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Power Supply Design

Power supply design, as with most realms of circuit design, is largely pre-packaged in the form of an integrated circuit (with a handful of capacitors and maybe an inductor) or a complete module. Of those applications where a power supply needs to be designed from scratch, there is still a large cache of off-the-shelf components that makes integrations a relatively simple matter, once you know what your specifications are. The resources listed here should help to get you through any power supply design scenario. If you cannot find what you need, call one of the companies and ask for some guidance. Most are willing to give some help. 


Power Supply Manufacturers & Service   Power Supply Design Books


+12V/-12V Power Supply Unit |
From Seiichi Inoue.

Ar/Kr Ion Laser Power Supply Design |
By Samuel M. , Drexel University.

Basic Power Supply Application Guide |
From MCI Transformer Corporation.

Building a Power Supply That Works |
This article provides complete information for a first DC-DC power supply design. It is the result of success and failure by the author on dozens of power-supply designs.

Control Method for Low-Voltage DC Power Supply in Battery - Powered Systems with Power Management |
Abstract by Barry Arbetter and Dragan Maksimovic.

Digital Controller Chip Set for Isolated DC Power Supplies |
Abstract by Aleksandar Prodic, Dragan Maksimovic and Robert W. Erickson.

Efficiency of Power Supplies in the Active Mode |
Created by EPRI Solutions Inc. and Ecos Consulting to initiate a global dialogue about energy efficient power supplies.

HeNe Laser Power Supply Design |
By Samuel M. , Drexel University. |
Easy-to-follow, menu-driven searches. Users can look for power design information as it relates to specific application areas, or narrow their searches by focusing on particular power supply functions, design disciplines, power converter topologies, component types, or environmental requirements. A popular topics search locates frequently sought-after design information on subjects such as energy efficiency, power factor correction, and LED lighting.

How To Layout a Power Supply |
From a power supply design blog, by Jerrold Foutz.

Improve Power Supply Performance and Safety Using Remote Sensing and Remote Disable |
White paper from Electronic Design magazine.

Improved Power Supply Rejection For IC Linear Regulators |
This article presents three methods for improving the power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) for LDOs.

Intelligent Power Supplies Design Center |
Information from Microchip Technology, Inc.

Linear Power Supply Design |
Data from Elliott Sound Products.

Notes on the Troubleshooting and Repair of Small Switchmode Power Supplies |
By Samuel M. Goldwasser, Drexel University.

Power Supply and Ground Design for a WiFi Transceiver |
A solid RF layout begins with understanding the fundamentals of board stack-up, supply routing, and grounding. This discussion addresses these fundamentals, and offers some practical, design-proven guidelines on power supply routing, supply bypassing, and grounding techniques to maximize the performance of any RF design.

Power Supply Circuit Design Subelement Task Descriptions |
By Jerrold Foutz.

Power Supply Circuit Development Estimating Aid An Expert System Application |
Abstract by Jerrold Foutz.

Power Supply (PS) Circuit Diagrams |
From Electronics Zone.

Power Supply Design |
From Ian Purdie's Amateur Radio Tutorial Pages.

Power Supply Design Basics |
Application note from SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics, by P. Antoniazzi.

Power Supply Design Tutorial |
By Lazar Rosenblat.

Power Supply Engineer's Guide to Calculate Dissipation for MOSFETs in High-Power Supplies |
Abstract by Maxim Integrated Products, Dallas Semiconductor.

Power Supply Fundamentals & Recommendations |
From Silent PC Review, by Mike Chin.

Power Webench |
Online Power Supply Design tool from National Semiconductor Corporation.

SFX12V Power Supply Design Guide | 1 public_br.pdf
From Intel Corporation.

Simple 5V Power Supply for Digital Circuits |
By Tomi Engdahl.

SMPS Switching Power Supply Design and Selection |
By Lazar Rozenblat.

Switched Mode Power Supply Notes |
By Brad Suppanz.

Switching-Mode Power Supply Design |
Tutorial from SMPS Technology Knowledge Base by Jerrold Foutz.

Topology Selection of the Output Converter in an Offline Switching Power Supply |
By Lazar Rozenblat.

White LED Power Supply Design Techniques |
By Oliver Nachbaur, from Texas Instruments.

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