Absorber, Magnetics & Shielding Design

Achieving a successful RF design is often dependent upon proper implementation of shielding. The higher the frequency, the higher the power levels, or the more crowded the frequency band, the more difficult it is to design shielding that will provide the necessary level of isolation. Fortunately, there is a lot of design information available in the form of white papers, datasheets, and online write-ups.

For most applications, it is possible to obtain success using off-the-shelf components and well-tried methods. Sometimes, though, it is necessary to secure the assistance of engineers whose experience lies in the realm of shielding. Please consider contacting RF Cafe advertisers first when seeking such services.


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Absorber Design and Performance | cap.bnl.gov/mumu/studyii/editor_meeting/LH2-absorber-talk_1_30_01.pdf
By Dan Kaplan, IIT, for absorber group: IIT/NIU/Miss/FNAL.

Clip-On EMI Gaskets | chomerics.com/products/emi_appnotes_clipongaskets.htm
Case Study from Chomerics.

Detection and Shielding of Noise in Stepper Motor Systems | imshome.com/MDI_note_Noise.html
Application note from Intelligent Motion Systems, Inc.

Grounding Considerations for the Model 152 Resistance Meter | trekinc.com/PDF/1002Grounding152.PDF
Application note from Trek, Inc.

EMI Reduction Using Spread Spectrum Techniques | alsc.com/pdf/emi_ssc.pdf
Application note from PulseCore.

How Not to Terminate a Shield |
Article from Interference Technology, by Robert D. Goldblum.

The Inverse Approach In Electromagnetic Absorber Design: Cloning “Ideal m* Spectra” And Design Of Related New Materials |
By Dr. Ferdy Mayer, Dr. André Berthon and Prof. Jose Perini.

Magnetic Shielding Designs | vitatech.net/magneticshielding.php4
From VitaTech Engineering, LLC.

Mechanical Design Guidelines for EMI Shielding | devicelink.com/mem/archive/02/10/keough.html
From Medical Device Link, by Michael Keough and Jason Davis.

Minicooling Absorber Design and Performance | cap.bnl.gov/mumu/studyii/editor_meeting/Minicooling-talk_1_30_01.pdf
By Dan Kaplan, IIT.

PDA - Plated Plastic Shield | cybershieldinc.com/images/PDAPlasticShieldApplicationNote.pdf
Application note from Cybershield.

Protecting Signal Lines Against Electromagnetic Interference | dataforth.com/catalog/pdf/an508.pdf
Application note from Dataforth.

Radar Absorbers | microwaves101.com/encyclopedia/absorbingradar3.cfm
Part of a three-part tutorial on radar absorbing materials used for radar cross-section reduction from Microwaves 101.

Shielding & Guarding | analog.com/static/imported-files/application_notes/41727248AN_347.pdf
Application note by Alan Rich, Analog Devices.

Shielding Transformers & Switchgears In Commercial Buildings | vitatech.net/shielding_transformers-switchgears.php4
Article from VitaTech Engineering, LLC.

Thermal-Stress Analysis of the High Heat-Load Crotch Absorber at the APS | ipd.anl.gov/anlpubs/2002/09/44288.pdf
By Asu Alp, Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory.

UL 94V-0 Gaskets Help Shield Server | chomerics.com/products/app_ul94v_0_ss5.htm
Case Study from Chomerics.