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A Low-Cost, Portable RF Signal Generator

Red Oak Canyon Announces the Launch of RF Pro Touch - RF CafeAustin, Texas (March 13, 2015) -- Red Oak Canyon LLC is pleased to announce the launch of the RF Pro Touch, a portable touchscreen-driven, calibrated RF generator that makes testing circuits or prototype electronic products with RF content easier, faster and more convenient.

This innovative new signal generator implements all the attenuator, RF sweep and modulation features of other calibrated generators, but is packaged in a small, 12-oz case making it easier to haul RF sources to out-of-reach locations. Moreover, the RF Pro Touch utilizes the popular, high quality, TPI RF board, to ensure it will deliver a clean, calibrated RF signal.

"The RF Pro Touch has been designed with portability in mind," says Terry Garyet, founder and owner of Red Oak Canyon LLC and a 30-year veteran of the semiconductor industry, including Motorola Inc. and Freescale Semiconductor Inc. "If your application requires lugging an RF source to the top of an antenna, then this is a perfect tool for you. Likewise, if you need an inexpensive solid source for your lab that is fully contained and takes little space, the RF Pro Touch is the perfect fit."

The RF Pro Touch can output frequencies between 35 MHz and 4.4 GHz, and power levels from 10 dBm to -55 dBm. It's internal rechargeable battery enables the generator to produce a solid two hours of RF "ON" time, that can be extended when utilizing the configurable power management features, including a screen blanking and an auto shutoff timer that saves the battery for when it's needed. When the RF Pro Touch is turned off, either automatically or with the on/off button, the system configuration is saved, enabling users to pick up right where they left off when the RF generator is powered up again.

The RF Pro Touch is a low-cost signal generator that provides just the right functionality for electronics hobbyists or commercial users on the go. For more features and specifications, click here.


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Posted  March 17, 2015