Narda Safety Test Solutions Releasing Signal Guide for Use Free of Charge

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Database contains a collection of typical measurement result images

Pfullingen, December 2, 2015 – Narda Safety Test Solutions is releasing its private "Signal Guide" for use free of charge. This database contains typical measurement result images for many RF signals, which can be considered as the "fingerprints" of the different signals. By comparing your own result images with the database images, you can distinguish the pure signals from interference and impairments.

Narda Signal Guide: Bluetooth Spectrum - RF Cafe

Narda Signal Guide - Bluetooth Spectrum

Radio and TV, analog and digital, second, third and fourth generation mobile telecoms, emergency services communications, WLAN, industrial control signals – all of these services share frequency bands that overlap to a greater or lesser degree, and can sometimes impair each other or may be subject to unintentional or even intentional interference. You first of all need to know what the pure signal looks like before you can determine the type of interference.

The "Signal Guide" from Narda Safety Test Solutions is a collection of time characteristics, spectrums and spectrograms. You can access the result images and descriptions by selecting categories such as "RF Services" or "Modulation Types", or display the result images in a gallery view for comparing with an unknown signal. There is also an annex that details how the result images were obtained.

Narda Signal Guide: Bluetooth Spectrogram - RF Cafe

Narda Signal Guide - Bluetooth Spectrogram

The "Signal Guide" can be accessed under

Narda is part of L-3 Communications, New York.

About Narda Safety Test Solutions

Narda is a leading supplier of measuring equipment in the RF safety, EMC and RF testing sectors. The RF safety product spectrum includes wideband and frequency-selective measuring devices, and monitors for wide area coverage or which can be worn on the body for personal safety. Under the PMM brand, Narda offers instruments for determining the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of devices. The RF testing sector covers analyzers and instruments for measuring and identifying radio sources. The range of services includes servicing, calibration, and training programs. The company operates a management system complying with ISO 9001/2008 and ISO/IEC 17025.

Narda has development and production facilities at three locations: Hauppauge, Long Island / USA, Pfullingen / Germany and Cisano / Italy and has its own representative in Beijing / China. A worldwide network of representatives guarantees closeness to customers.

Narda is part of L-3 Communications, New York.

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Posted December 2, 2015