BBTLine Intros Version 2 of Their 4-W RF Splitter / Combiner

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BBTLine Intros Version 2 of Their 4-W RF Splitter / Combiner - RF CafeKirkland, Washington - Completing the family of six splitter/combiner products, BBTLine Introduces the "Version 2" SMP-Connectorized 4-Way RF Splitter/Combiner.

P/N: BBTLine_4Way_V2_SMP_Conn

• BroadBand 0.5 to 6 GHz Operation

• Low Loss (1.7 dB at 6 GHz)

• Excellent Amplitude/Phase Balance
    (±0.15 dB, ±2.5°)

• RoHS Compliant

• High Power (20 watts as splitter)

BBTLine_4Way_V2_SMP_Conn is a patented (U.S. Patent 9,570,792) broadband 4-way RF Splitter/Combiner with SMP Smooth-Bore Connectors. This RF splitter is not a typical Wilkinson-style device, but a design which yields a more compact splitter/combiner with excellent low loss RF characteristics and high power handling capability (as a splitter).

BBTLine_4Way_V2_SMP_Conn insertion loss plot - RF CafeThe "Version 2" splitter has the common port on one side of the device and the other four ports on the opposite side.

The family of six RF splitters/combiners includes surface mount and connectorized versions of the following devices:

a) 2-Way
b) 4-Way "Version 1"
c) 4-Way "Version 2"

Please visit for datasheets, S-parameters and .sat 3-D Mechanical files.

Consulting Services

Specializing in RF Hardware Design / Prototyping / Simulation / Measurement / Troubleshooting
With over 25 years of RF Hardware Design Experience (DC to 85 GHz), BBTLine, LLC offers you several avenues for your RF Hardware Development needs BBTLine Offers You Expertise In the Following Areas:

  • RF Hardware Design
  • RF Prototyping
  • RF Simulation
  • RF Board Layout
  • RF Measurement and Testing
  • RF System Analysis (Cascaded Gain, NF, IP3, Mixing, Compression, Spurious, Isolation)
  • Single-Ended Frequency Domain and Differential Time Domain (Eye Diagram, Jitter) System Analysis And Design
  • All-around RF Module Design (PCB layout, RF Dielectrics, Mechanical, RF Gasketing, Isolation, Thermal, Tlines, RF Connectors)
  • One-on-one On-Site (or Remote) Training/Tutorials for High-End Simulators such as Keysight ADS, EMPro, CST and Ansys HFSS
  • Temporary (Remote and/or On-Site) RF Engineering Support..."RF Engineer For Hire"...To Satisfy Critical Troubleshooting, Testing And/Or Simulation Needs (Near or Far-Term)
  • RF Connector Launch Design (SMP, SMPM, SMA, Surface and Edge Launch) to 50 GHz
  • Extensive High Isolation (> 150 dB) RF Module Design
  • RF Component Selection To meet Overall RF RX/TX Design Goals

About BBTLine

BBTLine LLC was founded in 2014 to exploit the many benefits of a patented technique for manufacturing multi-octave, small-sized, low return loss, phase and amplitude balanced RF and microwave power combiners / splitters that avoids some of the deficiencies of traditional Wilkinson-style designs.

Contact Information

Mark Derbyshire
10907 NE 133 Street
Kirkland, WA  98034
Phone: 425-273-3712



Posted May 8, 2017