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Triad RF Quarterly Newsletter Q4 2015

7 GHz, DVB Linear RF Amplifier

The TA1030 is a Class AB GaN SSPA that produces linear power from 6400 to 7200 MHz.  Designed for Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) industry, this amplifier produces 10W of 16 QAM COFDM with skirts that are 30 dBc or greater.  The amplifier also features our versatile DC supply (VDS) which accepts a DC input of +9 to +36V. The amplifier produces 60 dB of linear gain with an input VSWR of 1.5:1. Features include forward power detection, over/under and reverse voltage protection and can switch between on and off in < 1usec. A tri-color status LED and an integrated heatsink are also available.

L-Band and S-Band Upconverter

The TUC1001 is an upconverter used in digital microwave transmitters.  The intermittent frequency (IF) is 900 MHz while the RF output can range from high L-Band to high S-Band. The RF output power is +1 dBm when an analog signal is used and -9 dBm when a digital signal is used.  Local Oscillator (LO) leakage is -13 dBc and spurious signals are -60 dBc in-band and -20 dBc out-of-band. The unit measures 1.6 x 1.5 x 0.4 inches, runs off of +15V and has female SMA connectors for all 3 ports. The module adds to Triad's family of products outside of amplifiers and provides us the expertise needed for our other products such as frequency translating amplifiers (FTA), up-down-converters, mixers, filters, signal sources and sub-systems.

5.3 - 5.9 GHz Bi-Directional Power Amplifier

The TTRM1090 is a high linearity GaAs FET bi-directional SSPA suitable for use with any modulation and signal type. It is currently utilized in UAV data links and long range point-point COFDM video links. High speed T/R switching and sequencing of the PA, LNA, and switch driver circuitry is performed by an on-board CPLD, where switching timing can be adjusted in firmware based on system requirements. The transmit section produces over 25 Watts of BPSK power, and 5 Watts of 64 QAM. The unit also features a manual digital gain setting and a three color status LED on the front panel that shows if the SSPA is in transmit or receive mode, or if an alarm condition exists. The amplifier housing is weatherproofed per the guidelines of IP66. Other frequency bands including 4.4 - 5.0  and 5.0 - 5.3 GHz bands are available.

Join our LinkedIN Group- RF Power Amplifiers

Join our LinkedIN Group- RF Power AmplifiersMembers of this group are part of the RF / Wireless community that specializes in the design, engineering, and manufacture of RF power amplifiers.

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Join our LinkedIN Group- UAV Data Links

Join our LinkedIN Group- UAV Data LinksThe UAV Data Links group focuses on the engineering community involved in the systems design and integration of telemetry, video, and data links for unmanned air, ground and sea vehicles. The discussions include RF Power, Antenna Gain/Pattern, Receiver Sensitivity, Path Loss, RF Interference with GPS and other systems, Bi-Directional Amplifiers, Radio Manufacturers, RF Modulation, and Ground Station Tracking.

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See us at Milcom 2015: Oct 26th-28th 2015, Tampa Convention Center, Tampa FL


Triad RF receives production order for its 400 MHz Bi-directional Amplifier

Triad RF receives a production order for the TTRM1076. The bi-directional amplifier will increase the linear power of related MIMO radios and will be used in the Far East. The MOSFET unit operates from 400 MHz to 450 MHz and produces over 40W of peak power. It also produces over 16W (read more. . .)

Triad RF ships its first Upconverter

Triad RF ships its first upconverter, the TUC1001. The unit was designed to be used in a digital microwave transmitter. The intermittent frequency (IF) is 900 MHz while the RF output ranges (read more. . .)

Triad RF ships 25W 400 MHz Bi-Directional Amplifiers

Triad RF ships an initial order for the TTRM1076. The unit operates from 400 MHz to 450 MHz, produces over 40W of peak power and over 6W (read more. . .)

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Posted October 7, 2015