Remember the Basics?
RF Cafe Quiz #22

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Note: Some material based on books have quoted passages.

This quiz challenges your recollection of the basics.

1. How much power is dissipated by the ideal 10 μH inductor in the circuit to the right?

a) 3.2 mW

b) 1.6 mW

c) 0.20 mW

d) 0 mW

2. How much current flows through the guy at the right?

a) 0.1 A

b) 100 mA

c)  50 mA

d) 0 A

3. In the figure for Q2, what voltage would be measured

    between the guy's hand and ground?

a) 100 V

b) 50 V

c) 0 V

d) -100 V

4. What is the name of the newly fabricated 4th type of passive component?

a) Memristor

b) Capristor

c) Indristor

d) Capductor

5. What is the significance of a component's self-resonant frequency?

a) It is the frequency at which the component can be used as an oscillator

b) It is the frequency about which its reactance changes numerical sign (+ to -, or - to +)

c) It is the frequency where the component self-destructs due to stress

d) Self-resonance is a fictitious term

6. Which type of filter is called "maximally flat" in amplitude response?

a) Butterworth

b) Chebyshev

c) Constant K

d) Gaussian

7. What is the approximate melting point of common lead-free solder (e.g., SnAg3.0Cu0.5)?

a) 270 °C (~520 °F)

b) 220 °C (~430 °F)

c) 190 °C (~370 °F)

d) 150 °C (~300 °F)

8. What is the gain of the opamp configuration to

     the right?

a) 1

b) 0

c)  -1

d) -2

9. What is the gain of the opamp configuration to

     the right??

a) 2

b) 1

c) 0

d) -1

10. Which type of transistor is shown to the right ?

a) Enhancement Mode N-Channel MOSFET

b) Depletion Mode N-Channel MOSFET

c) Enhancement Mode P-Channel MOSFET

d) Depletion Mode P-Channel MOSFET

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