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Protection from overmodulation effects in highly dynamic measurement environments

Effects of high system drive levels in modern analyzers - RF Cafe

Figure 1: These effects of high system drive levels in modern analyzers (shown in red) can be avoided by using the IDA 2 RF filters from Narda Safety Test Solutions.

Measurement situation using the Interference and Direction Analyzer IDA 2 - RF Cafe

Figure 2: Measurement situation using the Interference and Direction Analyzer IDA 2 with external RF filter.

Pfullingen, March 9, 2017 – Narda Safety Test Solutions released a new product in December 2016: Efficient external RF filters for its IDA 2 handheld signal analyzer (bottom of page). These optional RF filters help users to in particular avoid out of band overmodulation without reducing the necessary measurement sensitivity when making measurements with the IDA 2 in highly dynamic measurement environments. These overmodulation effects can occur when very weak RF signals need to be measured in the presence of much stronger signals. This is because high measurement sensitivity is needed for precise measurement of the relevant low strength signal. This can lead to overmodulation of the analyzer as a result of the comparatively high strength of signals in neighboring bands. In such situations, the new RF filters ensure that measurement sensitivity is maintained within a selected bandwidth. Various filters for different frequency ranges are available, from broadcasting to air traffic control and on up to the mobile telecommunications range. Each RF filter can be easily attached to the Interference and Direction Analyzer IDA 2 with a separate RF cable and Velcro adhesive tape.

Particular attention was paid when designing the overall filter dimensions to ensuring an ideal balance between the necessary frequency ranges and the required steepness of the filter on the one hand and small size, acceptable weight and, not least, optimum costs to the user on the other hand.

The N connectors used on the RF filters mean that they can also be used with the Narda Rack Mount Analyzer NRA and many other signal and spectrum analyzers as well as for laboratory applications in addition to the IDA 2.

The data sheet on the new filter products from Narda is available at www.narda-sts.com under the heading: Products > IDA 2 > Product literature > Data sheet

A Technical Note that describes the use of filters combined with the IDA 2 in detail is found at www.narda-sts.com under the heading: Products > IDA 2 > Product literature > Technical Articles

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Narda is a leading supplier of measuring equipment in the RF safety, EMC and RF testing sectors. The RF testing sector covers analyzers and instruments for measuring and identifying radio sources. The RF safety product spectrum includes wideband and frequency-selective measuring devices, and monitors for wide area coverage or which can be worn on the body for personal safety. Under the PMM brand, Narda offers instruments for determining the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of devices. The range of services includes servicing, calibration, and training programs. The company operates a management system complying with ISO 9001/2008 and ISO/IEC 17025.

Narda has development and production facilities at three locations: Hauppauge, Long Island / USA, Pfullingen / Germany and Cisano / Italy and has its own representative in Beijing / China. A worldwide network of representatives guarantees closeness to customers.

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Posted March 13, 2017