Wolfspeed & Explore RF Join Forces to Bring You "Conquer Radio Frequency"

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´╗┐Thanks to our generous sponsors, Wolfspeed, the web-based version of Conquer Radio Frequency is now available for FREE until 31 May 2017!

Wolfspeed, true patrons of RF and Microwave Engineering education, are sponsoring FREE access to Dr Fornetti's masterpiece, Conquer Radio Frequency: A Multimedia Conceptual Guide to RF & Microwave Engineering, Based on AWR Microwave Office Video Tutorials.

Explore RF - Online Training - RF CafeThe material takes an original approach to explaining the fundamental principles behind the design of passive and active RF & Microwave circuits. It illustrates how to design, test and characterise practical circuits using NI AWR Microwave Office. The simulator allows Dr Fornetti to dig deeper into the phenomena that occur within an RF circuit and to offer a level of insight and conceptual understanding that would often not be achievable in a laboratory environment or on the static black and white pages of a textbook.

A reference textbook, in full-colour, serves as an introduction and a reference for the 12+ hours of video tutorials which cover, among other topics:

  • Transmission lines
  • Smith Chart
  • S-parameters
  • Impedance matching with both discreet and distributed elements
  • Basics of amplifier design:
    • I-V characterisation
    • Biasing
    • Unilateral match
    • Simultaneous conjugate match
    • Available gain and operating gain circles

In Q3 2016, additional videos will be added which will cover the basics of Power amplifier design and GaN HEMT based power amplifiers. Dr Fornetti was one of the early believers in GaN technology, which he researched extensively during his PhD and his postdoc at the University of Bristol. He has worked with Cree (now Wolfspeed) devices since 2006 and he is a great advocate of their technology. He has also produced an informative webinar on GaN HEMTs and their application to power amplifiers which is freely available on YouTube.



Posted May 23, 2016