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Over the years, many free webinars have been promoted on RF Cafe. For some reason, I never bothered to archive them for people who might want to view old presentations. In most cases the webinars are available for viewing long after they originally run. So, beginning with July 27, 2009, all webinars will be archived.

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Synthesis and Tuning of Modern Microwave Filters, by CST, Thursday, November 8, 11 am ET Introduction to Antenna Simulation with COMSOL Multiphysics, Thursday, November 29, 2012, 2pm ET RF PCB Design, AWR, Tuesday, December 4, 11 AM ET. Abstract: One of the most in-demand categories of consumer products on the market are wireless telecommunication products. While many factors contribute to the success of a great product, a well designed RF PCB can provide a significant boost, as the RF PCB can improve a product’s performance, stability and reliability. There is a strong demand for RF professionals who possess the knowledge and experience to design top-performing RF PCBs quickly and efficiently. This webinar offers insightful knowledge on practical RF PCB design to improve one’s competence level and meet this demand VCO Fundamentals, by Mini-Circuits, Wednesday December 5, 11 AM ET. Outline: VCO Overview Functional block concept, I/O relationships, basic performance metrics, center frequency tuning, 'constant' types of VCOs, resonant (LC, SAW based, crystal) multivibrator, ring oscillator, Methods of tuning varactor drive strength (e.g. charging current in multivibrator), phase adjust, second order performance metrics, v-f linearity, supply/load sensitivity, phase noise, comparison of VCOs.
Integrated Antenna Design for a GSM Tracking Device, by CST, Thursday, September 27, 11:00 am ET Integrated Electro-Thermal Solution Delivers Thermally Aware Circuit Simulation, by Agilent, Wednesday, October 4, 10:00 AM ET Combined 3D Electromagnetic and Spin Response Simulation of MRI Systems, by CST, Thursday, October 11, 11:00 am ET Techniques for Precise Cable and Antenna Measurements in the Field Date, by Agilent and TESSCO, Wednesday, October 24, 1:00 PM ET
Antenna Cosite Interference Analysis in a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), by CST, Thursday, September 13, 11:00 am EDT Spur-Free Switching Power Converters for Analog and RF Loads, by AWR & MWJ, Tuesday, September 18, 11 am ET Essentials of OFDM and MIMO, by Agilent, September 20, 1pm ET Techniques for Precise Interference Measurements in the Field, by Agilent and TESSCO, September 26, 2012, 1:00 PM ET.
Addressing Measurement Challenges of 160 MHz 802.11ac MIMO, by Agilent, Thursday, August 9, 1:00 PM EDT Measurement Challenges and Techniques for SATCOM by Agilent, Thursday, August 16, 2:00 pm EDT Innovative Measurements for Greater Insights by Agilent, Wednesday, August 22, 1:00 PM ET Power Amplifier Design with X-Parameters, by Agilent & MWJ, Thursday, September 6, 1:00 PM ET
Ultra-Portable Cellular Networks for Next Generation Warfare, by Military & Aerospace Electronics, Thursday, June 28, 2:00 PM EDT MSR Base Station Introduction and Measurement Challenges, by Agilent, Thursday, June 28, 1 pm ET Wireless Site Survey Using a Handheld Spectrum Analyzer, by Agilent Technologies, Wednesday, July 11, 1:00 pm EDT IC, Laminate, Package Multi-Technology PA Module Design Methodology, by Agilent Technologies, Thursday, August 2, 1:00 pm EDT
System-Level Design and Verification for SatCom, by Agilent, June 7, 1:00 pm ET Hybrid-Active Load Pull with PNA-X and Maury Microwave, Tuesday, June 12, 1:00 pm ET Device Characterization Methods & Advanced RF/Microwave Design, by IMS2012, Wednesday, June 20, Noon EDT Simulating Power Transients and Noise Webcast, Agilent, Thursday, June 21, 1:00 pm EST
Tracking Medical & Scientific Inventory with Cloud-Based B2B Integration and RFID, by HubSpan, Tuesday, May 22, 2:00 pm ET Understanding Radio Channel - Part 2: Reaching a Data Rate of 100Mbit/s with LTE, by MWJ, Wednesday, May 23,  12:00 pm EDT RF and Microwave Heating with COMSOL Multiphysics, by COMSOL, Thursday, May 24th, 2:00 pm ET LTE Channel State Testing: An Overview of CQI, PMI, and RI for LTE, by Agilent, Thursday, May 31, 1:00 pm EDT
Optimize UE Design for Greater Battery Run-Time, Agilent, April 26, 1 pm ET Improving GaN HEMT PA Design with Cree's Large Signal Models and AWR's Microwave Office, by AWR, May 3, 11 AM ET Mixed Signal Testing Challenges in FPGA-Based Radar Systems, by Agilent May 17, 1 pm ET Mixers and Frequency Conversion, by Mini-Circuits, May 22, 11am ET
Fast Characterization of Power Amplifier Performance with Modulated Signals, by Agilent, April 5, 1 PM ET Transformer and Inductor Modeling with COMSOL Multiphysics, by COMSOL, Thursday, April 12, 2:00 PM ET Fast and Accurate Frequency Converter Characterization, by Agilent, Thursday, April 19, 1:00 pm ET Radar Fundamentals, by Tektronix, Tuesday, April 24, 11 am ET
Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Materials and Microwave PAs, by RF Explore, February 16,
17:00 GMT 12:00 EST
LTE Broadband Wireless Access, by Besser Associates, Tuesday, March 27, 11 AM ET Nonlinear Characterization and Modeling through Pulsed IV/S-Parameters, by Agilent Technologies, Tuesday, March 27, 1 PM ET Using Highly Integrated RF ICs to Optimize Your Infrastructure and PTP Designs, by Richardson RFPD and Analog Devices, Wednesday, March 28, 11:00 AM ET
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