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DTV, FM, AM, VHF, HF & MF Bands

October 2, 2017 - Microwave Filter Company (MFC) introduces their complete line of Broadcast products. Competitive pricing, exceptional quality, short lead times. Contact our experienced staff to discuss your requirements. Download full MFC catalog.

Largest selection of filters in-stock and ready to ship

DTV Transmit Filters

DTV Transmit Filters - RF Cafe

DTV Receive Filters

DTV Receive Filters - RF Cafe

DTV "Mask Emission/Compliance" Bandstop Test Filters

DTV 'Mask Emission/Compliance' Bandstop Test Filters - RF Cafe

FM Transmit
FM Harmonic Reject Filters
High "Q" Cavity Bandpass & Notch Filters
High "Q" Cavity Combiners

FM Harmonic Reject Filters - RF Cafe

FM Receive
FM Preselectors
FM Notch Filters

FM Notch Filters - RF Cafe

DTV & FM Transmit Accessories

DTV & FM Transmit Accessories - RF Cafe

Notch Filters &
High Q Cavity Filters
(22 - 950 MHz)

High Q Cavity Filters - RF Cafe

(950 MHz / 2 GHz /
7 GHz / 13 GHz)

STL/BAS Filters - RF Cafe

Transmit Filters
(720 kHz - 120 MHz)

MF, HF & VHF Transmit Filters - RF Cafe


About Microwave Filter Company

Microwave Filter Company, Inc. (MFC) has been a leader in the design, development and manufacture of high quality filter products since 1967. MFC offers products covering the frequency range from 5 Hz to 50 GHz for customers around the world Custom designs include waveguide, stripline/microstrip, lumped element, dielectric resonator and cavity/coaxial topologies. Filter types and accessories include bandpass, bandstop, combiners, couplers, diplexers, highpass, lowpass and adaptors.


Microwave Filter Company
East Syracuse, New York USA
Website: www.microwavefilter.com
E-Mail: mfcsales@microwavefilter.com



Posted October 5, 2017