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Webinar Archive - 2011

Over the years, many free webinars have been promoted on RF Cafe. For some reason, I never bothered to archive them for people who might want to view old presentations. In most cases the webinars are available for viewing long after they originally run. So, beginning with July 27, 2009, all webinars will be archived.

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Anatech Electronics Webinar on RF and Microwave Filters, by RF Globalnet, Wed., Nov. 16, at 5:00pm ET

Special ARRL Webinar: Hams, Emergencies and the News, by ARRL, Wed. Nov. 3, 9-10:30 PM ET Anatech Electronics Webinar on RF and Microwave Filters, by RF Globalnet, Wed., Nov. 16, at 5:00pm ET    
Optimizing Battery Operating Time of Wireless Devices, by Agilent, Wed., Aug. 10, 10:00 pm Fundamentals of the RF Transmission and Reception of Digital Signals, by Analog Devices, Sept. 14, Noon ET Design Challenges of a "Plug and Play" 80 to 1000 MHz Power Amplifier, by MILMEGA, Tuesday, Sept. 20, 1:00 PM ET Rugged LDMOS Transistors for ISM and Broadcast, Thursday, Sept. 29, 11:00 am ET
Custom OFDM: Understanding Signal Generation and Analysis, by Agilent, Wed, Jul 20, 1pm ET Using Wireless Link Analysis to Verify Your LTE Radio Signals, by Agilent, Wed, Jul 27,
1 pm ET
How to Make Your Existing Designs More Robust, by Agilent, Thur., July 28, 10 am ET EMC/E3 Analysis of Rotorcraft Electrical System Exposed to Antenna Radiation and Incident EMP, by CST, Thurs., August 4, 11:30 am ET
A Model Based Approach for System Level RFIC Verification, by Agilent, Thursday, July 7, 10:00 am ET Fundamentals of Designing with Semiconductors: Powering Your Circuit, by Analog Devices, Wed. July 13, 02:00 pm ET LTE Broadband Wireless Access, by Anritsu, Tuesday, July 19, 2011 11:00 am ET Wireless Communication of Sensor Data in Industrial Applications, by Analog Devices, Wed, Jul 20, 12:00 noon
LTE-Advanced: Overcoming Design Challenges for 4G PHY Architectures, by Agilent, Tuesday, June 2, 1:00 pm ET MicroApps Nonlinear Characterization Expert Forum, Agilent, Anritsu, R&S, RFMD, June 8, 12:00 pm ET Fundamentals of Digital Debug, by Tektronix, June 23, Noon ET RF and Power Electronics Opportunities for GaN Market Growth, Tuesday, June 28, 11:00 am ET
Use Capture, Playback & Triggering to Completely Analyze a Signal, by Agilent, April 26, 1pm ET Direct Filter Synthesis for Customized Response, by Agilent, May 5, 2011,
10 am ET
Mixers & Frequency Conversion, by Mini-Circuits, May 17, 11am EDT RF and Microwave Heating, by COMSOL & MWJ, May 19, 2 pm EDT
Understanding MIMO OTA Testing: Simple Solution to a Complex Test, by ETS-Lindgren, March 24, 10:30 am EDT A Smart Approach to Maximizing ROI in Consumer Electronics Innovation, by IEEE, March 24, 11:00 AM EST Stuff You Don't Learn in Engineering School, by IEEE & Carl Selinger, Thur., Apr 14, 2:00 et Electrically Small Antennas, by Huber+Suhner, R&S, Besser Assoc., Tues.,
April 19, 11 am EDT
Beyond the Op Amp, by Analog Devices, Wed. March 9, Noon EST RF Oscillators, by Mini-Circuits, March 15, 11am EDT LTE UE RF Measurements, by R&S, Wed, Mar 16, Noon EDT New Insights into the Dynamic Behavior of RF Systems Using Real-Time Spectrum Analysis, by: R&S, March 17, 11:00 am EDT
Multi-Technology RF Design Using the New Advances in ADS 2011, Tuesday, March 1,
10:00 am EST
See the Future of Arbitrary Waveform Generators, by Agilent, Tuesday, March 1,
1:00pm EST
LNA Design and Characterization Using Modern RF/Microwave Software Together with T&M Instruments, by AWR & R&S, March 8, noon EST Measuring Agility in Aerospace & Defense, by IEEE &IBM, Tuesday, March 8, 2:00 EST
Three Steps to Successful Modulation Analysis, by Agilent Technologies, January 25, 1 pm ET Memory Effects in RF Circuits: Manifestation and Simulation, by Agilent,
Feb 3, 1pm EST
RF Power Amplifier Linearization Techniques, by Scintera Networks, Feb. 15, 11 am EST Interfacing RF Components, by Analog Devices, Feb 16., Noon EST
X-Parameter Case Study: GaN High Power Amplifier Design, by Agilent Technologies, January 11 1pm ET Radar Fundamentals, Besser Webinar, by Rohde & Schwarz, Jan 18, 2011, 11am EST Converter Simulation: Beyond the Eval Board, by Analog Devices, Wed., Jan. 19, Noon ET AESA Radar Applications and Market Trends, sponsored by M/A-COM & Tektronix, January 25, 2011, 11:00 am ET
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