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March 20, 2017

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March 20, 2017

What Is a Bias TEE?

"Bias tees are the components, that are used to supply DC currents or voltages to bias RF circuits. A Bias tee is a three-port device. The structure of the device can be seen below in Figure 1. A signal that consists of RF + DC is incident at port 1 of the Bias Tee. The capacitor blocks all DC signals from getting through to port 2 and only allows the AC/RF Signals to pass through.

Bias Tee schematic (everythingRF) - RF CafeWhereas, the inductor in the circuit blocks all RF signals from getting through to Port 3 and allows all DC signals to get through.

A Bias Tee can be thought of as a diplexer with an ideal capacitor that allows AC through but blocks the DC bias and an ideal inductor that blocks AC but allows DC. "

everything RF has created a search tool for Bias Tees. You can find Bias Tees from over 25 of the leading manufacturers by specification. Click here to find a Bias Tee that meets your requirements

everythingRF Bias Tee Parameter Search - RF CafeBias tees are the components, that are used to supply DC currents or voltages to bias RF circuits. 

everything RF has created the largest database of Bias Tees on the internet. We have listed products from 28 of the leading manufacturers at the moment. We are currently working on adding more manufacturers. Product data from each company has been standardized and listed in a single database which can be searched by parameter. You can enter the frequency range of the Bias Tee you need, the voltage it must withstand, the insertion loss, impedance and connector type.

Once you enter the required specification, everything RF scans the database of Bias Tees to give you those that match or are closest to your requirement. You can then see complete product details, download datasheets and request quotations of the products. All RFQ's are routed to the manufacturer or their distributors in your region, who will get back to you with the requested information.

Click here to search for Bias Tees on everything RF.

Click here to learn about Bias Tees.

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Posted March 23, 2017