 9001:2000 certification.
Waveguide Components
» Straight  » Bend
» Twist      » Transition
» Magic Hybrid Tee
» WG to Coax Adapter
» Fixed      » Variable
Rotary Joints
» Single, Dual-Channel
» Combiner/Divider
» Circulator  » Isolator
Directional Couplers
» Crossguide
» Broadwall
» Low, Med, High Power
» Short Circuit
Coaxial Components
» Termination » Fixed Attenuator
Microwave & Millimeterwave Antennas
» Standard Gain Horn
» Wideband Horn
» Omni-Directional
» Helical


The Mechanical Design and Fabrication of a Ridge-loaded Waveguide for an RFQ
By R. Valdiviez, P. Roybal, B. Clark, F. Martinez, D. Casillas, G. Gonzales, and J. Tafoya.

Optical Wave Guide Inserted Opt-Electronic Circuit Board with High Design Possibility
From Hitachi.

Parametric Generation of a Mid-Infrared Mode in Semiconductor Waveguides Using a Surface Diffraction Grating
By A A Afonenko, V Ya Aleshkin and A A Dubinov, IOP Electronic Journals.

Parametric Generation of Middle and Far Infrared Radiation in GaAs-Based Semiconductor Lasers and Waveguides
From Polska Biblioteka Wirtualna Nauk Przyrodniczych.

Planar Waveguide Hybrids for Very High Power RF
By C.D. Nantista, W.R. Fowkes, N.M. Kroll, and S.G. Tantawi, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center.

Proton Beam Writing of Passive Polymer Optical Waveguides
Abstract by T. C. Suma, A. A. Bettiola, S. Venugopal Raoa, J. A. van Kana, A. Ramamb and F. Watta.

Rectangular Waveguide to Coax Transition Design
Learn how to find the optimum dimensions for a waveguide to coax transition using an empirical approach that relies on a set of impedance measurements and a few calculations.

The Design and Performance of the REM Ribbon Emulation Manifold Waveguide
From Meyer Sound, by Perrin Meyer.

Using Waveguides in Light Beam Traffic Systems
From SwedeTrack System.

Vector Telecom Pty Ltd
+61 3 9607 8357 / Melbourne , Australia
Waveguide components and assemblies, coaxial components and antennas.

Waveguide Dimensions, Sizes, and Cut Off Frequencies
RF waveguide dimensions, waveguide sizes, cut off frequencies and other waveguide data and parameters for WG00 to WG32. From radioelectronics.com.

Waveguide Design for Mid- and Far-Infrared P-Si/SiGe Quantum Cascade Lasers
From IOP Electronic Journals, abstract by Z Ikonic, R W Kelsall and P Harrison.

Waveguide EM Filter Analysis and Design
Online analysis by Guided Wave Technology.

Waveguide Principle Found for Terahertz Imaging
Article from EE Times, by Chappell Brown.

Wideband Crossed-guide Waveguide Directional Couplers
Abstract by P Meyer and JC Kruger.

WLAN Antenna Waveguide Type
By Martti Palomaki.


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