Planar Monolithic Industries (PMI) Intros Two PIN Diode Switches

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PMI Model No. P1T-DC40G-65-T-292MF-1NS-OPT27 is an absorptive, single pole, single throw pin diode switch that operates from DC to 27 GHz. This model incorporates a TTL compatible driver for easy system integration.

PMI P1T-DC40G-65-T-292FF-1NS-OPT27G SPST Switch - RF Cafe

PMI P1T-DC40G-65-T-292FF-1NS-OPT27G SPST Specs - RF Cafe

P1T-DC40G-65-T-292FF-1NS-OPT27G SPST Switch

PMI Model No. P2T-6G18G-40-R-570-TFF-1D6KW is a 6.0 GHz to 18.0 GHz single-pole, double throw solid-state switch capable of handling input power levels up to 1.6 kW peak having a duty cycle of 8% and a pulse width of 250 us. This switch offers low loss of 2.2 dB maximum and 40 dB of isolation with a switching speed of 200 ns maximum. DC operating voltages are +5V DC & -70 VDC. The housing is hermetically sealed, measures 2.0" x 2.0" x 0.75" and is supplied with TNC female connectors.

PMI P2T-6G18G-40-R-570-TFF-1D6KW - RF Cafe

PMI P2T-6G18G-40-R-570-TFF-1D6KW Specifications - RF Cafe 

P2T-6G18G-40-R-570-TFF-1D6KW SPST Switch

About Planar Monolithics Industries (PMI)

Planar Monolithics was founded basically to take advantage of the growing demand in monolithic-based products using the hybrid MIC/MMIC technology innovations that are mushrooming in a big way all over the world. High performance and reliable products can be obtained by using this technology. Planar Monolithics will meet these requirements. Planar Monolithics organization has been setup to design, develop, manufacture, test, and market complex state-of-the-art hybrid RF/microwave and monolithic integrated circuits (MIC/MMIC) and components, and hybrid MIC/MMIC supercomponents and subsystems. Planar Monolithics provides its unique products for applications in space, military, communications, telecommunications, commercial, and consumer electronics systems.


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Posted July 8, 2015