Reactel, Incorporated Manufacturer of RF & Microwave Filters, Multiplexers and Multifunction Assemblies Achieves AS9100 Certification

Reactel Achieves AS9100 Certification

Reactel Achieves AS9100 Certification - RF CafeApril 7, 2015, Gaithersburg, MD, USA:

Reactel, designer and manufacturer of RF & Microwave Filters, Multiplexers and Multifunction Assemblies, announced today that it has achieved AS9100 certification. AS9100 is a quality standard for companies that design, develop, or produce aerospace products. Reactel's AS9100 certification is a dual certification, meeting all of the requirements of ISO 9001as well as the additional requirements specific to the aerospace industry. Prior to receiving AS9100 certification, Reactel had been ISO 9001 certified since 1996.

"AS9100 certification will benefit all facets of Reactel's operation. Its focus on continuous improvement and quality will benefit our non-aerospace customers as well," remarked Reactel's President & CEO Manny Assurian. "Reactel has been committed to having a robust Quality Management System (QMS) since the early roll-out of ISO 9001 in the early 1990's. As one of the first filter manufactures to achieve ISO 9001 in 1996, the move to AS 9100 was a natural progression for us."

AS9100 certification provides companies with a thorough QMS which is focused on areas impacting the aerospace industries concerns about the reliability and safety of products procured. Companies with AS9100 Certification have a QMS which demands control and monitoring from initial design to deliverable product.

Reactel provides RF & Microwave Filters, Multiplexers and Multifunction Assemblies to customers in the aerospace, defense, commercial and semiconductor markets. The company specializes in custom manufactured solutions which solve the most demanding problems while offering fast delivery from its fully vertically integrat



About Reactel

Reactel's product line includes filters, diplexers, multiplexers, and sub-assemblies covering the frequency range of DC to 50 GHz. We are a leader in the RF and Microwave field, and have been satisfying customers since 1979. Since 1996, we have been ISO-9001 certified, and pledge to deliver high quality units, which satisfy the customer's requirements.


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Posted  April 9, 2015