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Keysight Technologies Announces Series of "How to Design an RF Power Amplifier" Videos - RF CafeKeysight EEsof EDA has released a series of five RF power amplifier (PA) design videos intended to provide engineers with the building blocks to design more complex PA classes (i.e., A, AB, B, F, E and J).

While PAs are used everywhere, their large signal nonlinear nature makes designing them difficult. Moreover, the idealized waveforms that define textbook classes of operation are problematic, if not impossible, to realize using a real device. Keysight EDA's "How to Design an RF Power Amplifier" videos, presented by RF design engineer Matthew Ozalas, takes an intuitive approach to RF PA design, first building a nonlinear model from scratch and then adding in parasitics and other non-idealities to show how this changes the design process. The end result is a unique methodology and design process that RF PA designers can use to design large signal PA's. Designers can even download the PA workspaces used in the videos to save valuable time by starting their design with a solid circuit topology.

For designers new to high-frequency PA circuit design, the series provides a good starting point for understanding the challenges involved with PA circuit design, while experienced designers will gain new and unique insight into the fundamentals.

All design techniques presented in the video series are performed using Keysight EDA's Advanced Design System (ADS) software, the world's leading electronic design automation software for RF, microwave, and high-speed digital applications. Keysight will demonstrate ADS 2016, along with the PA video series, at the upcoming International Microwave Symposium (IMS2016) in San Francisco.


Videos are available on demand.

Keysight will demonstrate ADS 2016 and the series of RF power amplifier design videos at IMS2016, May 24 - May 26.


Videos are available at

Demonstrations to take place at IMS2016, The Moscone Center, Booth 1239, San Francisco

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Posted April 24, 2016