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Electricity - Basic Navy Training Courses

Here is the "Electrician's Mate 3 - Navy Training Courses" (NAVPERS 10548) in its entirety (or will be eventually). It should provide one of the Internet's best resources for people seeking a basic electricity course - complete with examples worked out. See copyright. See Table of Contents.





1. Complete the following statements:

      (a) Always wear a __________ when working over the side or aloft.

      (b) Before going aloft, secure and pull __________ of all circuits going aloft.

      (c) When lifting heavy machinery, never get __________ the weight.

      (d) Before ship leaves for sea, secure all __________ machinery.

      (e) When two or more men work on the same circuit, insure all men are clear
            before __________ circuit switch.

      (f) Before working on any switchboard, insure __________ sources of power to
          board are shut off.

      (g) Never go behind switchboard unless another man is __________ __________.

      (h) In case person is electrocuted:

               1. First __________ circuit switch before touching him.

               2. Remove him to adequate space and apply artificial respiration __________.

               3. Continue artificial respiration for at least four __________.

      (i) When working on machinery, do not carry tools in shirt __________.

      (j) Wear __________ when grinding.

      (k) Smoking must not be allowed where batteries are __________.

      (l) Take care to avoid spilling battery __________.

      (m) To mix battery electrolyte, always pour acid into __________.

      (n) Be sure no one is working on circuit, and all persons are clear of circuit
           machinery, before turning on __________.

      (o) Use voltage testers to check if circuit is __________.

      (p) When using inflammable solvents for cleaning, insure there is no smoking, no
            sparks from tools, in space where solvent __________ may spread to.





1. (a) lifeline

    (b) switches

    (c) under

    (d) loose

    (e) closing

    (f) all

    (g) standing by

    (h)  1. open     2. immediately    3. hours

    (i) pockets

    (j) goggles

    (k) charging

    (l) electrolyte

    (m) water

    (n) power

    (o) energized

    (p) vapor

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