P1dB Announces SMA Pigtails for In-Circuit RF Probing

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San Jose, CA, October 1, 2015– P1dB, an RF and Microwave component supplier, announces immediate availability of RF Pigtails, which are good test probe solutions for sampling or injecting RF signals in PCB circuits. P1dB Pigtails are configured with SMA Female connectors and are available with a variety of coax types. The SMA Pigtail coax types are semi-rigid, conformable and jacketed conformable, such as 020SR, 034SR, 047SR, 085SR, 141SR semi-rigid coax; 034CC, 047CC, 085CC, 141CC conformable coax; and, 047CJ, 085CJ, 141CJ jacketed-conformable coax.  All coax types are available from 1 inch to 9 inch lengths. A popular Pigtail is the P1CA-SAFPT-034SR-2, which has a 2 inch section of 034SR semi-rigid cable.  All Pigtails are found on P1dB's RF Cable Assemblies category page on the P1dB website.


In-Stock Pigtails

SMA Pigtail Part No.

Coax Diameter

Coax Type

P1CA-SAFPT-020SR-6   0.020   Semi-rigid

P1CA-SAFPT-034SR-2   0.034   Semi-rigid

P1CA-SAFPT-034SR-6   0.034   Semi-rigid

P1CA-SAFPT-047SR-2   0.047   Semi-rigid

P1CA-SAFPT-047SR-4   0.047   Semi-rigid

P1CA-SAFPT-047SR-6   0.047   Semi-rigid

P1CA-SAFPT-085CJ-7   0.085   Jacketed Conformable

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Posted October 5, 2015