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Anatech Electronics

Anatech Electronics, Inc. offers the industry's largest portfolio of high-performance standard and customized RF and microwave filters and filter-related products for military, commercial, aerospace and defense, and industrial applications up to 40 GHz. Anatech has introduced 3 new filter designs: a 4000-8000 MHz stripline bandpass filter with SMA connectors, a 105-115 MHz user tunable VHF filter with SMA connectors, and an 2037.5 MHz Wi-Fi cavity bandpass filter with N connectors. Custom design are available.

Anatech 2025-2120 MHz / 2200-2230 MHz / 1750-1850 MHz Triplexer - RF Cafe6000 MHz Strip-Line Band Pass Filter
Frequency Range: 4000-8000 MHz
Insertion Loss: 1.2 dB Max
VSWR: 2.0:1 Max
Return Loss: 10 dB Min
Rejection: >15 dB @ 3000 MHz >15 dB @ 9000 MHz
Power Handling: 20 Watts

Anatech 1000 MHz LC Low Pass Filter - RF Cafe105-115 MHz User Tunable VHF Filter
Tuning Frequency Range: 105-115 MHz
Insertion Loss @ Fc (tuned frequencies 105-115 MHz): 1.2 dB Max
Return Loss @ Fc (within tuned frequencies 105-115 MHz): 13 dB Min
Attenuation: Out-of-band attenuation, at ± 2.2 MHz from tuned frequency: >=12 dB

Anatech L1 / L2 GPS Duplexer/Combiner - RF CafeWiFi Cavity Band Pass Filter
Center Frequency: 2037.5 MHz
Bandwidth: 12 MHz 50 dB
Bandwidth: 40 MHz
Input / Output Impedance: 50 Ohms
Passband: 2031 5 2043 5 MHz
Passband Insertion Loss: 2.5 dB max
Passband Ripple: 0.5 dB max
VSWR: 1.5:0 (Input and Output)
Power Handling: 10 Watts CW

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Anatech Electronics, Inc. (AEI) specializes in the design and manufacture of standard and custom RF and microwave filters and other passive components and subsystems employed in commercial, industrial, and aerospace and applications. Products are available from an operating frequency range of 10 kHz to 30 GHz and include cavity, ceramic, crystal, LC, and surface acoustic wave (SAW), as well as power combiners/dividers, duplexers and diplexers, directional couplers, terminations, attenuators, circulators, EMI filters, and lightning arrestors. The company's custom products and capabilities are available at


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Posted October 17, 2016