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W-Test WT500 & 670 Cable Assembly

  • Center Conductor : Silver Plated Copper
  • Dielectric core : LD PTFE
  • Outer Conductor 1: Silver Plated Copper Tape
  • Buffer Layer : Resinous Tape
  • Outer Conductor 2 : Silver Plated Copper Tape
  • Jacket : FEP
  • Crush Protection Layer
  • Braiding
  • PTFE Stable Gum.
  • Braided Outer Jacket : Black with purple tracer

Withwave Intros High Precision Flexible Microwave Cables - RF CafeW-Test cable assemblies are complete line of high precision flexible microwave cable assemblies, specially for stable phase testing. These WT series are designed by excellent microwave interconnection technologies. The WT500 & 670 cable assemblies, operating to 50 GHz and 67 GHz, are claimed to have excellent insertion loss, high phase/amplitude stability in relation to temperature.

Withwave WT500 & 670 RF cable specifications - RF Cafe



Withwave WT500 & 670 cable assemblies preformance - RF Cafe












About Withwave

Withwave is a leading designer, developer of a broad range of RF & MW Test Solutions and subsystems with a focus on Electromagnetic field analysis and RF & Microwave Signal processing.

Withwave's extensive product portfolio serves four primary target markets: Wireless communications, Test & Instrumentation, Automated Test Equipment, Network Systems.

Applications for our products in these target markets include cellular phones and base stations, data networking, Semiconductor and telecommunications equipment and  factory automation.

Withwave maintains its competitiveness by continuously innovating products and services in an environmentally beneficial and sustainable manner. We add new technologies and abilities to our portfolio of competences to ensure our long-term success.

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Posted September 21, 2017