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Recent Additions Archive: 24

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A Viral Christmas Story  
"Learning Measure" Electronics & RF Online Courses  
App Note:  Understanding the Fundamental Principles of Vector Network Analysis  
MKS Instruments Process Control Solutions  
EE Times Updates List of Emerging Startups  
Your Navy - Ch 1 - Anchors Aweigh  
Testing Satellite Frequency Converters  
National Instruments Web Cast  
Antenna World Antennas, Cable, Connectors & Accessories  
9-3-2007 Crossword Puzzle + Java Version  
Boost PA Efficiency With Digital Predistortion  
Free Webinar: Test Management for Electronic Component and Device Designers  
Binder-USA Connectors & Cordsets
TelExpress Telecom Equipment
Electrician's Mate 3 - Navy Training Manual, ch 17: Safety Precautions
Circuit Electrical Testing Ltd
A Few Facts About Words
National Instruments Web Cast
Protecting IP Rights in a Global Economy
Pulling Performance Out of "Generation Y" Engineers
Training Doctoral Students for Academic Careers in Engineering
RF Design Engineer Opportunity at Symmetricom
Private Messaging Enabled on RF Cafe Forums
Stealth Microwave Announces the SM1727-37HS Solid State GaAs Amplifier
Letter to the Editor: Concern for Foreign Engineers is Misplaced
The Future of the Workplace: No Office, Headquarters in Cyberspace
Electronic vs. Mechanical Calibration Kits: Calibration Methods and Accuracy
Win $100,000 from Newark's "live edge" Contest
Independent Contractor or Product Design Firm?
The Cost of Compliance: A RoHS Retrospective
Electrician's Mate 3 - Navy Training Manual, ch 16: Blueprint Reading and Sketching
Sr. RF / Communications Systems Engineer Needed for Satellite Internet
AEI: Strategy Consulting for RF/MW Companies
"The Best Defense is a Good Offense..." Re Parts Obsolescence, by Avnet
Electrician's Mate 3 - Navy Training Manual, ch 15: Searchlights
RF Engineers & Technicians, Software Engineers - Check Out Vadum
A Permanent Ban on Internet Taxes?
Agilent Technologies Integrates Premier 3D-Planar Electromagnetic Simulation into Genesys EDA Platform
Please Welcome vidaRF as Our Newest Sponsor
Keithley Announces New Software Platform for RF Wave Generation
"Get it Right the First Time" When Specifying Filters - Anatech
NAVAIR is Looking for RF Engineers Right Now!
Used Analog Meters for Sale
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Overview
Homepage Poll Q: What is Your Housing Situation?
Used TE Disposal Survey by Test & Measurement World
Radio Modules Limited Radio Modules, Telemetry Modems & Wireless Video Products
Electrician's Mate 3 - Navy Training Manual, ch 1: Electrical Currents and Circuits - Ohm's Law
Garvin Industries Electrical, Datacom & Telecom Hardware
Agilent Technologies Announces Antenna Modeling Design System With Hearing-Aid Compatibility
Perfecting Pulsed RF Radar Measurements
Radio Manufacturers & Services
The End of Communications As We Know It
Designing an Efficient Power Inductor for Mobile-Applications
WiMAX Analysis Software Solution for Real-Time Spectrum Analysis
8-20-2007 Crossword Puzzle + Java Version
UMTS/W-CDMA App & Test Notes, by Tektronix
Microphase Appoints RUPPtronik as Their Exclusive Manufacturer Representative Serving Austria, Germany & Switzerland
Please Thank Etón for Helping Bring RF Cafe to You
New Tektronix Opportunity: Embedded Systems Technical Marketing Manager
COTS Conference
ZigBee Bashers Spreading 'Propaganda'
Legal Analysis: The Impact of the eBay Case on Patent Infringement
Welcome Back JQL Electronics!
Jyebao Announces Metrology-Quality Coax Components
"The Knack" - Dilbert's Childhood Malady
Electricity Navy Basic Training Course, Quizzes & Appendices Added
Carrier Ethernet: New Game Plan
H.F. Wilson Engineering Company Electronics Industrial Supply
Tyco Electronics Expands Broadband Component Offerings with New High Linearity M/A-COM SPDT 3.0 V Switch
2007 International Symposium on Antennas & Propagation (ISAP2007) PDF Creation and Extraction Software Products
BeO Takes The Heat In RF Transistor Packages Adds Several New Coaxial Adapters to Existing Product Offering
Review of Handheld Oscilloscope
New Kirt's Cogitations: FireWire of a Different Kind
5 Free Handbooks from Keithley
Electricity Navy Basic Training Course, ch21: Electrical Machines Has Recently Added a Coaxial Adapter Selection Tool to Its Website
Electricity Navy Basic Training Course, ch20: Transformers
Stealth Microwave Announces the SM4450-37HS, an Affordable Solid State GaAs Amplifier
ARRL 2007 National Convention
Electricity Navy Basic Training Course, ch19: Vacuum Tubes
Agilent Technologies Announces HVMOS Package for IC-CAP
T&M World Webcast
MEMS / NEMS Designers Needed
Electricity Navy Basic Training Course, ch18: Electrical Meters
Electricity Navy Basic Training Course, ch17: AC Circuits
Electricity Navy Basic Training Course, ch16: AC Motors
Electricity Navy Basic Training Course, ch14: Generators
8-10-2007 Crossword Puzzle + Java Version
Electricity Navy Basic Training Course, ch12: Electromagnetism
Under the Hood Special Report: Counterfeit Parts, Legitimate Woes
Anatech Electronics to Participate in Wimax World USA 2007 & MILCOM 2007
Direct Digital Synthesis Enables Digital PLLs
Circuit Breaker Services
Electricity Navy Basic Training Course, ch15: DC Motors
Congratulations to Our July 2007 Contest Winners!
Electricity Navy Basic Training Course, ch13: Induction
Anatech Electronics is Expanding!
Overcoming the RF challenges of Multiband Mobile Handset Design
Built-in handset Antennas Enable FM Transceivers in Mobile Phones
Plexus Electronic Manufacturing Services
Electricity Navy Basic Training Course, ch11: Magnetism
Electricity Navy Basic Training Course, ch10: Series-Parallel Circuits
Electricity Navy Basic Training Course, ch9: Parallel Circuits
Enter Lantronix's $6,000 Wireless Design Contest
e-CASE 2007
Mag Layers USA LTCC Components
Industry Giants Want to Weaken Our Patent System
Video of Brushless Motor Controller Waveform
Thanks to CHIPS Technology Circuits for Helping to Bring RF Cafe to the Masses
Predict Resonances Of Shielded PCBs
Test & Measurement World's 2007 Salary Survey
Telemetry Systems Manufacturers & Services
Tyco Electronics' Digital Transmitter Technology (DTx) Extends Performance to Multiple Modes and Bands
Stealth Microwave Introduces the SM3436-47L, a 3.4 to 3.6 GHz Solid State GaAs FET Amplifier
Electricity Navy Basic Training Course, ch5 - ch8
New Company Slogan: RCAT Systems: "You push the limits. We measure it."
Tomco Technologies RF Amplifiers
Teflon Loss Tangent Correction
Tyco Electronics Introduces M/A-COM 1.9 GHz Linear Power Amplifier
7-31-2007 Crossword Puzzle + Java Version
Calculator for Complex Dielectric Constant of Water
Inside Apple's iPhone: More Than Just a Dial Tone
Electricity Navy Basic Training Course, c1945, 1st Four Chapters
TPL Communications RF Power Amplifiers
Wireless Short Range Devices and Narrowband Communications
NextPhase Asset Management Services
MIT + Baseball Camp = Boys Hooked on Math and Science
New: RF System Design Resources Page
M&RF Notepad for July 2007
Wasting Time at Work? You're Not Alone Says Survey
Axonics RF Absorbing & Shielding Materials
Take MSNBC's Latest Science News Quiz
U.S. Navy's Official UFO Website
How to Find Mil-Spec Documents
Gold Coast Semiconductor Distributor
Catalyst Exhibits
Celebrity Look-Alikes in the Electronics Industry
Tyco Electronics Continues Leadership Role in Broadband Switch Technology Development with New SPDT Switch
Keithley Announces Advanced Parametric Probe Card Availability
Matching An ADC To A Transformer
Radio Waves Announces New HPLP2-80 for E-band
Electrospec Obsolete Parts Distributor
Video Resume Examples
Keithley Announces Joint Development Partnership with France's CEA LETI Laboratory
Radio Waves Announces 5-Year Warranty on Microwave Antennas
Encouraging a New Generation of Engineers
Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE)
Webinar: Innovations in Battery and Charger Technologies for Portable Electronic Devices
Keithley Introduces Linux-based Parametric Test Systems
7-16-2007 Crossword Puzzle + Java Version
New Kirt's Cogitations: Exactly Why Are You Looking for a New Job?
Tektronix's 2007 RFIQ Winner Announced
Stealth Microwave Introduces the SM1822-44 GaAs FET Amplifier
Telephony Webcast - Broadband Access Architectures
Radio Waves Announces New 4.9 GHz Sector Antennas for Public Safety Networks
Schemes Strip Cost out of Chip R&D
New RF Cafe Page: Lithium-Polymer (Li-Po or Li-Poly) Battery Characteristics
WIN Semiconductors Releases New Foundry DesignKits
Empower RF Announces 200W HDTV Module
Thanks to Skyworks for Supporting Our Efforts
EMI Testing for IEC 61000-4-3
4nec2 Antenna Simulator - Incredible...and FREE!
Keithley Instruments Recognized for Excellence by Texas Instruments
Implantable Ultralow-power Radio Chip Facilitates In-body Communications
The Worst Jobs in Science 2007
Phoenix Logistics Needs an Engineering Lead