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Transformer Design References

A transformer is a device that transfers electrical energy from one circuit to another through inductively coupled conductors — the transformer's coils or "windings". Except for air-core transformers, the conductors are commonly wound around a single iron-rich core, or around separate but magnetically-coupled cores. A varying current in the first or "primary" winding creates a varying magnetic field in the core (or cores) of the transformer. This varying magnetic field induces a varying electromotive force (EMF) or "voltage" in the "secondary" winding. This effect is called mutual induction. -Wikipedia


Transformers Manufacturers & Service


Transformer Design Books


The Audio Note™ Transformer Design Philosophy |
From Enjoy the, by By Andy Grove And Peter Qvortrup.

Audio Transformers | Transformers Chapter.pdf
By Bill Whitlock, from Jensen Transformers, Inc.

Audio Transformers |
From Shure Incorporated.

Audio Transformers Magnetic Shielding |
From SESCOM, Inc.

Construction And Use of Broadband Transformers | Transformers.pdf
From Ocean State Electronics.

Current-Sense Transformer Application Design Guidelines |
By Ariel General, Datatronic Distribution Inc.

Current Transformer Design and Theory |
From Coil Winders.

Current Transformers: How to Specify Them |
From Schneider Electric.

Current Transformers: Specification Errors and Solutions |
From Schneider Electric.

Design Parameters for Low-Distortion and Power Transformers TT/PR Cores |
Siemens Matsushita Components.

Dimming Dual Lamp Parallel Configuration with Balance Transformer |
Application note from International Rectifier Corp, by T. Ribarich, R. Marenche.

Electrical Power Transformer & Inductor Design |
A guide to power transformers and inductors. Theory, free design software, calculators, tutorials, guides, online handbook and other resources.

Electronic Transformer Applications |
Application note from International Rectifier Corp, by Peter Green.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Wideband, Low-Frequency Transformers |
From EDN, by Richard Kurzrok.

Field Adjustment of Current Transformer Ratio |
Application sheet from CR Magnetics, Inc.

Finding and Fixing Hum |
From PS Audio.

Flyback Transformer Design for MAX1856 SLIC Power Supplies |
Application note from Maxim Integrated Products.

Flyback Transformer Design for the IRIS40xx Series |
Application note from International Rectifier Corp.

How RF Transformers Work |
Application note from Mini-Circuits.

How to Calculate Transformer Related Noise Figure |
From Jensen Transformers, Inc.

How to Design a Transformer with Fractional Turns |
By Lloyd H. Dixon, Jr.

How do we Design a Rectifier Safety Transformer for Feed to Voltage Controllers of 5Vdc,1Adc and 2x12Vdc,0.1Adc With RC-Load in Accordance With IEC 61558? |
From Rale Engineering.

How Should One Design a Low Inrush Current Universal Control Transformer For 800VA Continuous Output Power as Per IEC 61558? |
From Rale Engineering.

How Transformers, Chokes and Inductors Work, and Properties of Magnetics |
From, Inc.

Ideal Transformers Aid in Balanced-Line Analysis |
From EDN, by Alan Victor.

Inductor & Flyback Transformer Design |
From Texas Instruments Incorporated.

Inside Transformers |
How a transformer works, and how to design them. Dissection of a transformer, University of Denver.

Isolation Transformer Passes Millihertz Signals |
From EDN, by George Kassabian.

Midcom's Tips for Transformer Modeling |
From Midcom, Inc., by Dave LeVasseur.

Model a Nonideal Transformer in Spice |
From EDN, by Vittorio Ricchiuti.

Optimization of a Flyback Transformer Winding Considering Two-Dimensional Field Effects, Cost And Loss |
From Dartmouth College, by Charles R. Sullivan and Tarek Abdallah.

Output Transformer Design and Winding |
By R.G. Keen.

Parasitic Capacitance Effects in Step-up Transformer Design |,C1,C1003,C1042,C1031,C1061,P1266,D4131
From Linear Technology.

Power Transformer Design |
From Texas Instruments Incorporated.

Power Transformer Specification Formulae |
From Prem Magnetics, Inc.

Project Thor Design Guidelines |
Within this project a Tesla resonance transformer is analyzed, designed and built for study and research.

Pulse Transformers |
Application note from Rhombus Industries Inc.

RF Balun Transformers | Notes/pdf/m565.pdf
Application note from M/A-COM.

RF Transformers |
Application note from Mini-Circuits.

Soft Magnetic Materials for Audio Transformers: History, Production, and Applications |
By G.A.V. Sowter.

Suppression of Powerline Noise with Isolation Transformers |
By Bruce C. Gabrielson and Mark J. Reimold.

TOPSwitch® Flyback Transformer Construction Guide |
Application note from Power Integrations, Inc.

Transformer Design Consideration for off-line Flyback Converters using Fairchild Power Switch (FPSTM) |
Application note from Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation.

Transformer Design Philosophies |
From Lundahl Transformers.

Transformer Designs Keep Pace With DC/DC Converter Technology |
From Electronic Products, by Rob Hill.

Transformer Facts |
Application Notes on Rectifier Transformers from Toroid Corporation of Maryland.

Transformer Impedance Measurements |
From Ridley Engineering, Inc.

Transformer Measurements |
By Jim Lux.

Transformer Polarization |
Application note from Rhombus Industries Inc.

Winding Arrangements of Output Transformers |
From Lundahl Transformers.

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