Saelig Announces High Current, High Power 45 MHz
Differential/Dual-Channel Signal Amplifier

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Model 9260 Amplifier has 45 MHz bandwidth, 34 Vpk-pk output into 50 ohms with up to 10 W output power

Fairport, NY, USA: Saelig Company, Inc. announces availability of the Tabor Model 9260 - a bench-top dual-channel DC-coupled wideband amplifier, designed for high-frequency and high-current signal amplification. With a wide bandwidth of 45MHz, and delivering 34Vpk-pk output into 50 ohms with up to 10W output power, the 9260 is an ideal complimentary amplifier to any signal source that needs a supporting power boost for demanding applications. With a peak output current of 1A, the 9260 enables a continuous power output of up to 10W, making it ideal for a range of pulse applications.

Saelig Announces High Current, High Power 45 MHz Differential/Dual-Channel Signal Amplifier - RF CafeThe 9260 can be configured to be used as two single-ended independent signal channels, or as a one input with two differential outputs. The 9260's amplifier inputs can be configured to match different source impedances such as 50ohms, 75ohms, or 1Mohm. There are two additional inputs for each channel, allowing the summation of two signals or providing an external DC level offset. The three inputs for each channel are: Main Input (front panel - signal in); Auxiliary Input (rear panel - summing input); DC Offset Input (rear panel - offsetting the signal level within the specified output level window).

While the 9260's standard configuration enables a maximum output voltage of 34Vpk-pk into 50 ohms with a gain of x10, other custom gains, such as x15 can be ordered at the time of purchase, thus offering an even wider variety of choices to suit application needs.

Applications for the 9260 include: piezoelectronics, transducer characterization, MEMS, general electronics and scientific applications, or any wide bandwidth application that requires high voltage and high current amplification.

The Model 9260 is supplied in a sturdy 2U half-19"-rack metal case with prop-up feet that is sized 12.4" x 4" x 15.6" (WxHxD) and weighing 7.7lbs. Designed and made in Israel by world-leading provider of high-end signal sources Tabor Electronics, the 9260 is available now from Saelig Company Inc. Fairport, NY. .

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Posted March 11, 2016