RCL Microwave Achieves 32 GHz Broadband Dielectric Characterization

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Microwave engineering firm reaches first milestone in developing new broadband dielectric materials characterization technologies.

Apalachin, NY, April 27th – Microwave engineers at RCL Microwave, Inc. in Apalachin, NY have executed their first successful test and dielectric measurement of a thin, flexible 200 micron thick glass material using novel measurement fixtures and methods capable of broadband dielectric material characterization.

The test was performed and successfully completed using unique broadband measurement fixtures and the phase difference method, which provides 10,000 data points from 1 MHz to 32 GHz. A 32 GHz broadband test fixture has been combined with the Phase Difference Dielectric Characterization Method to generate data across the entire frequency spectrum of interest. This eliminates the need to interpolate dielectric constants based on a small number of data points. These fixtures also allow the loss tangents of materials to be determined. The Phase Difference Dielectric Characterization Method combined with 32 GHz broadband measurement fixtures allows for precise characterization of materials ranging from approximately 100 microns (~0.004") to 1,000 microns (~0.030") in thickness for a wide range of dielectric constants and loss tangents.

For more information about the thin, flexible, 200 micron glass please contact us at 1-877-387-6125 or email Ryan@RCLMicrowave.com or Bryce@RCLMicrowave.com. A white paper on the Phase Difference Dielectric Test Method is also available at www.RCLMicrowave.com/whitepapers.

About RCL Microwave

RCL Microwave, Inc. is a Microwave Engineering firm that specializes in Material Characterization at radio and microwave frequencies. With an assortment of tools and proprietary techniques and software to characterize many different materials, RCL Microwave is committed to providing the most precise and highest quality Material Characterization for your Radio and Microwave Frequency design process.

We have over 20 years of experience in Microwave Engineering and we have worked in almost every area of microwave engineering. We have extensive experience in all stages of microwave design, from requirements engineering, to physical design, to design debug, to production.


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Posted May 1, 2017