ConductRF Low PIM Precision RF Cables

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ConductRF Low PIM RF Cables 10-1-2018 - RF Cafe



ConductRF offers a diverse range of solutions for common applications including Low PIM.

Download our datasheets by clicking the pictures below for more information or call us at +1 978 374 6840.

Low PIM RF Cables


DC to 18 GHz

and everything in-between.

Built in the USA

  • Flexible & Hand Formable Cable Solutions
  • Corrugated Cable Solutions
  • Standard DC to 6 GHz Part No. Options
  • DC -18 GHz Solutions available by request
  • 100% PIM Tested with Data Available.
  • Broad Connector Solution Choices Including
    • N, DIN 7/16, 4/3/10, 4/1/9.5, QMA etc.

ConductRF PLA44 Coaxial Cables - RF Cafe


DC-6 GHz using SPP-250-LLPL. Plenum rated 1/4" Corrugated Cable.


ConductRF PNA29 & PNB29 Coaxial Cables - RF Cafe

PNA29 & PNB29

DC-3 GHz and 6 GHz Flexible Cable Plenum Rated solutions with 0.141" Low PIM Cable.


ConductRF FMP29 Coaxial Cables - RF Cafe


DC-6 GHz with Hand Formable 0.141" Low PIM Cable. Ideal for tight space applications.

Newark conductRF SiteFlex cables - RF CafeSiteFlex Cables in Stock

Newark and all element14 entities have on hand stock of many standard SiteFlex Cables. Click on the Logo to be taken to Newark's product list.

Contact Info


126 Merrimack Street

Methuen MA, 01844 - US

Telephone: +1 978 374 6840

About Conduct RF

ConductRF is the brand name for Electronic Assembly Mfg. Inc.'s complete RF interconnect product line including cable assemblies. Operating out of Methuen, Massachusetts, EAM has been in the RF Interconnect industry for nearly 20 years, successfully supporting high performance solutions that require precision and expertise to bring to life. Our ConductRF brand builds on this expertise with an expanded product offering, including both commercial and precision RF coaxial connector ranges as well as the capability to support customized solutions with our Application Engineering focus. We can provide diverse manufacturing solutions with our capabilities in the U.S. as well as Asia from where support low cost volume coax production requirements.



Posted October 2, 2018